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Duisburg is one of the most prominent cities in North Rhine-Westphalia. Found just around the confluence of Ruhr and Rhine rivers, Duisburg is a nice place to stay for students looking to get world-class education and expats looking for a viable place to work and live. Having one of the largest inland harbors around the globe, Duisburg has a thriving economy which further makes it attractive to people. With the various refurbishment and new constructions going on in different places across the city, furnished apartments for rent in Duisburg are always at everyone’s beck and call.

Cheap Furnished Apartments in Duisburg

Most of the neighborhoods have particular features that they are known for, so the specific needs of each person will determine the best places to rent. Students, for instance, can look for cheap apartments in Duisburg around Neudorf because of the proximity of this neighborhood to the university. For people that want to feel the nightlife of the city, Dellviertel may be a cool choice. Rahm, Duissern, Huckingen, Hochfeld, Rheinhausen, Wasserviertel, Hamborn, Altstadt, and Grossenbaum are also exceptional neighborhoods. Even if these places are far from your school or workplace, there are trams and trains all over the city, so you can find your way around Duisburg with ease.
In addition, your apartments in the city may offer you several top-of-the-range features such as terraces, gardens and modern appliances like washers and cookers. Furthermore, some of the choices of apartments for rent in Duisburg include single-story buildings, bigger duplex places, two-room or three-room units, and lots more. Of course, the costs of these apartments will differ based on their features, size and location. However, if you know where to look at for an apartment, you should be able to find something that does not cost too much and still offers great features in Duisburg.