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Flats, Rooms & Flatshares to Rent in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is arguably one of the UK’s prettiest cities, meaning it attracts lots of national and international tourists every year, as well as expatriates and students relocating to the city on a more permanent basis. The city has plenty of green space mixed in with stunning architecture, with sights such as Edinburgh castle being a highlight. The Scottish culture is also a great one to experience, with food and drink one of the many perks this city has to offer. There is also plenty of desirable employment opportunities for expats moving to Edinburgh, including in finance, education, politics, and law. Students are also attracted to the University of Edinburgh, a prestigious establishment often ranked in the top 20 universities in the UK. Flats to rent in Edinburgh range from budget accommodation to luxurious apartments. Although rent prices are slightly on the rise across the city, this is being balanced by landlords and homeowners updating their properties to offer tenants better quality accommodation to match the rising prices. You can find a room to rent or fully furnished apartments in Edinburgh in various attractive locations, so start searching on Nestpick to find one that suits you.

Serviced Apartments Edinburgh

Take the stress out of your accommodation when staying in or relocating to Edinburgh with local serviced apartments. These are a great option for temporary accommodation while you find somewhere more permanent to live in the city, or if you’re in Edinburgh on business for a couple of months. Serviced apartments in Edinburgh provide much of the luxury and convenience of staying at more affordable rates. Cleaning services and other facilities help to save you time and hassle during your busy stay. Have a look on Nestpick to find a serviced apartment in Edinburgh.

Property Types in Edinburgh

Bedsits in Edinburgh

You should look at bedsits in Edinburgh if you prefer to live alone but still aren’t ready to fork out for an entire apartment to yourself. A bedsit gives you a self-contained space with all your living, sleeping, and eating needs in one place. So, you can roll out of bed in the morning and be right in the kitchen ready to make breakfast. You’ll also have an area within the same room where you can relax and watch TV, for example. Some bedsits in Edinburgh will have sofa beds, so your living space becomes your sleeping space.

Larger bedsits in Edinburgh are also perfect for couples living together, as long as you don’t need an excessive amount of storage space. Renting a bedsit is a great way to save on rent costs, and sharing these between two people will offer even greater savings.

Apartments in Edinburgh by districts

Apartments and other accommodations in Edinburgh vary greatly by district. Some of the less affluent areas are populated by tenements with high occupancy levels, while certain areas contain more luxury apartments and detached villas for those with higher budgets. In between, there is a wide range of flats, from studio and 1-bedroom apartments to larger flats suited to families.

Popular areas for expats to live in Edinburgh include the West End, for easy access to the Edinburgh International Conference Centre and other business locations and office blocks. The Old Town and New Town in the centre of Edinburgh are popular spots among tourists, but also have their own charm for locals and expats choosing to reside there. There are also plenty of residential areas that suit families relocating to Edinburgh, such as Stockbridge and Murrayfield.

More Attractive Areas for Apartments in Edinburgh

Flats to rent in Stockbridge, Edinburgh

This charming, residential area in Edinburgh has its own little, quiet village life, despite being still being in easy reach within Edinburgh’s Old Town. This gives it a great mix of peacefulness and activity, with the city centre and all its attractions just a walk or a short bus journey away.

Stockbridge attracts a lot of families to the area and is generally quite an affluent area, with residential houses and larger apartments suitable for families. There are also smaller apartments that would suit young couples or single expats moving to the city, but you’ll need a bit of a budget for this area.

As well as being close to the city, Stockbridge also has plenty of its own amenities in the area. There are a number of parks, as well as cafés, restaurants, pubs, and shops, including plenty of charity shops ideal for anyone looking for a bargain.

Flats to rent in Stockbridge, Edinburgh may not be the cheapest on the market, but they offer a high standard of living with lots of great amenities in the area and the city centre in walking distance.

Old Town apartments Edinburgh

At the centre of Edinburgh is the Old Town, full of historical charm and tourist attractions, but also nice little residential areas nestled among all of this for locals and expats looking for apartments to rent. This district is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so you’re guaranteed some amazing sites with fascinating historical backgrounds, but these also attracts crowds of tourists throughout certain points of the year, so bear this in mind if you’re looking for a quiet place to live.

Being the city centre, there’s always plenty to do in Edinburgh’s Old Town. Restaurants are incredibly diverse, offering a wide range of cuisines to sample. You’ll also find lots of souvenir shops and other speciality stores to meet your shopping habits, as well as cafés, pubs, bars, and clubs to keep you entertained. Most clubs are open until 3am, so the Old Town is a great place to live if you’re looking for a lively, party atmosphere.

Old Town apartments in Edinburgh are commonly located in high-rise residential buildings, so there is no shortage of reasonably-priced flats to rent, with other higher-end options if you’re looking for somewhere more luxurious. There are also a lot of hotels, hostels, and holiday homes to suit the demands of tourists visiting the city.

Flats to rent in New Town, Edinburgh

The other half of Edinburgh’s city centre is New Town. As the name suggests, this is more of a modern counterpart to the Old Town neighbouring it, although the area does go back as far as the 18th century. Accommodation in the New Town tends to have an extra touch of luxury to it compared to Old Town, with large townhouses and high-end apartments available to buy or rent. So, you can expect to pay more for a month’s rent in this part of the city centre.

Like the Old Town, there is plenty to see and do in this Edinburgh district. It is home to galleries and museums where you can soak up some Scottish culture and artwork, along with a wide range of eateries and bars and some popular clubs.

Flats to rent in New Town, Edinburgh are highly sought after, suitable for young professionals and couples for its central location as well as families because of the spacious houses and apartments found here. Don’t rule it out if you’re living on a budget, however, as there are more modest flats and studio apartments located in apartment blocks throughout the district of New Town.

Flats to rent in Morningside, Edinburgh

Morningside is another fairly residential area that is popular among families or young couples looking to move to Edinburgh to settle down and start a family. Being so close to the city centre, this suburban feel is combined with the urban vibe of New Town and Old Town, resulting in a wide range of accommodation types to suit expats. There are comfortable family homes with multiple bedrooms, but also smaller flats such as those developed in tenement buildings for expats with a smaller budget and less demand for space.

It is one of the more affluent districts found in Edinburgh, making it a nice environment to live in and in which to raise children. But, thanks to the variety of accommodation types previously mentioned, you don’t have to be rich to benefit from the suburban feel of Morningside.

Flats to rent in Morningside, Edinburgh tend to be popular among expats who want to escape the busyness of the city centre while being located close enough to it to remain in touch with the goings on of the city. There are also plenty of local pubs, cafés, and restaurants to enjoy in Morningside, as well as independent shops and scenic parks.

Southside apartments in Edinburgh

Southside is, unsurprisingly, located to the South of the city centre. It attracts a varied demographic thanks to its cosmopolitan vibe as well as being home to the University of Edinburgh. It is far enough out of the city centre to avoid much of the tourist crowds when you want to, but still close enough to easily travel there by public transport or by foot. Although, the National Museum of Scotland, located in this district, does attract its fair share of visitors.

Southside also has its own local facilities, such as shops, cafés, restaurants, pubs, and bars. The cost of living in Southside is reasonable thanks to the nearby university, so a lot of the shops, restaurants, pubs, and bars cater to students with affordable prices and student deals. This also means that there is a wide choice of affordable accommodation, although some of this may be offered exclusively to students, depending on the landlord’s preferences.

Southside apartments in Edinburgh display a range of architectural styles, from modern flats to Victorian town houses offering accommodation for students, locals, and tourists visiting the city. There’s plenty to be found here that will suit a range of budgets within a nice, central location.

Apartments in Haymarket, Edinburgh

To the West of Edinburgh city centre is where you’ll find Haymarket. With Haymarket Station, the second largest train station in the city, located here, it’s a great location for anyone who likes to take spontaneous weekend trips out of the city, or for anyone who needs to commute to work from Edinburgh. It’s also close enough to walk into the city centre, so you’re never far from the action.

Haymarket has plenty of its own attractions, too, with Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh’s home of international rugby, located close by. The Edinburgh Conference Centre is also nearby, making it a good spot for professionals moving to the city. On top of all this, there are a wide range of restaurants, takeaways, pubs, and bars to choose from offering many different cuisines and drink options.

Apartments near Haymarket, Edinburgh are nicely located and available to suit a range of budgets. It’s a nice and quiet area despite its proximity to the city centre, so it is an attractive place to live for expats moving to Edinburgh for work. This district also features rows of terraced houses with communal gardens, which can be ideal for small families who want to stay close to the city.

Leith apartments Edinburgh

A little further out of the city centre to the North is the port district of Leith. It was once a town in its own right before merging with the city of Edinburgh, and it still has its own distinct personality. Its portside location means that it is steeped in industrial history, and is still a major port for cargo coming into the city. But, today, Leith has a much trendier feel to it that attracts a lot of young locals and expats to the area, with modern bars, restaurants, and shopping centres throughout the district.

Many of the bars, restaurants, and apartments in Leith offer fantastic waterfront views. The Ocean Terminal offers more attractions including a cinema and soft play area for kids, plus the Royal Yacht Britannia, an ocean liner that was previously used by Britain’s Royal Family.

This district is home to Leith locals, many of whom still consider it as its own independent town at heart, but it also attracts lots of expats and young professionals, and even families, to the area for its modern-day charm. Blocks of modern apartment buildings can be found along the waterfront in Leith, offering spacious apartments that are ideal for young professionals and couples. Towards the centre of the district you’ll find more choice of apartments as well as more residential houses suited to families.

Tollcross apartments Edinburgh

Tollcross is a nicely affordable area of Edinburgh and is particularly popular among students. But it’s not all about student life and parties here – there’s also plenty of chance to soak up some culture with two independent cinemas and the King’s Theatre located in this district, as well as two mainstream, blockbuster cinemas as well.

Tollcross is close to the city centre and has plenty of its own pubs, restaurants, and shops for residents to enjoy when they’re not heading into the city. There’s certainly no shortage of affordable food and drinks in this district. With students populating the area and being so close to the city centre, Tollcross can get noisy at nights when the partying starts, so look for the more secluded areas if you want to avoid this.

You’ll find a lot of student accommodation in Tollcross, but also a fair few serviced apartments for families or working professionals visiting the city for shorter stays. This is a popular area for professionals due to its proximity to the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. The area also attracts families thanks to nearby school, so there is a real mix of demographics living and staying in this area. So, West Tollcross apartments range from cheap student flats to more spacious apartments suitable for families.

Different sizes apartments in Edinburgh

1 bedroom flat to rent in Edinburgh

If you’re looking for a one bedroom flat to rent in Edinburgh, you can expect to pay prices of around £800 - £900 on average, but there are many flats available for cheaper than this. One-bedroom flats are ideal for single expats or students moving to the city, or young couples who don’t need huge amounts of space. This kind of accommodation is readily available throughout the city, but prices and size are likely to vary from one district to the next.

2-bedroom flats to rent in Edinburgh

If you want a little more living space when you settle down in Edinburgh, whether you’re by yourself, with a partner, or even as a small family, then two-bedroom flats are a good choice. You’ll find this kind of accommodation in both the suburban and the city districts of the city, so it’s up to you to decide what kind of surroundings you would like to move into. The average rent for a two-bedroom flat in Edinburgh is £1,262 per month, but this will depend on the district you’re looking at.

3-bedroom flats in Edinburgh

Families relocating to Edinburgh who are still looking for apartment living will find their ideal homes with 3-bedroom flats in the city. For the more spacious choices of accommodation, look to suburban, residential districts such as Stockbridge or Morningside. Three-bedroom flats are also suitable for couples moving to Edinburgh with plans of starting a family, although average rent prices for this type of apartment are £1,893, so make sure you’ve got the budget for it.

4-bedroom house to rent in Edinburgh

Larger families can find a range of houses to buy or rent around Edinburgh. Four-bedroom houses are ideal for expanding families or those who have several children when they move to Edinburgh. You’ll find fewer houses than flats in the central areas of the city, so look to more suburban areas to find the perfect family home. There are also lots of schools and parks for your kids if you’re moving to these areas, so you can find the perfect 4-bedroom house to rent in Edinburgh for your family.

Edinburgh Public Transport

Public transport in Edinburgh, Scotland makes it easy to get into and back out of the city centre, although many districts are in walking distance of the centre. The city’s bus service is the main way to get around the city, with comprehensive coverage of the city and an impressively efficient service. In fact, Edinburgh’s bus service is considered one of the most extensive in the country.

Not only is it an efficient way to get around the city, it’s also affordable. A single trip for an adult with Lothian Buses will cost you just £1.60, or you can pay £4 for a ticket that will cover you for unlimited journeys for the whole day. Travelling with children is cheaper at just £0.80 for a single journey and £2 for a day ticket.