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Flats for Rent in Krakow

One of the oldest and most historic cities in Poland, Krakow is a cultural icon with a stunning old town and more cobbled, winding streets than you can count. Apartments in Krakow range from being found in storied older buildings in the city center to more modern apartment blocks as you get a little further out of town.

As well as being able to see history out of your window, renting a flat in Krakow means that you have access to one of Europe's best-known party hotspots, with the city known for its nightlife. With the amount of coffee shops and parks in the city though, there truly is something for everyone and with the country and city getting more well-known and popular, now is the perfect time to rent an apartment in Krakow.

Aparthotels and Serviced Apartments in Krakow

Krakow is emerging as a business powerhouse in Poland, and as such the number of serviced apartments in Krakow is rising with facilities specifically designed for the business traveler with high speed internet and more luxurious accommodations provided.

There are of course a whole host of Aparthotels in Karkow. With the city long being a tourist destination, with many people choosing to stay longer periods of time in the city, travelers often need somewhere to call home base without signing a lengthy lease – Aparthotels are the perfect solution. The comforts of home with the flexibility and cleanliness of a hotel.

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1,181 PLN
Pepe Housing

bedroom with double bed (AGH)

740 PLN

Nice room in Krakow

4,295 PLN

Big Apartment for 6 people with balcony in the centre of Cracow - Krow

5,821 PLN


2,311 PLN

big apartment in a green area, around 9 minutes walk from the old town

3,302 PLN
Pepe Housing

2 rooms + living room at Pijarska 5

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Recent properties

1,181 PLN
Pepe Housing

Stylish bedroom in the Old Town

1,251 PLN
Pepe Housing

Single room for rent at Urzędnicza

1,091 PLN
Pepe Housing

Bedroom near IBM and universities

2,151 PLN
Pepe Housing

apartment with view (Bagry)

2,201 PLN
Pepe Housing

apartment near IBM and universities

2,001 PLN
Pepe Housing

mini apartment in Stradom, center

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Featured Apartments

2,176 PLN
Pepe Housing

2 Room flat at Krupnicza, Krakow

2,323 PLN

Center, 3 rooms, Freshly renovated!

2,110 PLN

Vintage elegant apartment in the heart of Cracow (Old Town), live like

5,002 PLN
Pepe Housing

Cosy apartment in the centre.

4,502 PLN
Pepe Housing

2Bedrooms flat on Topolowa street

3,007 PLN

Apartment in the centre of Cracow - Paulińska street

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Featured Rooms

551 PLN

Place in a 3-person student room at ul. Kosciuszko

1,203 PLN
Pepe Housing

A single room at Wrocawska 33

800 PLN
Pepe Housing

Pokój 1-osobowy nr 1

987 PLN

fully furnished big room in the centre surrounded by green

1,718 PLN

The big and nice room in hart of Cracow

1,289 PLN

Comfortable Room 15 mins to the Market Square

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Krakow Apartments by District

Krakow is a very historic city and has been multicultural for 100's of years. As such there are so many different districts and places to live, each with different vibes and feelings. The old town is about as charming as it gets and although rents are higher here than elsewhere, how often do you get to spend time in an UNESCO tagged old town?

Podgorze has often been none solely as the location of Schindlers infamous factory, now a thronging tourist hub – however the district is getting steadily cooler and is hailed as one of the most up and coming neighborhoods in the city. The same can be said for Nowa Huta. Although communist buildings are still everywhere, the district is experiencing gentrification with lots of trendy loft style apartments coming on the market.

Apartments in Old Town

Officially recognized as a UNESCO Heritage sight, Krakow's Old Town truly is a sight to behold. With grand market squares, bustling streets and fabulous architecture everywhere – it’s a feast for the eyes. Renting an apartment in Krakows old town comes with its ups and downs – with higher prices than elsewhere in the city and the constant presence of people, it might not be the most peaceful place to rent an apartment.

However, if you are filling to jump feetfirst into the wonders of the city, then renting a flat in Stare Miasto really is the way to go. There are allegedly more bars in the city centre, per square meter, than any other city in Europe and so nightlife here is a big draw.

Apartments in Kazimierz

Every city has a downtown, be bit big and bright like central London, or charming but grand like Krakow – every city also has the slightly more trendy neighborhoods – less chain restaurants and more of an independent feel - with bars, coffee shops and boutique clothing store littering the streets. Apartments in Kazimierz benefit, have all this bohemian coolness on their doorstep.

Kazimierz has a charm about it unlike many other places, with the haunting past of the Jewish district mixed in with the celebration of Jewish culture that is prevalent today. Both chic bars and cosy mom and pop style restaurants are undergoing a renaissance here and finding a flat for rent in Kazimierz could be one of the best decisions you make.

Salwator Apartments

Apartments in Salwator have alwys been sought after by those wanting a little more greenery around them, to be close to the city (just a 25-minute walk) but far enough away that the streets are fairly quiet at night.

Salwator has been one of the more affluent areas of Krakow for a while now and so renting an apartment here won't be the cheapest option – but with the villas and grand churches lining the streets - all surrounded by trees that are magnificent in the summer, will make you want to stay here for a long long time. Krakow's city center is easily walkable or handily reached by public transport and so flats in Salwator have both city convenience and woodland walks just moments away.

Krakow Student Apartments

Krakow is a perfect student city, and indeed during the school year, 20% of Krakow's entire population is made up of students. As such, student accommodation in Krakow is very easy to come by. With students from around Poland coming to study here as well as a host of different European and international students, there is a great multicultural feel to the student body here. A lot of the universities have student accommodation which is very affordable, however a lot of the time you may be sharing a room with someone.

Private flats are another option for student accommodation in Krakow but with higher prices, many people look for flat mates to share the cost and so you can often find good deals on rooms to rent.

Public Transport Krakow

Unlike a lot of major European cities, Krakow doesn't have a metro system for getting around town – the city isn't big enough to really warrant it. With its size, Krakow is very walkable and there tonnes of bike paths for cyclists to take advantage of. There is a good public transportation system here – with buses and trams running all over the city from 5am to 10pm every day!

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