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Apartments, Rooms & Flatshares in Vienna

From its beautiful baroque architecture to its booming art scene, Vienna is one of Europe’s top cultural hotspots. Take a stroll down the winding cobbled lanes and you’ll soon find yourself feeling right at home. Accommodation in Vienna is always in high demand, but Nestpick has a wide range of apartments for rent. You can secure the perfect flat with just a few clicks. If you’re interested in long term, furnished apartments in Vienna, we make finding housing in Vienna a breeze, so you have more time to really get to know your exciting new city. Prost!

Furnished Apartments in Vienna

Furnished and serviced apartments Vienna provide renters with all the privacy and security of a private apartment in the city, whilst providing services such as a gym, pool and laundry. For those who value their security, there is also 24hr reception and underground parking in some of the more modern complexes in Vienna.

Rooms for Rent in Vienna

Corporate Housing in Vienna

Studio Apartments in Vienna

Rent a Room in Vienna

Flatshares & Rooms for Rent in Vienna

Flatshares in Vienna are great for those looking to save money on rent and meet new people. Vienna can be an expensive city to live in. The cost of living is high, as is the monthly rent for a studio or one bedroom apartment. Young professionals considering moving to Vienna for a new job, life or partner must consider the fact that affording your own apartment may be difficult, salary dependent of course.

A cheaper option would be to rent a room in Vienna, it is a great money saver as all the rent is split between roommates. As Vienna is so rich with European history, it has some amazing museums and has become popular with the startup and tech industry. The city has some very hip and cosmopolitan places, so renting a room would allow you to afford to live in popular, central areas that you previously could not have afforded.

Furnished Apartments in Vienna by District

Apartments for rent, student housing, rooms and flatshares in Vienna

Vienna is a city that has diversity in abundance. Whether you want a quiet apartment in an upmarket area or artsy accommodation surrounded by bars and clubs, Vienna has it all. Austria’s capital is also a fantastic place if you love eating out. Reflecting Vienna’s cosmopolitan flavour, there is a wide range of quality eateries. Whether you want to relax with a traditional apfelstrudel at one of the famous cafes and bakeries, or savour the delicious vegan cuisine at one of Vienna’s trendy restaurants, this city will have your mouth watering before you can say sgott!

If you’re an expat, a student, or a working professional, Vienna is a city in which you can truly find yourself. Competition for quality accommodation in the city is intense, with rent costs being higher than the rest of Austria. The cost of living in Vienna does vary depending on the area you choose. But there’s no need to stress. At Nestpick we have a huge range of great value, high-quality apartments ideally suited to your lifestyle. Here is our guide to the best areas to live in Vienna…


Towards the north side of the city is the Alsergrund area. With a wide range of historical buildings, such as the Palais Liechtenstein, and the Freud Museum, Alsergrund is often visited by tourists. Despite this, the 9th district is locally referred to as the Academic Quarter, due to the University of Vienna being in the vicinity, as well as the General Hospital of Vienna.

As you might expect, this makes the 9th district a popular place to live for students and medics. There are plenty of trendy bars and restaurants lining the streets, all offering their wares at student-friendly prices. The Altes AKH area, in particular, is very lively on warm summer evenings, perfect for if you want to hang out with cocktails and nibbles. If you want to party late into the night, the lively clubs of the 2nd District border Alsergrund to the east. The Franz-Josef Bahnhof can also be found towards the north of Alsergrund, and offers the opportunity to see the beauty of rural Austria, thanks to its regular rail links.

Property prices in Alsergrund vary widely, as there is a huge range of different properties on offer. Whether you’re a student looking for a one-bedroom flat, or a family looking for something bigger, Alsergrund has the property that’s ideal for you. Expect to pay around €600-€700 for a basic one bedroom apartment, and up to €2000-€2500 per month for a two/three bedroom property that offers a touch of luxury. Whatever your needs, with Nestpick, you can find the perfect property in Vienna, without unnecessary confusion and stress.


Famed for its architecture, the Landstrasse area boasts the majestic Schwarzenberg Palace, and the exquisite Konzerthaus, as well as Prince Eugene Savoy’s Belvedere Palace - one of the World’s finest examples of baroque design. Also spreading itself across the 3rd district is the pastoral Stadtpark. Exhibiting lush green nature, and the famous Österreichische Galerie, it’s ideal for lazy Sunday afternoon strolls. The 3rd district possesses excellent transport links as well, with the Wien Mitte rail station, and City Air Terminal close by.

For those looking for a home in the heart of Vienna, the Landstrasse area is ideal. Perfect for long term renters, families, and working professionals, it’s one of the most sought after areas to live in the Austrian capital. Rent prices are a little more expensive due to its central location, but it delivers a wide range of residential property. The north part of Landstrasse, where you’ll find most of the architectural landmarks, is a very expensive part of town, but there are plenty of more affordable opportunities in the south. Expect to pay around €1500 a month for a two bedroom apartment in this area.


Vienna’s 4th district neighbours the 3rd district on the south-west corner. Wieden is an area that has a reputation for being one of the coolest areas in Vienna. Popular with expats, artists and students, Wieden is full of trendy cafes, bars, and design boutiques. The Naschmarkt, Vienna’s biggest fresh food market, is also just around the corner. Here you can get everything from fresh fruit and vegetables, local delicacies, and spices, all for bargain prices.

When it comes to culture, there’s the Wien Museum, a must-see for history buffs, as well as the Wiener Modern art gallery. Wieden might not be as palatial as Landstrasse, but it’s certainly a great area to live if you want to be part of a booming international community. Rent prices in the 4th district are more affordable than the 3rd district, with a one bedroom apartment ranging from €700-€1000 per month.

Other Districts in Vienna

  • Leopoldstadt Apartments
  • Innere Stadt Apartments
  • Favoriten Apartments
  • Margareten Apartments
  • Mariahilf Apartments

1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments in Vienna

1 Bedroom Flats in Vienna

If you’re looking for your ideal 1 bedroom apartment in Vienna, Nestpick has a broad selection of different apartments across different areas of the city - ensuring you’ll find somewhere that’s suitable for your needs. Apartments in Vienna are reasonably priced compared to other European capital cities, averaging around €900 per month in the picturesque city center and €600 in less expensive areas.

2 Bedroom Vienna Apartments

The average rental price for a 2 bedroom apartment in Vienna is around €1350 in expensive areas and €1000 in more affordable areas like Leopoldstadt. It’s worth noting that rental costs are usually calculated by square metres, and the general price per metre is assigned depending on the quality of the property and the district it’s in. With this in mind, it’s advisable that you consider all the variables when booking your 2 bedroom apartment.

Student Accommodation in Vienna

Student Housing, Dorms & Apartments in Vienna

For students, Vienna is a great city to study. The city centre is small, beautiful and very busy. Students enjoy socialising drinking in areas like Leopoldstadt Student accommodation in vienna

Student housing in Vienna is a great way to meet other students and socialise whilst studying and living in the city. The university of Vienna has student campus/village where their student housing lies. These are air conditioned, modern apartment blocks near the centre of the city, exclusively for students, these can be considered similar to student dorms in Vienna.

If some people want more independence in their accommodation, then they should look for private student lets in the city, these are normal furnished apartments that just so happen to be full of student, thus giving the housemates a more independent existence from the university.

Pet Friendly Vienna Apartments

If you want to bring your four-legged friend along on your Austrian adventure, it’s advisable to check if each individual apartment has a “pets allowed” policy. While most Vienna apartments specify either way, some may not state their rules regarding pets. In this case, it's best to get in touch with the landlord yourself. To be absolutely sure, you are best off limiting your search to apartments that allow pets.

Types of Vienna Apartments For Rent

  • 1 bedroom apartments: 818
  • 2 bedroom apartments: 381
  • 3 bedroom apartments: 117
  • Rooms: 198
  • Studios: 57

Popular Districts to rent apartments in Vienna

  • Apartments in Innere Stadt: 128
  • Apartments in Leopoldstadt : 151
  • Apartments in Landstrasse: 117
  • Apartments in Margareten: 52
  • Apartments in Favoriten: 108

Prices for Apartments for rent in Vienna

Looking for apartments or rooms for rent in Vienna? Compare prices for lofts, studios or student apartments in Vienna with Nestpick!

Accommodation Types Vienna Rent Prices by Meter Square
1 Bedroom Apartment€29.74
2 Bedroom Apartment€28,88
3 Bedroom Apartment€25,32
Size (0-50 sqm)€28,61
Size (50-100 sqm)€29,56
Size (100-150 sqm)€25,96
Size (150-200 sqm)€24,58