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Corporate Housing in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a wonderful city, popular for both personal and business travel. If you are on a business trip in LA, when visiting Los Angeles, the way to concentrate your meeting and explorations in one neighborhood or area, supposed to be that way you can lay back and enjoy the sunshine instead of crawling along the freeway. However, nowadays many people Los visit Angeles for a long term business trip, for example a half year internship or project.

In this case, they want to experience the life of locals instead of just staying in a hotel and still feel like an expat, therefore furnished and short term housing options in the Los Angeles area are popular among business travelers and expats. This exceptional temporary living experience in the short term rental in Southern California let people enjoy all the essentials necessary for a comfortable extended stay of one month right up to one year. And you can choose the best location in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas for your convenience during stay, no matter where you need to commute to.

How to book corporate housing in Los Angeles?

As we all know, poor relocation can cause so many problems for individuals. For an employee who have to live in another city for several months, finding the right place could be very tricky. A typical hotel room costs simply too much, and not everyone really enjoys living in a hotel for a long time. Corporate housing, on the other hand, is the fully furnished, temporary housing solution that allows tenants to live more like they would in a real home. Tenants who use corporate housing can move in with nothing more than their bags and find their living both comfortable and conducive to all their needs.

For business travelers, corporate apartment could be in a place for a long time which is not your home while simultaneously your expectations of productivity at work have also probably increased. It is a much-needed service provided for employees experiencing a training or transition and it helps employers achieve their goals by motivating their employees as well. Some companies are now creating partnerships with corporate housing agencies to help make the transition as smooth as possible. Employees shouldn’t be worried about home when they’re at work. That’s why this “alternative” travel accommodations are becoming the new normal and a global demand of this type of housing is surging.

Corporate Housing Prices in Los Angeles

Many corporate housing companies offer abundant choices in Los Angeles, encompassing the popular neighborhoods in Los Angeles like Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach. And those offers are with quality furniture, housewares, utilities and expanded cable, to the extras that make the furnished apartments convenient, such as LCD television, high-speed internet, and full-size washer. The rental prices for it normally depends on the equipment and neighborhoods. With local area experts, flexible lease terms, and easy payment options, the temporary stay through their service in Southern California could be a pleasure. Using Nestpick, you could find many of these providers, whether you want to arrange temporary living for your mobile employees or need temporary housing yourself.

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About Corporate Housing in Los Angeles

How much does it cost for living in corporate housing in Los Angeles?
Living in corporate housing in Los Angeles usually costs more, compared to general apartments. According to Nestpick database, the monthly rent starts from $309 and varies depending on the size and location.
What does corporate housing in Los Angeles look like?
Corporate housing providers in Los Angeles offer furnished and serviced apartments in sizes between 49m² and 111m², according to Nestpick database.
What is included in a corporate apartment in Los Angeles ?
Corporate houses usually have more amenities than usual furnished apartments in Los Angeles. In United States majority of these types of accommodation includes furniture, laundry service, concierge and parking spots.
Who could rent corporate apartments in Los Angeles?
Corporate housing in Los Angeles is a perfect option for business travelers and professionals who are looking for convenient accommodation in the city.
How to find corporate housing in Los Angeles?
You can simply use filters on Nestpick to find corporate housing in Los Angeles. We have many trustworthy providers in Los Angeles offering high-quality apartments.