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Looking for furnished apartments in Florence? Look no further. Here at Nestpick, we offer a great variety of apartments to choose from - catering to a broad range of budget requirements and personal preferences.

Many apartments in Florence are set within centuries-old buildings along cobblestone streets, providing you with a perfectly picturesque Tuscan setting. However, it’s also possible to find modern, more spacious apartments all across the city. Whatever you desire, this enchanting city will have you covered.

When it comes to Florence apartment rentals, it’s hard to top the choice you have when you browse with Nestpick. Search through our easily navigable and extensive selection of accommodation options now.

Types of Accommodations in Florence

Moving to and Finding Apartments in Florence for Rent

Dante Alighieri. Leonardo da Vinci. The Renaissance.

The capital of Tuscany has nothing short of an illustrious history, and the city lives and breathes its past. As a major European centre of the arts and sciences, Florence is replete with architectural delights, monastic marvels and cultural treasures. It’s also home to a thriving contemporary cultural scene, offering some of the best Italy has to offer in art, music, cuisine and nightlife.

If you’re thinking of moving to Florence in Italy, you’ll have the crown jewel of Tuscany right at your fingertips. As with moving to any new city, there are a number of things you should take into consideration. It’s certainly advisable to research the city’s cost of living; including variables such as accommodation, utilities, groceries, clothing and transport.

You should also research the different neighbourhoods of the city. This will give you a good gauge of how safe an area is, how many local amenities are nearby, and what type of property you’re likely to find.

How Much Are Apartments In Florence

For such a historic and sought-after destination, the price for rental apartments in Florence is actually not too bad, especially compared with some other major European cities. While dining out in Italy is not the cheapest pastime, rental costs are toward the lower end of the scale, comparatively speaking and Florence is no different. While prices can skyrocket in the historic center with many apartments used for short term tourist rentals, you can expect to pay around €700 for a studio and €900 for a one-bedroom apartment in a slightly less touristy area.

fApartments in Florence by District

Santa Maria Novella Apartments

Santa Maria is the historical heart of the city, and is home to some of the finest churches and basilicas on the Italian Peninsula. With its brown and yellow-hued buildings, bustling plazas and welcoming ambience, this neighbourhood acts as a superb base to explore the rest of the city.

The Church of Santa Maria Novella is one of the most famous Florentine basilicas, and sits opposite the city’s main railway terminus named after it. Consecrated in 1420, this Dominican church is home to a number of fabulous Gothic and early Renaissance frescoes.

Another ecclesiastical treasure in the area is the Santa Maria Maggiore of Florence (not to be confused with the church in Rome of the same name), which is one of the oldest extant churches in the city and dates back to the 11th century.

Santa Maria Novella apartments in Florence tend to quite compact due to the age of the buildings, but offer fantastic access to bars, restaurants, transport, and, of course, the spectacular basilica. The average price for a 2-bedroom apartment in this area is around €1,100 per month.

Due to high volume of historical sites and proximity to the Santa Maria Novella Florence train station, the area can get incredibly busy with tourists and commuters. Certainly bear this in mind if you’re considering apartments in the area.

San Lorenzo Apartments

If you want to be in the thick of Florentine action, we recommend staying near the Piazza San Lorenzo. With a thriving daily market on the streets surrounding the nearby Basilica di San Lorenzo and the main food market only a short walk away, you’ll be close to a hive of trading activity.

The famous San Lorenzo Florence market is one of the finest of its kind in Italy. The market actually consists of two separate markets: the two-level indoor Mercato Centrale selling a variety of delicious Tuscan foods, and an outdoor market that sells a smorgasbord of goods including leather, clothing, souvenirs and pottery.

The irrepressible Basilica di San Lorenzo that looms over the outdoor market is one of several churches in Florence that claim to be the oldest in the city, and was originally consecrated in 393. The church has been rebuilt many times; financed by patrons such as the Medici family who infamously ruled the city throughout the Renaissance era. Inside the building are famous works by revered Renaissance artists Verrocchio and Donatello.

Like in other parts of the historic city centre, apartments in San Lorenzo tend to archaic in composition. The majority are fitted with modern interiors, however, and come equipped with standard amenities such as air conditioning. Prices are similar to those in Santa Maria.

Apartments in Florence Centre

Set within the avenues traced on the old medieval walls, the historic centre of Florence is the location of the city’s most important cultural heritage sites.

This area is actually quite small, and is easily walkable in 30 minutes. Within this walk you’ll be treated to most of the major sites that the city has to offer, including the towering Duomo (dome) of Florence Cathedral, the Uffizi and Ponte Vecchio.

The city centre can get extremely busy at times, especially on weekends. However, you’ll be pleased to know that the area is largely pedestrianised and closed off to traffic except for residents, taxis and buses. For the keen walkers and cyclists among you, this is certainly good news.

Apartments in the city centre are readily available. Prices for a decent furnished apartment can range anywhere between €650 and €1,400 - depending on a number of variables such as number of bedrooms, floor space, number of amenities/appliances and real estate value of the neighbourhoods it is located in. If you want to live near to nightlife, we recommend the lively Santa Croce area. If you’re looking for somewhere a bit more serene, keep an eye out for apartments near the splendid Giardino della Gherardesca (the Gherardesca Gardens).

Getting from Florence ‘Peretola’ Airport to the city centre is relatively straightforward. The easiest way to get there is via taxi, and luckily this route has established fixed rates of between €20 to €23 (expect to pay more on holidays). Alternatively, a special shuttle bus runs every half an hour from 06:00 to 23:30 to and from Florence city centre train station, and the journey usually takes 20-25 minutes. This bus costs €6 for a single.

Apartments near Piazza Santa Croce

When people picture living in beautiful Florence, imagination will automatically have you opening your front door with the Piazza Santa Croce in the background. One of the most picturesque areas of the city, it is dominated by the largest Franciscan Basilica in the world. It is buzzing day and night with tourists and locals milling around – with countless bars, restaurants and cafes all spilling out into the grand Piazza – you would do well to find a more cosmopolitan setting anywhere else in the world.

1, 2 & 3 Room Apartments for Rent in Florence

1-Bedroom Apartments in Florence

Florentine apartments are among the most magical in the whole of Italy, often set in majestic old buildings but having luxurious modern touches inside. If you are ok with the apartment being a little more snug, and taking advantage of where you are living, look for one-bedroom apartments closer to the city center – prices will start at around €900 for a furnished apartment – ready for you to move in.

2-Bedroom Apartments in Florence

A two-bedroom apartment is often that perfect compromise between having a manageable home, but still having that extra space to make yourself feel comfortable. This space can come at a bit of a premium in stunning Firenze however, especially the closer to the heartbeat of the city you go. In perhaps one of the most sought-after districts, Santa Maria Novella, an average 2-bedroom apartment can rent from €1100 a month.

3-Bedroom Apartments in Florence

As opposed to one or two-bedroom apartments – the availability of flats with three bedrooms is not as widespread. That doesn't mean that they aren't there however, it's just you might have to be a bit more flexible when finding that dream apartment. Prices are expensive with a more modern apartment in a good area of Florence starting at €1500, but if you are looking to flat share and split the rent three ways – you could find that perfect place.

Student Accommodation in Florence

Florence has one of the most esteemed university systems in Italy, with institutions for various fields in both the humanities and the sciences. The largest public university is the University of Florence, which was founded way back in 1321 and has 60,000 students (of whom many are international). With festivals, nightlife, cuisine, art and culture, studying in Florence is sure to be a memorable experience.

Most student apartments in Florence are clustered around the main campus or are located in the historic city centre. Around the city centre, the majority of apartments are set within charming old Tuscan buildings and fitted with all the modern amenities. Modern, more spacious apartments are also widely available, although these tend to be located outside the city centre.

There are three primary options when it comes to student housing in Florence: renting a room, sharing an apartment or finding accommodation in student halls. Most of the student halls are located north of the city centre and are well connected to the rest of the city.

For a great selection of Florence student apartment rentals on a mid to long basis, Nestpick is the place for you.

Public Transportation in Florence

Public transportation in Florence, Italy is widely used and services the vast majority of the city. Florence’s main station - the Santa Maria Novella - is situated in the northwestern corner of the city centre and provides hourly trains to Bologna, Milan, Venice, Rome and Naples. Before you board a train, ensure your ticket is already stamped.

If you’re looking to explore other hill town destinations in Tuscany and Umbria, buses are probably your best bet - providing cheaper and more frequent ways to get to places off the beaten track.

There are bus routes all over the city, and buses are regular and inexpensive. Like trains, you must buy your ticket before you get on the bus, and these can be purchased from ticket machines in stations and kiosks. A single fare costs €1.20, although travelcards can also be purchased if you’re going to use buses frequently. Buses are air conditioned, run regularly and have real-time updates of arrival times.

It’s worth noting that travelling via bus can sometimes be a frustrating experience. Routes are often diverted and make the journey longer, while buses can be packed to the brim at rush hour. There’s also no overnight bus service, so you’ll have to use another transport option if you are out late.

Florence also has a single tram line, the T1, which links the city’s only tram station Via Alamanni (nearby to Santa Maria Novella) to the suburbs of Scandicci. The tram service calls at 14 stops and takes 25 minutes to travel end-to-end.

Taxis in Florence are fairly expensive and cannot be hailed, so you should certainly book in advance if you wish to take a taxi to your preferred destination - whether through a telephone call or by booking at a taxi stand.