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Although it’s the third largest city in Belgium, Liège is not a typical touristy spot for those visiting Europe. This may add to the appeal for many expats planning on moving to Liège to live and work as it is not filled with the same crowds of tourists that are common in other major European cities.

The city has a unique charm and a vibrant nightlife, along with lots of great sights to take in and cafés, restaurants and retailers. Liège has a strong industrial background, and although this has become less prominent over time, there are many great opportunities for expats looking to work in Liège, particularly in the technology, tourism, and services industries.

You’ll find a good range of furnished apartments for rent in Liège, and Belgium tends to have more affordable housing options than nearby countries. On average, Liège apartments for rent are available from €500 - €900, with more luxurious apartments and housing available in certain areas for higher prices. In general, Liège apartments offer modern comfort in a city filled with character and culture.

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Liège Apartments by District

Liège is a fairly small city with the River Meuse running through the middle of it. Immediately to the East of the river is the centre of Liège and the city’s main square, Place St. Lambert, with Place du Marché nearby. The apartments and houses around this area put you in a picturesque location, with beautiful architecture all around.

There are a number of other urban and rural districts around Liège that would be excellent places to call home. There’s Outremeuse in the centre of the River Meuse and Chartreuse to the West. To the South of the city is where the University of Liège is located, so these districts are popular among the student population.

You’ll find a range of different types of apartments across the districts of Liège, including studio apartments, rooms to rent, and shared housing.

More Attractive Areas for Apartments in Liège

Apartments Liège city centre

The city centre is full of fantastic sights that have called Liège home for centuries. Climb the 373 steps of Montagne de Bueren, visit a range of stunning religious buildings such as the Church of Saint Barthélémy and the Chapel of Saint-Roche, and experience nature in the city in the gardens of the Cotteaux. The area is also home to houses and apartments in equally old buildings. Place du Marché, for example, is lined with houses from the 15th century.

It’s not all about history, however, as the city centre of Liège has become a vibrant area with contemporary buildings, many of which were built to recover the city from wartime destruction, nestled in among the more antiquated ones. There are a variety of shops, cafés, and restaurants around the centre, especially in the Place du Marché and Place Saint-Lambert. The city also boasts popular bars and clubs that lend to Liège’s lively nightlife enjoyed by the city’s students in particular.

There are plenty of apartments to rent in Liège city centre for a range of prices, including single rooms to rent in shared accommodation, studio apartments, and 1 or 2-bedroom apartments. The University of Liège’s city campus is located here, so students with classes on this campus often opt to live in the city centre. Search on Nestpick to see what accommodation the city centre has to offer.

Apartments in Liège Cointe

Further South of the city centre, but still not far from the West bank of the River Meuse, is the area of Liège Cointe. This is a friendly suburb with lots of local shops and facilities nearby, including local butchers, veterinarians, banks, and salons as well as a few popular restaurants in the central area of Cointe. It also has good public transport links in the area, so you can easily take a trip back to the city centre of Liège.

Liège Cointe is also home to Parc de Cointe, a public park that is a popular attraction in the area and is also used to play sports and games. Nearby to Cointe is Stade Maurice Dufrasne, the ground where Standard Liège football club are hosted, who are one of Belgium’s most successful football teams.

Liège Cointe is home to a variety of affordable and apartments and houses, as well as more luxury villas and large estates within the district’s private park. Its proximity to the city centre and quaint surroundings make Liège a popular location for students and professionals who need to commute into the centre on a regular basis. Schools in the area also attract expats with families. The neighbouring area of Guillemins also features a variety of apartments and rooms at affordable prices.

Apartments in Laveu

In between the city centre and Liège Cointe is the suburb of Laveu. As you can walk to the city centre of Liège in less than 30 minutes or get there by bus in 30 minutes, Laveu is an understandably desirable place for those who want easy access to the bustling centre without living there. There are a few schools and other institutes of education, making it a popular choice for expats moving to Liège with their families and students attending these smaller institutes.

The area is generally quite residential, with lots of apartments and houses available to rent. You’ll find plenty of rooms to rent for reasonable prices, as well as whole apartments to suit a range of budgets and requirements, and a selection of student accommodation. The district of Laveu contains a variety of local shops and supermarkets so practically everything you need is right there for you.

There are picturesque views nearby at Jardin Botanique, the region’s botanical gardens featuring a variety of species of trees, plants, and flowers. It’s a nice attraction that’s a real draw for nature-loving visitors.

Apartments in Sart Tilman

Sart Tilman is home to the main campus of Université de Liège, so it is one of the main hubs for student accommodation. This campus, which is mostly home to the faculties of science among a few others, is situated high up in a forest area of Liège, giving the large, sprawling campus a striking setting. It is home to various state of the art laboratories and other research infrastructure.

A good amount of the housing in the Sart Tilman area caters to students, but it also attracts a great deal of families thanks to the selection of good schools in the area. It is a quiet, residential area in wonderful green surroundings, so it’s a great place for anyone to live. Sart Tilman also has bus links to the centre of Liège, so you’re not cut off from the main hubs of activity in the centre of the city.

Whether you’re looking for a room to rent within student accommodation or an apartment or house for yourself or you and your family, there is plenty on offer in the Sart Tilman area of Liège. Conduct a quick search on Nestpick to find suitable accommodation for you.

Student accommodation in Liège

With around 20,000 students attending the city’s main university, Université de Liège, there is great demand for student accommodation in Liège. The most popular areas for students to live are around the city centre and Outremeuse as these are central locations that put students near the bars, pubs, and clubs of Liège, as well as its other attractions.

Those studying at the Sart Tilman campus of the university may opt to live out in this area in the South of the city, although others choose to stay in the city centre and get the bus to Sart Tilman. Anyone looking for a student house in Liège will find plenty of options available scattered about the city. These cater directly to students and can be found at very reasonable prices.

Liège: public transport

In Liège, public transport lets you get around the city easily, especially via its bus links. Buses are reasonably priced, with students often being afforded discounts or term passes that work out cheaper. Liège also has three primary train stations, the largest of which being Liège-Guillemins, which can help you to get around the city or out to other neighbouring cities and countries. For international travel to and from Liège, you also have Liège Airport at your disposal.