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The Capital of the USA, Washington DC offers a wealth of things to see and do. A beacon of culture and arts, there are many districts to get yourself lost in and there truly is something for everyone in this storied city! Prices are higher than the national average – but relatively normal for a capital city! The average price for a 1-bedroom apartment in the city comes in at just under $2,000, whereas if you are after something more substantial, 3-bedroom apartments in Washington DC can creep up to in excess of $2,600 per month. With national monuments and the political arena just steps away – life in Washington DC will always be fascinating!

Furnished Apartments Washington DC

Many people come to the capital for an internship or for a short stay, and as such the competition for furnished apartments in Washington is high. As a result of this, rent in these apartments is on average 10% more than unfurnished places – more still if utilities are to be included. However, if you are planning on working a lot in Washington, your time is better spent on that than equipping your new apartment with furniture and other such necessities. If you find a furnished apartment that you like – my advice would be to move quickly and professionally – be flexible in where you want to base yourself and show the landlord why you deserve the apartment over the other applicants.

Types of Rentals in Washington DC

Apartment Hotels Washington DC

In recent years there are more and more Apartment Hotels in Washington DC as the trend continues to catch on. Although smaller than apartments, they are homier than a standard hotel room and offer the best of both worlds. They come with an attached kitchenette, allowing you to cook and entertain at home as opposed to being forced to dine out all the time.

Although it is not a hotel room as such, the buildings always benefit from having the services that hotels offer, often with manned receptions 24/7 with all the professionalism that one would expect at a top rate hotel. As these often charge by the night, apartment hotels in Washington DC are best suited to short stays.

Serviced Apartments Washington DC

For those unique stays where you are in town long enough to not want a hotel room, but not long enough for a rental agreement to be worth it, you should look for a serviced apartment in Washington DC. Always fully furnished, a serviced apartment welcomes you home from the second you step foot in the door – offering homey touches such as a separate kitchen, enabling you to cook in.

Serviced apartments generally come with a host of amenities as well, often with meeting rooms and a gym, ensuring that not only are you comfortable and well rested – but in the best possible place to carry out whatever brings you to Washington DC.

Attractive Areas for Furnished Apartments in Washington DC

There is absolutely a difference between Washington and DC. Whereas Washington is dominated by the political landscape, DC is a city made up of fabulous neighborhoods, enticing historical monuments and phenomenal restaurants.

Each district and neighborhood has it's own unique flair and flavor – and with the sheer number of different options around, you are sure to find something that speaks to you more than the rest. The cost of living of course fluctuates dependent on where you want to base yourself – from more exclusive areas such as West End and Bloomingdale where the average rent in over $2500, to more thrifty and hipster areas such as the Arboretum with prices coming down to around $2200 on average.

Georgetown Apartments for Rent

One of the most popular areas of Washington DC, apartments in Georgetown benefit from the unique blend of history and modern flair that flows over its cobbled streets. The tree-lined boulevards are thronging from dawn till dusk with locals and tourists alike, everyone being captivated by this walkable and happening neighborhood. Although apartments in Georgetown may not be a perfect spot for a recluse, or indeed the cheapest part of town, if you are only in the capital for a short time – why not rent an apartment in Georgetown and have the city at your doorstep?

Noma Apartments

For those of more of an artsy, creative and inventive outlook – the rapidly developing area of Noma might be just perfect you for. Arguing the transportation hub of Washington DC, apartments in Noma also have perfect access to the famous Union Market with a seemingly endless supply of fantastic food in the form of stalls, restaurants and shops. Developers are taking the city back, whilst retaining its architectural spirit and so many apartments in Noma are found in old warehouses and historic buildings – old and characterful from the outside, and the pinnacle of city living on the inside.

Capitol Hill Apartments

As well as being home to some of the US Government's most important and powerful buildings, Capitol Hill is the oldest and most heavily residential district in Washington DC. Many of the houses and apartments in Capitol Hill are the iconic 19th Century Row Houses – why not live in an apartment that simply screams that you are in Washington DC.

As well as housing political powerhouses such as the Supreme Court, the Capitol Building and the Library of Congress, Capitol Hill has a vibrant nightlife as well as a booming weekend bazaar held inside the Eastern Market. Apartments in Capitol Hill are surprisingly some of the most affordable, with the average rental price being $2300.

Dupont Circle Apartments

The historic neighborhood of Dupont is anchored by its famous namesake the Dupont Circle fountain. For decades people have flocked every day to the fountain to play chess, relax, read and people watch – giving off a real feeling of togetherness and community.

The diverse and varied nature of Dupont Circle is reflected by the sheer number of embassies in the area – and as such there is a fantastic array of different bars and restaurants to choose from – almost each one offering up something different. Apartments in DuPont Circle are again often found in the 19th Century rowhouses that are so synonymous with Washington DC but with more luxurious condo buildings being erected there is more choice for prospective renters.

Adams Morgan Apartments

One of the more hip and happening districts in Washington DC – Adams Morgan apartments are sought after by a more free spirited crowd than some of the other areas of the city. Independent boutiques and restaurants run all the way along its historic streets, with many fantastic murals painted across the buildings, giving a real energy and positive vibe to the district.

The crown jewel of Adams Morgan is 18th Street, home to one of the best examples of nightlife in the city. Renting an apartment in Adams Morgan means that you will never be bored or run out of things to do in your local neighborhood – and with downtown not too far away it’s a perfect compromise.

Public Transport Washington DC

Washington DC prides itself on the efficiency, availability and cleanliness of its public transportation system. The Metrobus and Metrorail services are easily the most convenient ways to discover the city. The Metrorail runs from 5am till Midnight and the bus service has hundreds off routes for you to utilize. Washington DC is also one of the more walkable cities in the USA so take advantage and stretch your legs.

Types of Washington, D.C. Apartments For Rent

  • 1 bedroom apartments: 472
  • 2 bedroom apartments: 62
  • 3 bedroom apartments: 54
  • Rooms: 244
  • Studios: 92

Popular Districts to rent apartments in Washington, D.C.

  • Apartments in Adams Morgan: 125
  • Apartments in Downtown Washington DC: 108
  • Apartments in Eckington: 75
  • Apartments in Logan Circle: 88

Prices for Apartments for rent in Washington, D.C.

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Accommodation Types Washington, D.C. Rent Prices by Meter Square
1 Bedroom Apartment$38.84
2 Bedroom Apartment$39,66
3 Bedroom Apartment$45,10
Size (0-50 sqm)$41,21
Size (50-100 sqm)$39,07
Size (100-150 sqm)$42,76
Size (150-200 sqm)$50,28