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Southwark, located in the very heart of London, is known for being home to some London’s best attractions, including the Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and the Shard. Southwark is one of London’s hippest areas, and there is always something going on here. With the largest food market in London and the colourful nightlife near the river, it successfully attracts students and young professionals to visit and stay.

The location of Southwark determines that it’s relatively expensive for living. A single bedroom in a shared apartment in Southwark goes for around £900, while a double bedroom will cost you over £1000 per month. If you are looking for a cheap apartment in Southwark, the price is much higher. The closer you are to the river, the more you can expect to pay for the rent. A one bedroom apartment average rent is normally above £2000.

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