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Corporate Housing in Washington DC

If you’re planning on a long-term business trip in Washington D.C., you probably wonder where to stay. Hotels used to be one proper option, but nowadays it’s not the same anymore. Recently many business travelers choose to use corporate housing as their accommodations. For instance, for a 6 month business trip they are willing to find a short-term furnished apartment to stay without caring about furnishing and amenities. Since short-term rental apartments from corporate housing should provide them with the same comfort and convenience you experience at home, so they can take the time to enjoy themselves during their stay.

For the convenience of business travelers, many corporate housing agencies offer apartments in great locations, especially in the D.C. metro area, which has the best proximity to the major workplaces. Furthermore, there are a variety of short-term rental companies that serve different purposes and different clientele. In contrast to corporate housing, the short- term rentals is defined as units rented for less than 30 days that include furnishings and house areas and proved a more home-like environment than a hotel. But corporate housing allow you to stay more than 6 months even. The lease period depends on how long your business trip will be. So you don’t have to worry about the lease terms.

How to book corporate housing in Washington DC?

You can find numerous apartments from corporate housing in D.C. including utilities, telephone, equipped kitchens and washers, even room-cleaning service and fitness centre. There are some neighborhoods where corporate housing are quite prevalent. For example, Georgetown hosts many of D.C.’s political elite and it is one of the safest and more prosperous residential areas in D.C. to live. Capitol Hill is another dynamic neighborhood that many business travelers would love move in. This district is firmly residential. Considering it’s the intended home for government.

Before you decide where to stay, you should always check the commute to your workplace and the surrounding of the area. As an expat, you definitely don’t want to live too far away from the shopping and leisure possibilities. Some properties are close to the White House, the National Mall with quick access to public transportation.

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Corporate Housing Prices in Washington DC

Fully furnished corporate housing could be more expensive than those unfurnished ones, but it’s still much cheaper than staying in a hotel. If you’re willing to pay extra for convenience you can go for some business-friendly places with room-cleaning at an average monthly cost of $300 per week. However, one night in a hotel will cost you more than $100, not to mention those extra bills which are not included at the beginning. Overall, choosing corporate housing seems like a more economical option for accommodation for employees and companies. Now you can start searching for the ideal corporate housing deals directly through Nestpick, we deliver an exceptional temporary living experience in the premier neighborhoods of Washington, D.C. from our trustworthy partners, which can meet your needs and exceptions.

About Corporate Housing in Washington, D.C.

How much does it cost for living in corporate housing in Washington, D.C.?
Living in corporate housing in Washington, D.C. usually costs more, compared to general apartments. According to Nestpick database, the monthly rent starts from $799 and varies depending on the size and location.
What does corporate housing in Washington, D.C. look like?
Corporate housing providers in Washington, D.C. offer furnished and serviced apartments in sizes between 46m² and 114m², according to Nestpick database.
What is included in a corporate apartment in Washington, D.C. ?
Corporate houses usually have more amenities than usual furnished apartments in Washington, D.C.. In United States majority of these types of accommodation includes furniture, laundry service, concierge and parking spots.
Who could rent corporate apartments in Washington, D.C.?
Corporate housing in Washington, D.C. is a perfect option for business travelers and professionals who are looking for convenient accommodation in the city.
How to find corporate housing in Washington, D.C.?
You can simply use filters on Nestpick to find corporate housing in Washington, D.C.. We have many trustworthy providers in Washington, D.C. offering high-quality apartments.