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Edmonton Apartments for Rent

Edmonton is a city in the Alberta Province of canada. The city has a proud heritage and strives to retain it’s unique culture and style amid growing popularity and gentrification. Apartments for rent in Edmonton vary drastically depending on location. The size of the city allows each neighborhood a unique style, type of architecture and area in general, this apartments for rent in Edmonton change depending on where you want to live. Those looking for a fast paced, urban sprawl kind of living situation should look for apartments in edmonton downtown. This will provide the quintessential city vibe, surrounded by skyscrapers, shops and restaurants right on your doorstep and very centrally located. If Downton does not sound like the right fit for you, and something a little quieter yet in a good location sounds good, then consider the neighborhood Oliver.

Oliver is the best of both worlds in the sense that people living there are close to downtown and the action, especially important for people working Downtown, yet holds a more laid back, relaxed atmosphere in which its possible to raise a family and have a suburban style life. Edmonton apartments can be a number of things, high rise penthouses or small living spaces in the inner city, houses on the outskirts, or spacious condos between the center and the suburbs. The properties tend to grow in size the further outwards you go. In neighborhoods like Westmount and Glenora, property sizes are far bigger than Downtown and Oliver, and tend to be houses with front and back gardens instead of apartments.

Furnished Apartments for Rent in Edmonton

Furnished apartments in Edmonton are a great way of living in the city without spending too much of your income of unnecessary homewares that will be a pain to transport if you ever move property. The benefit of furnished apartments in Edmonton is the lack of hassle that comes with moving apartment, as the furniture and homeware is already in place and waiting for you! A lot of people who prefer furnished apartments are people who do not have time or resources to spend on finding furnishings for a new place. If people are living in the apartments temporarily, then this is also an advisable option as there is no stress with moving your bed to a new apartment, only to move it out again in three months.

Furnished apartments for rent in Edmonton tend to be priced higher than unfurnished, as the landlord has taken the time and spent the money to provide furnishings for the renters. The rent will be slightly higher per month because of the facilities provided so please be aware of this when looking for Edmonton furnished apartments. There are also different levels of furnished, fully furnished will mean kitchenware, homeware and furniture is provided, whereas part-furnished may just mean the basic furniture like a sofa, coffee table and bed.

Rooms for Rent in Edmonton

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Rooms for Rent in Edmonton

Edmonton’s rental prices have risen sharply over the past decade, for this reason, it is hard for young families or young professionals to comfortably live in the inner and afford a large property. A great money saver is to find a room for rent in Edmonton, this removes the hassle of finding an available apartment, paying the deposit, first few months rent up front, sourcing furniture, and paying countless different utilities.

Rooms in Edmonton are already under someone else’s contract, so you will be paying month by month and a sublet style of rent, which means the rent of the entire property will be split between however many rooms there are. Another bonus of finding a room for rent in Edmonton is the option of living in an area that would have previously been unaffordable, somewhere very expensive, like Downtown, would be very expensive to pay for an entire property there. If a young professional is moving to Edmonton for a job or internship, then finding a room to rent in either Downtown or Oliver would be a great option, as it would mean a ready-made property full of potential contacts and friends in a new city, which would make moving to a new city like Edmonton a lot easier.

Student Housing in Edmonton

Student Rentals & Residences at Edmonton

The many different universities in Edmonton means that the city is a great place to live for students. There is a strong local food and drinks scene, good nightlife and high quality of life. Student housing in Edmonton consists of student housing centers including Horizon residence, a large block of student dorms and halls type accommodation that is very centrally located. The building is close to both the city center, full of shops and restaurants, and within walking distance to the University of Alberta. Other student rentals in Edmonton include those on the campus of the University of Alberta, including Tamarack House, Garneau Towers Apartments, Rockress house and Ader house. There are many others around the city, but these are all very central and on the campus of the University.

Student residences in Edmonton outside of the University will be private apartments lived in by students who want a bit more independence from student dormitories and campus living. Popular areas for students to live around the city are neighborhoods such as Strathcona and Oliver. Private student apartments are a great option if students want to feel like a young professional in the city with flatmates rather than a campus freshmen who is coming to University for the first time.