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Corporate Housing in New York

A business trip to New York City sounds pretty exciting, however, finding the right accommodation could be a difficult task. Although the expense for accommodation in NYC is the most expensive among all the U.S. cities, as a business traveler, you need to live close to where your companies or clients are. A typical hotel room could be an instant solution, but If you’re staying for 30 days or more and miss the home-like feeling that you can taste the food you made in the kitchen, then a furnished apartment from corporate housing might be your thing. Moreover, corporate housing tends to be more affordable and comfortable compared to staying at a hotel, especially for an expensive city like NYC.

Corporate housing provides everything from furniture to internet service to welcome package, ensuring a high level of service and accommodation. As a full-service solution, corporate housing offers the comforts of home coupled with full service amenities and handled through the convenience of a committed professional, which reduce the hustle for the tenants, helping them focus on their work. Therefore in recent years an increasing number of people are using corporate housing units to ease transitions to new places.

How to book corporate housing in New York?

Given that most long-term business travelers tend to experience the life in NYC as a local, many corporate housing properties are located in the most prestigious neighborhoods in NYC, such as Manhattan and Brooklyn. Those locations offer the apartments with everything you’ll need for your stay and the prices differ from the standards and providers. For example, if you only want some basic amenities you’ll find a reasonable deal at the average cost.

However, if you’re looking for something beyond the basic hotel amenities with extra features like contemporary art decoration or wine glasses then you might meet some really expensive deals. In most cases, If you want your stay especially customized, you can have your choice between several packages for an additional fee. So the actual monthly cost still depends on your demand. For example, for a studio apartment with full-service package in Manhattan you would expect to pay more than $5000 per month.

Corporate Housing Prices in New York

There are many professional providers of corporate housing service in NYC and they offer various properties for business travelers with different standards. To make your search easier, Nestpick already included many top companies in our search engine that offer the most furnished apartments with amenities and services you just can’t get anywhere else. From Manhattan to Brookly, even New Jersey included, you can simply compare the prices and conditions of the apartments and decide which one suits the best, just look no further than Nestpick!

About Corporate Housing in New York

How much does it cost for living in corporate housing in New York?
Living in corporate housing in New York usually costs more, compared to general apartments. According to Nestpick database, the monthly rent starts from $789 and varies depending on the size and location.
What does corporate housing in New York look like?
Corporate housing providers in New York offer furnished and serviced apartments in sizes between 35m² and 116m², according to Nestpick database.
What is included in a corporate apartment in New York ?
Corporate houses usually have more amenities than usual furnished apartments in New York. In United States majority of these types of accommodation includes furniture, laundry service, concierge and parking spots.
Who could rent corporate apartments in New York?
Corporate housing in New York is a perfect option for business travelers and professionals who are looking for convenient accommodation in the city.
How to find corporate housing in New York?
You can simply use filters on Nestpick to find corporate housing in New York. We have many trustworthy providers in New York offering high-quality apartments.