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Apartments in Granada

Granada is a beautiful city in Spain’s southern Andalusia region, which historically has been strongly influenced by Islam. The mix of cultures here creates a vibrant atmosphere unlike anywhere else in the world. Rooms for rent in Granada can be found on our page. Even though the demand is very high, you'll find your dream spot on Nestpick.

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Moving to Granada

Granada is an appealing home for both students and executives, families and young professionals. The amazing landscape and attractive buildings draw thousands of tourists every day. Anyone searching for apartments for rent in Granada has several different areas to consider. Student accommodation in Granada or furnished apartments , with Nestpick you'll find the right accommodation for your needs. Granada Rentals are in high demand. Check out the following disctrics for a better understanding of the city.

The City Centre

Granada’s city centre is packed with historical sights. There is the Cathedral “Santa Iglesia Catedral Metropolitana de la Encarnación de Granada”, which was completed in 1561 and the “Capilla Real de Granada”, built in remembrance of the Spanish monarchs King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella I. You will also find the Alcaiceria, known for being the site of the “Great Bazaar of Granada”, and the Alhambra, a palace which unites Christian and Islamic architecture and testament to the shared history of the land, as well as a World Heritage Site protected by the Unesco. Typical rental prices for apartments in the city centre are between €1,500 and €2,500 depending on the property you choose.

Ronda district / Camino de Ronda

On the east side of Granada, Camino de Ronda in the Ronda district, is the hot spot for younger visitors. The “botellones” - massive outdoor gatherings of young Andalusians, who drink together before heading to bars and clubs, usually start in this area. This quarter has LGBT venues in the neighbourhood of El-Vegas, which has become a tourist sensation in recent years. There are plenty of affordable and spacious properties in this gorgeous area.


Albaicin is one of the most atmospheric parts of town and full of heritage. It is situated on a hill just north of the Alhambra and was the Moorish city’s major residential quarter. El-Banuelo, called also Hamam al-Jawza and built in the Zīrid Dynasty, was declared a heritage site and of cultural interest on November 30th of 1918. Hamams served a similar function to Roman Baths, and were places to socialise, relax and use steam baths and hot showers. Dar al-Horra, build by Abu al-Hasan for his first wife Aisha al-Horra is another beautiful palace. The comparison between Dar al-Horra and the Alhambra with their differing styles is of interest to many visitors and highlights the layers of history found here. Also known for its gorgeous painted ceilings and small gardens, this ancient monument is easily accessible using the tourist train. In Granada apartments for rent long term are always in demand, but in Albaicin renting a room can be as cheap as €300 a month.

Finding Suitable Accommodation in Granada

Granada is in the Spanish region of Andalusia. The architecture in Granada and the scenery is idyllic in Granada. As the city sat in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, there is a breathtaking view. The city is full of history, try walking down the Albaicin district’s narrow, winding streets in the old Moorish town. Or look at Sarcomonte’s old caves. Located inland, its strategic position puts Granada both an hour from sunny beaches and snowy ski slopes . Moving to Granada or any city is scary and the prospect of looking for a flat could be even scarier. Do not stress. This short guide is to help ease your transition to the new city. Included are details on the Universities and property types in the city.

Student Housing in Granada

Options for students in Granada will either be a shared flat/home or to rent a room in halls.

Shared flats

A great option if you enjoy co-living is to rent a room in a shared student home in Granada. As a standard, all shared student flats for rent in Granada will come with a shared kitchen and bathroom. Shared flats could have a further communal areas such as a lounge or garden area too, but you will most likely have the privilege of having your own student room. An alternative to a shared flat/apartment would be a home-stay. Home-stays would involve living with a host family. Living with a host-family puts some students off, i.e the idea of living at home. However these families aren’t your parents but with some luck, they may provide home cooked Spanish food!

Student Apartments

Renting an entire apartment in Granada is pricey alternative, as it is the most expensive student accommodation to rent. Apartments for rent in Granada are generally more popular among students.

Student Halls

Granada’s student hall are either private or run by your university. Life long friends are made living among students in halls. Student rooms in Granada will typically consist of a bed, desk and clothes storage space. Communal areas are shared within dormitories. Male and female bathroom facilities are separate and there is a shared kitchen.

Universities in Granada

Students are at a 1:10 ratio in Granada, making it a very student friendly city. Spain is one of the top countries for studying abroad and Granada is one of the top Erasmus cities in Spain (it isn’t just because of the free tapas!). Finding suitable accommodation is both important to your studies and your experience in the city. Looking at areas you enjoy, whilst being wary of proximity is important. Also, being wary of your basic local amenities, in relation to your home is vital, for example proximity of supermarkets, launderettes or other basic needs.

University of Granada (UGR)

The university is the fourth largest in Spain. Every year there are over 2,000 European students enrolling through Erasmus and 10,000 more international students enrolled. UGR was voted the best international Spanish university. There are different faculty buildings and lectures across the city. For example the Modern Language Center is in the Realejo district and this district is in Granada’s city-center. Whilst the main campus, is in the neighborhood San Ildefonso, in the Albaicin district. The main campus homes the Spanish, baroque style monastery called ‘Cartuja de Granada’.

Transport in Granada

When getting round Granada there are not too many options for public transport. The city does have a bus service but generally walking and cycling is popular as the city is not too big. Granada is thus a very walkable city. Other modes of transport are scooters, cars and taxis. Lots of local Granadians own scooters and use them day and night. The reason why is simple. Scooters are popular for their mobility and parking capabilities. There is both a train station and airport in Grenada; the trains run inter-town as there is no metro service.