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Due to its cultural heritage and artistic traits, Vienna has established itself as an international congress and conference venue. Every year, many business travelers who visit Vienna are in the need of staying here for 1 month or even more, so the demand for temporary accommodation in Vienna has been drastically increasing. Vienna has been considered as one of the easiest and most comfortable cities in the world for business travellers. Besides hotels, there are also many other alternatives for a short- or mid-term stay. Corporate housing is one of those options.

Corporate housing offers the hotel-level of accommodation with a lower cost compared to hotels. Whether you are planning a short business trip to Vienna, or are looking for a place to set a basecamp and acclimate to the city, full furnished business apartment and the included services are always the ideal option for the employees and companies who want to cut their costs. Furthermore, corporate housing makes you feel more like home and guarantees the great privacy.

How to book corporate housing in Vienna?

Corporate housing in Vienna are provided by different agencies which serve the needs of business travelers. They normally have a wide range of properties located in every corner of the city. So the tenants can choose the right one depends on their personal demand. The rental prices differ from different neighborhoods and different types of apartments.

If you want to live in the city centre, which covers the whole of the Old Town with all its points of interest and from there you can quickly access to all four corners of Vienna with public transport, then you need to pay more for the accommodation. However, as an expat, furnished short-term apartment in this area lets you immerse yourself in the city immediately, being able to retreat your own room and enjoy views over the city rooftops after an entire day of work. That could be one of the best experiences for staying in another city. Besides, you can also go out at night or on weekends to live like a local, and always feel like home when you get back to your apartment.

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Corporate Housing Prices in Vienna

Many corporate housing providers in Vienna offer accommodation in the heart of Vienna with flexible leasing terms. Whether you are looking to spend just a couple of days in the city or want a convenient place to stay for several weeks or even months, you can always expect something fresh from this new way of living. Corporate housing has become a new trendy lifestyle for business travelers, and if you don’t want to stay in a hotel on your business trip next time, you can use Nestpick to find corporate housing offers to experience Vienna in a different way.

About Corporate Housing in Vienna

How much does it cost for living in corporate housing in Vienna?
Living in corporate housing in Vienna usually costs more, compared to general apartments. According to Nestpick database, the monthly rent starts from 731 € and varies depending on the size and location.
What does corporate housing in Vienna look like?
Corporate housing providers in Vienna offer furnished and serviced apartments in sizes between 31m² and 119m², according to Nestpick database.
What is included in a corporate apartment in Vienna ?
Corporate houses usually have more amenities than usual furnished apartments in Vienna. In Austria majority of these types of accommodation includes furniture, laundry service, concierge and parking spots.
Who could rent corporate apartments in Vienna?
Corporate housing in Vienna is a perfect option for business travelers and professionals who are looking for convenient accommodation in the city.
How to find corporate housing in Vienna?
You can simply use filters on Nestpick to find corporate housing in Vienna. We have many trustworthy providers in Vienna offering high-quality apartments.