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A typical landscape photo of Geneva will show you its three biggest selling points: The Alps, Lake Geneva and beautiful architecture un-tainted by past European wars. For you clever souls interested in apartments in Geneva, you will be pleased to know it offers cheaper rent than Zurich, it is easier to get around and it is better located for skiing and has a far richer local culture. Those interested in apartments for long term rent in Geneva can expect beautiful 16th-18th century limestone townhouses as the norm, especially in fashionable neighbourhoods such as the Old Town and City Centre.

A truly dual-season place, it’s scorching in summer and freezing in winter, but luckily Geneva has a lake to cool off and word-class slopes to slide down! Skiers will know it as a gateway to the slopes, but those that stop to take in the beauty will find a city with so much to offer. Apartments for rent in Geneva are expensive by European standards but rather affordable by Swiss standards. The city in the foothills of the alps has a slow pace of life which reflects a beauty and tranquility in keeping with mountain towns but with a long embedded cosmopolitan flair.

Furnished & Serviced Apartments for Rent in Geneva

Another viable option for those with more of a disposable income are serviced apartments in Geneva, these are modern and luxurious, with facilities including a gym and pool in the majority of them. 24 hour reception and parking is also included with many, so for people who value their security this could be the best option.

Furnished apartments in Geneva remove the hassle of sourcing furniture and homeware so is advisable for people on a schedule or looking for temporary accommodation. If this sounds like something that would interest you, be prepared to pay more as these facilities come at an extra cost to your property.

Types of Accommodations in Geneva

More Attractive Areas for Geneva Apartments

Apartments in Old Town Geneva

Apartments in Old town Geneva are some of the most sought-after properties in the city because all of the buildings here are heritage masterpieces and very centrally located. Cobbled streets are flanked by grand 16-18th century limestones townhouses make it is a desirable postcode, with narrow passageways and alleys veering off in every direction. This means apartments are more expensive here than anywhere else in Geneva.

On the south bank of the River Rhone, you will find the Old Town of Geneva. The district is an ancient maze of beautiful buildings and atmospheric streets, with the most picturesque apartments in Geneva situated here, perfect to find a quaint cafe or trendy bar and watch the world go by in this breathtaking part of the city.

Grand rue, the pedestrianised section of the district is a marvel to stroll along whilst peering in to fancy shops. Those that are able to afford the property prices here are very lucky, as they are living in the epicentre of Geneva.

Apartments in Carouge

A must see when visiting Geneva, Carouge makes a wonderful neighbourhood for a young couple looking to rent a flat in Geneva. Apartments in Carouge are popular with those looking for something a little different from their neighbourhood, known as ‘the Greenwich village of Geneva’.

This district has a bohemian and creative flair to it. Once a separate town, Caroue is built in French and Italian architectural styles and is unlike anything else in Geneva. More Genova in style than Geneva, the district is referred to as Little Italy by locals due to its construction by Italian architects. Rooms to rent in Carouge are at a reasonable price in comparison to old town or the city centre. Art galleries, funky cafes and quirky shops occupy the streets by day, and jazz clubs and wine bars keep the party going into the night.

Apartments in Cornavin

Apartments in Cornavin come with the added value of the city’s main train station walking distance away, this means excellent transport links around the city and beyond. Parc Belieau is a beautiful natural outside space for you to enjoy just around the station. The area boasts a number of restaurants, malls and attractions in keeping with a city centre district.

Geneva is not a big city, so for those living or renting an apartment in Geneva it can feel like a small town at times, but by living in Cornavin it is easy to reach the different areas of the city and surrounding towns and other places in Switzerland. You can experience the melting pot of cultures and influences, easily feeling in a completely new place with each neighbourhood you visit.

Rent a Room in Geneva

In good central locations of the city, a room to rent in Geneva can be as little as 500 euros per month. Geneva is expensive, so affording your own apartment to rent can be costly. A cheaper option for those on a tighter budget is to rent a room, these will be apartments or houses with other people sharing the common areas. Rooms to rent in Geneva are a viable alternative to entire apartments, they offer much cheaper rents in previously unaffordable areas and a chance to meet and live with other people. If you look outside the central districts you may be able to find rooms for rent even cheaper, and with such good public transport, you can be in the city centre in less than ten minutes.

Student Accommodation in Geneva

Student accommodation in Geneva is centred around the Plainpalas area. This district holds the University of Geneva’s main buildings so you will find a multitude of options for student housing in Geneva here. Just a stone's throw away are the cheapest bars in the city which will excite prospective students.

If you wanted to get the full university experience, there are student residence options available in the form of student halls. Another option for students started this September are shared houses or flats, these privately rented properties offer a chance of living in the city with fellow students. The compact nature of Geneva means it is a great place for young people, however due to Geneva being an expensive city to live, be prepared for higher rental prices.

Public Transportation in Geneva, Switzerland

Public transportation in Geneva is brilliant, the main station in Cornavin was renovated in 2004 to include more platforms, space and shops. Buses, trams and trains are on time down to the minute and are clean, efficient and affordable. Geneva itself is not a big place, so a bicycle would be a sufficient mode of transport, but for those commuting in from the outskirts or wanting to travel between districts quickly, the public transport system is highly recommended.

Geneva’s public transport network, like its official website reports, “is named UNIRESO. It is an interconnected system of trams, buses (TPG), mouettes (yellow transport boats) and trains (CFF) in the city of Geneva. The whole system uses the same tickets.”