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Apartments for rent in Saigon, Long term rentals and flats in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh is a city of smells, sights and sounds. A true experiences for the senses, the city offers everything from cheap rent to world class street food. Its colonial history mixed with its more recent tourist boom means Saigon is a very popular destination for expats and tourists alike. Apartments for rent Ho Chi Minh City can vary in size, price and location.

In such a large city it is possible to live very cheaply amongst the locals, or very luxuriously in an expat bubble, depending on preferences. District 1, the main center and tourist hub, has some of the most expensive apartments for rent in Saigon due to its great location and relevance to the cities historical sights. A locally built Saigon apartment tends to be smaller than those in Europe or North America, thus expect to pay for space in this city.

Cheaper apartments tent to be very compact and cozy and expensive apartments are larger with more space. Expats come here for a variety of jobs, the main being to teach English to locals and in International schools, the high paying teaching jobs here allow the expats the income to afford serviced apartments in affluent areas the city like district 1 and 2. However, lots of teachers and expats choose to live in District 7. The neighbourhood is a fairly recent development, consisting of high rise apartment blocks and good facilities in each building such as a pool, gym and sauna.

Serviced Apartments in Ho Chi Minh City

Furnished apartments and apart hotels in Saigon

Serviced apartments in Ho Chi Minh City tend to be geared towards the expat community, as these types of properties are popular in Europe. In the four main areas of the city for expats, District 1, 2 and 3, and 7, modern built apartments have been constructed with expats in mind and the properties are spacious and of good quality and design. A Saigon serviced apartment, depending on price, will usually include facilities like underground parking and a 24 hour reception desk. For people that value their privacy and security, and in a city with crazy traffic like Saigon, these points are very important.

Serviced apartments Ho Chi Minh City District 1 tend to be some of the most expensive within the city as District 1 is the main center for business, culture and tourism, thus apartments are in high demand. Serviced apartments Ho Chi Minh City District 3 tend to be smaller and more locally run, this gives tenants a more authentic, and cheaper experience of living in Saigon.

Some of best serviced apartments in Ho Chi Minh City also tend to be the most expensive. Some properties offer rooftop bars, with swimming pools and saunas exclusively for tenants, and services similar to that of an upscale hotel.

Rooms for Rent in Ho Chi Minh City

Student Accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City

Studio Apartments in Ho Chi Minh City

Rooms for rent in Ho Chi Minh City

Although Ho chi Minh is not particularly expensive for expats to live in, a cheaper option would be to look for a room for rent in Ho Chi Minh City. A shared apartment is exactly that, the bills, rents and amenities are split between all of the housemates. This is a great way to save some money whilst working in the city and many people are able to save considerable sums living this way. If you do not mind sharing common areas like a living room and kitchen, then this may be the solution for you.

Finding a room for rent in Saigon is also a great way to find a new group of friends or social circle, as you are living with three or four new people also working in the city. The majority of younger expats here are teaching english online or at local or international schools. cheap room for rent in Ho Chi Minh city’s district 3 offers the chance to live in a local neighborhood and experience an authentic way of Vietnamese life.

Finding a room for rent in district one would usually be in a high rise apartment, with expats for neighbors instead of locals. Those looking to get completely out of the center of the city should looks for a room for rent in district 7 of Ho Chi Minh city, this is an extremely expat heavy area with a much slower pace of life, and some of the highest rents in the city.

Apartments in Ho Chi Minh city by District

The city of Ho Chi Minh offers many different districts for expats to choose from, however, District 1, 2 and 3 are the most popular choices for the majority of expats due to their accessibility to the rest of the city and the central zones, including the world famous walking street Bui Vien.

District 1 is the central zone of the city, with many high rise apartments that are serviced and charge a premium price per month for rent, it is also where the tourist center is, so expect thousands of holiday makers on a daily basis. District 2 is also very urbanized and busy but with more of a local business feel to it, with large apartment complexes with easy reach of District 1.

District 3 is the the quieter, more authentic neighborhood on this list, offering a taste of the real Ho Chi Minh. District 3 is full of alleyways and smaller apartments living alongside local families and with street food everywhere, thus would be an advisable place for those expats searching for an authentic experience within the city.

More Attractive Areas to live in Ho Chi Minh City

District 1

District 1 is the most popular choice for expats first moving to the city, it is the central hub of Ho Chi Minh and within it holds the tourist area and main nightlife street, Bui Vien. Apartments in Ho Chi Minh City District 1 tend to be some of the most expensive in the city because of their location and the type of property on offer here.

Serviced apartments for rent in Ho Chi Minh City District 1 have facilities that include a gym, sauna and pool, with underground parking for tenants included in the monthly price. Amongst the historical landmarks, tourist hotspots and nightclubs, there are non-serviced, private options in smaller buildings on side streets to be found that are cheaper, but these tend to be harder to come by.

District 2 Ho Chi Minh City

District 2, on the other side of the river, is very different from the first on this list. The second district of the city it the artistic hub, with many galleries and quiry shops springing up in recent years. District 2 is also very popular with expats that have families or just do not enjoy the madness of District 1. Expats with families especially enjoy the Thao Dien Ward area for its upscale restaurants, open spaces and good international schools, and all of this is just a short drive over the river to District 1.

Apartments for rent in District 2 Ho Chi Minh City tend to be just some of the most expensive i the city, as the area is very popular with long term expats who work and live here. Competition for nice apartments is fierce but there are a multitude of options for apartments in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City.

District 7

District 7 is one of the main expat hubs of Saigon, it is far out from the city center and the hustle and bustle of District 1. Long term expats tend to avoid the tourist center like the plague, as it is not a real representation of the city and is too busy and expensive for them. District 7 offers a much lower pace of life, and whilst nobody can deny that it is an expat bubble, the properties tend to be modern and well built with expats in mind. The district boasts some of the best shopping in the city and has next to no nightlife, which makes it perfect for expat families and older residents. The type apartments for rent Ho Chi Minh City district 7 tend to be serviced properties with nice facilities and a reception desk. If this is not your thing then there are private rents to be found, bu they are much harder to come by.

District 3

Apartments in Ho Chi Minh District 3 are a very popular choice for expats who want to stay central within the city, but do not like the crazy atmosphere of District 1. The third district has a slower pace of life, and a more authentic feeling is apparent in the neighborhoods. The buildings tend to be older and left over from the colonial era, so expect a maze of little alleyways and doorways in which thousands of properties are set. It may seem intimidating at first, but expats who enjoy a local feel to their community tend to love it here.

The district is right next to District 1, yet a little off of the tourist trail and has a genuine feeling to it. Expect to see many impressive French style buildings built by wealthy French colonialists that have now been converted to restaurants, shops and galleries.

Student Housing Ho Chi Minh City

The city of Ho Chi Minh is perfect for students. It is very cheap to live here which is a very important factor when considering where to study. The cost of living is low, which includes rents, food, transport and tuition.

The history of the city is everywhere and very interesting for first time visitors, especially inside the museums and across the architecture of the city. Students enjoy the affordable nightlife and drinking culture that is very apparent in Vietnam and seldom found elsewhere so strongly in Asia.

Student accommodation in Saigon tends to be in high rise apartment blocks, organized by the university and is very affordable, with all amenities and utilities included in the monthly rent. Private landlords also offer student apartments in which three of four live together independently of the university, and split the rent and bills between them.