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Apartments for Rent in Hanoi

The capital of Vietnam is maybe not as famous in the western world as Ho Chi Minh, but Hanoi has so much to offer to locals, tourists and expats. The beautiful old French quarter is the center of the city and also the tourist section. The area is very pedestrian friendly as it is compact and most roads lead towards the lake. The atmosphere is very busy with old French built colonial style buildings lining hectic streets with thousands of motorbikes and cars coming from every direction.

Hanoi is also famous for its hundreds of street sellers on the pavement flogging everything from shoes, jewellery to insanely good (and cheap) food. Apartments for rent in Hanoi for expats are predominantly marketed within the Westlake neighborhood, this area is known as the expat bubble of Hanoi and features new built apartments looking over the lake, across is the skyline of the city. The apartments for rent in Hanois Westlake area tend to be some of the most expensive in the city as these flats are designed for western expats and long term tourists. Hanoi apartments tnd to be small, as asian architecture for living space is usually smaller than the Western equivalents. Be prepared to pay a small amount for an apartment here that is well maintained and with a great view. Vietnam is a very cheap country, and although Hanoi is the capital, it is very affordable for westerners to live in a lovely apartment.

Serviced Apartments in Hanoi

Hanoi Serviced Apartments for Rent

Some of the most expensive options for accommodation long term would be serviced apartments in Hanoi. These are usually in expat areas like Westlake and are built specifically for western expats. In the high-end serviced apartments in Hanoi, the properties offer the renter luxurious facilities such as a gym, pool and sauna, all in included in the price. As they are serviced, cleaning and laundry services are also included in the rental package, so it’s perfect for those people with extra income who have no time or desire for domestic chores.

Hanoi serviced apartments for rent also usually offer the tenants a 24 hour security and reception desk in the main lobby of the building, so for people who value their privacy and security, this is a good option. The price per month for service apartments will be higher than that of a normal apartment as there are so many facilities included. The majority of serviced apartments in Hanoi are also fully furnished with homeware and kitchenware, so these extra costs are factored in per month. Many of the buildings also have amenities such as underground or nearby parking, which is essential in a city like Hanoi, where space for parking is limited.

Rooms for Rent in Hanoi

Student Accommodation in Hanoi

Studio Apartments in Hanoi

Rooms for Rent in Hanoi

Moving to a new city can be a daunting prospect, however moving to a new country and new continent could be downright terrifying. For those looking at moving to Hanoi for career prospects or other reasons, it may be advisable to look for a room for rent in Hanoi. It is not so much a money saving aspect, although it would be even cheaper, but a social aspect definitely.

Finding a room to rent in Hanoi would allow plenty of spare income to enjoy the city, and house full of other expats doing similar things and maybe with similar interests. Of course, it is affordable to rent an entire apartment, but making contacts and friends would be more difficult, this way, you could spend the first few months renting a room, in order to meet some people, and then move out.

Student Accommodation in Hanoi

Hanoi is a fantastic studentc city to live in, it has world class nightlife and is ridiculously cheap for alcohol, not to mention the hundreds of cultural and historical sights there are to see. The capital of Vietnam has many established and internationally recognised universities within the city. Thousands of foreign students move to Hanoi each year to participate in studies and degrees.

The Hanoi University of Science and Technology is very well respected in it’s fields of research. Student accommodation in Hanoi consists of private students halls/dormitories in large apartment blocks in central areas of the city, in close proximity to the universities campus. Another option for student accommodation in Hanoi is to look for a private rental for students. These apartments are made up of various foreign students and have a more independent feel to them rather than the University run halls.