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Undoubtedly best known as being the headquarters for Apple since as far back as 1977, Cupertino has seen massive growth in the past two decades due to Apple's modern day dominance and popularity. Since Apple dominates the city as the main employer, the thousands of people working there all need accommodation in the surrounding areas, this means the demand for apartments for rent in Cupertino has grown. With the remodelling and opening of Apple Park in 2017, tens of thousand of people are employed here, all needing apartments in Cupertino. The city borders San Jose, so transport links between the two are great and transport is both efficient and affordable. Expansion of the city has contributed to the local housing market, making it more expensive as Apple employees are paid high wages and can afford jacked up rents from the landlords.

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You can pretty much put Cupertino’s growth and expansion alongside a chronological timeline of Apple’s. Cupertino apartments have become hot property in the Bay Area and rent has risen at a faster pace than other areas close by due to this. Many apartments for rent in Cupertino tend to be more modern as building is constantly taking place to accommodate the growth of the city and demand for housing.

Cupertino apartments near Apple are some of the most expensive in the Bay Area, even more than the average price of a Los Angeles apartment. Travel, groceries and living costs are fairly affordable in Cupertino, but rent is high. Those wishing to live in apartments near the Apple HQ must be prepared to pay upwards of $2,500 a month for a one bedroom apartment. Since Apple park was opened in 2017, it has seen yet more expansion thus more employees thus more demand for nearby housing, so the rent has again risen since then.

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Cupertino is a small city, more like a town, with only a population of around 70,000, and Apple officially employs 25,000 people across the Silicon valley area. An entire apartment, either one bedroom or more will cost a lot in Cupertino, for this reason those on a lower income should consider rooms for rent in Cupertino as it's a great way to live in an expensive and popular area without spending an entire paycheck. Rooms for rent in Cupertino will also allow new arrivals to meet new people, most probably also working at Apple HQ thus is a invaluable tool in terms of networking. Bills and utility costs are also shared amongst the property, so unless you have lots of disposable income for rent, this is your best option.