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Apartments for Rent in Glasgow

Flats, Rooms & Flatshares to Let in Glasgow

Despite being Scotland's biggest city, Glasgow has oft been overshadowed by nearby Edinburgh – and although Edinburgh might be the first city on people’s lips when talking about relocating to Scotland, Glasgow is an under the radar gem that needs to be taken into consideration. Apartments for rent in Glasgow are typically cheaper than Edinburgh and a lot cheaper than most English cities further south.

The city's large area means that more often than not apartments in Glasgow are spacious – something that you don't always find in a big city. Glasgow is often described as a 'dear green city', and there are a lot of parks in the city – adding a sense of the Scottish countryside to the bustling city. The rental market is booming right now with more people realizing the bang for your buck you get by renting a flat in Glasgow.

Serviced Apartments in Glasgow

If you are in Glasgow for a relatively short amount of time – you want to make the most of your stay. The best way to get a flat with a prime location, but that important short lease is by renting a serviced apartment in Glasgow. The majority of the serviced apartments in Glasgow are to be found downtown in the 'Merchants District'. This 18th warehouse area has been transformed and converted into endless boutiques, bars and restaurants – as well as some incredible apartments.

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Flats to Rent in Glasgow by District

Scotland's largest city is broken up into a number of different districts, and these districts can be as different as you can imagine whilst still being in the same city. Although this provides renters with a tricky task of narrowing down where you want to live, the positive side means that no matter what scene you are a part of, there will be a place in Glasgow for you.

From the trendy city center with the neighborhoods of Merchants District and Broomielaw being a cosmopolitan city lover's dream, to the wealthier and more established West End. Another area, sandwiched between the West and the Centre is the district of Finnieston – often voted as one of the hippest places in the UK and Europe – you won't find many cooler places.

Flats to Rent in Glasgow City Centre

If you are lucky enough to rent an apartment in Glasgow's city centre, you have one of the most vibrant areas of the city at your feet. Known as the best shopping area in the UK outside of London, Glasgow's city center has anything that you can imagine.

Take a stroll around the vast and grand St Georges Square before heading over to the city's cultural and historic quarter. The Merchants City was once filled with factories and warehouses, but now these wonderful buildings have been converted into some of the best restaurants and bars in the city. Apartments in the Merchant City are typically loft style with exposed brick walls and plenty of natural light. Renting a flat in Glasgow City Centre isn't the cheapest proposition, but worth it when you look around you.

Flats to Rent Glasgow's West End

Home to some of the most staggeringly impressive buildings in the whole of Scotland, Glasgow's West End is a prime location for those looking to get all the advantages of city living with the benefits of more open space and fresh air. With Kelingrove Park nearby as well as the Botanical Gardens and the University of Glasgow, the apartments in Glasgow's West End are perfect for young families as well as young professionals.

The area has a village feel to it, with the mass marketed brands left in the city center and emphasis put on smaller independently run businesses. As living here has gotten more and more sought after, prices have shot upwards, with many people now looking into flat sharing in Glasgow's West End as a more viable option.

Flats to Rent Glasgow Southside

With rent in the city and the West End rather expensive, apartments in Glasgow's Southside are looking increasingly attractive to those moving to and relocating in Glasgow. More residential than other city districts, the area still does have a local feel to it, with independent bars and restaurants being more common than chain companies.

For a more urban feel when looking for flats to rent in Glasgow's Southside, areas such as Shawlands and Pollockshaw are gaining a great reputation for dining and nightlife, whereas the further south you look, the streets will be more residential and leafier – accommodating more to families.

Public Transportation Glasgow

Glasgow is built on a grid system, meaning that getting around the city is a piece of cake – however, if you are in a hurry – Glasgow's public transport is some of the best in Scotland. There is a subway system that does a loop of the city – stopping at some of the most prominent areas and sights. There is also a fleet of buses, most of them upgraded recently that will get you anywhere you want to go. An idea rather than buying single tickets every time is to get a Subway Smartcard or a lengthier bus pass.

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