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The size and scale of Jakarta may intimidate and overwhelm potential expats considering a move there, yet fear not, Jakarta is a fairly easy to navigate city and has expat pockets and bubbles right across it. Apartments in Jakarta vary form stand alone houses on the outskirts to high rise apartments in the center. Depending on taste and preference for type of property and area, there is something for everyone. In general, the neighborhoods of the city that are popular with expats tend to be in south and central Jakarta. Here, you can find a high standard of living and communities of expats living and working in the city. Those looking to rent an apartment in Jakarta city center, the area to look for is Menteng. Here, in the downtown of the city, high rise apartment blocks and a fast pace of life is the norm. Expect to be close to everything central, but also pay the premium price for rent as it is so central and popular with expats.

Apartments for rent in Jakarta monthly can however, be lower in price if a quieter suburb is the prefered choice. Kemang, in the south of Jakarta, is popular with long term expats and families as its close proximity to international schools and good transport links into the center, offering a hassle free commute. The suburb is quieter, with more of a close community feeling than city center neighborhoods and more outside public spaces like gardens and parks.

Service Apartments in Jakarta

Service, Furnished & Hotel Apartments for Rent in Jakarta

Furnished and serviced apartments in Jakarta are numerous in popular city center areas such as Menteng. This expat heavy, expensive inner city district is characterized by huge office buildings, premium shopping boulevards and high rise apartment blocks. Expats who live in the inner city and can afford it tend to prefer the furnished apartments in Jakarta as it removes the stress and hassle of finding, buying and moving an apartments worth of furniture and homeware, this way, everything is already in place and ready.

Service apartments in Jakarta offer tenants the independence of an apartment in the city with the added benefits of services such as cleaning and laundry. In the higher end apartments, facilities can include a pool, gym, sauna and underground parking, and in a city as congested as Jakarta, parking space is very valuable. Tenants will be paying a premium for the services and extra facilities, making serviced apartments some of the most expensive rental properties in the city. Those looking for short term accommodation should consider hotel apartments in Jakarta as they will be well located, fully serviced and ready at short notice. Agin, this type of accommodation is more expensive as they are usually for people moving to Jakarta on a short-term basis

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Student Accommodation in Jakarta

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Rooms for Rent in Jakarta

Although jakarta is a fairly cheap city for rent, another option other than renting an entire apartment alone or in a couple would be to find a room for rent in Jakarta as this would be much cheaper and altogether more sociable. Rooms for rent in jakarta consist of joining someone else’s tenancy contract and subletting a room from them, or the landlord renting rooms individually out from a house or apartment that has several.

Rooms in Jakarta allow the occupiers to live in a house or apartment that has shared communal areas like a living room, kitchen and dining room, garden and balcony. It is a great way to meet fellow expats or locals living in the city and working. Moving to a new city can be daunting, so the chance to meet other people through living with them is a great way to make new connections and contacts.

Student Accommodation in Jakarta

Jakarta boasts over 30 universities and centers for higher education. The city itself is a great place to live as a student, as long as you don't mind heavy traffic and a bit of pollution. There is an established start up scene for recent graduates, an amazing food scene and world renowned nightlife. The internationally acclaimed BINUS University based in Jakarta has plenty of courses in English and even a very good scholarship programme.

The BINUS Square Hall of Residence is the most well known student accommodation in Jakarta. The residences consist of fully furnished apartments with up to six students in each flat. All bills and utilities, along with strong wifi are included in the price and the location is very central and within walking distance to the university. Those students who prefer the more independent approach to university life should consider a private apartment for rent with other students. This is a great way to live in the city as well as study at the University which is preferable to some students.