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Flats, Flatshares & Rooms to Let in Manchester

Manchester is a place that barely needs an introduction. Despite being the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, the Chartist movement and the modern computer, this truly global city is arguably even better known for its ground-breaking musical heritage and footballing prowess. As they say in the local lingo, they’re “mad for it” here.

After decades of post-industrial decline (and a banging soundtrack to match), Manchester has undergone widespread urban regeneration that has injected new life into this cultural behemoth of a city. With an expanding expat population, an internationally-focused local economy and a deeply abiding sense of community, Manchester represents an alluring alternative to the high costs of London. As such, there is an ever-growing demand for flats in Manchester.

Thankfully, the Warehouse City is able to meet this need. Flats to rent in Manchester come in all shapes and sizes and cater to a range of budgets – from luxury condos along the River Irwell to shared terraced houses in the suburbs. For the best selection of Manchester apartments for rent, look no further than Nestpick.

Furnished & Serviced Apartments Manchester

As part of Manchester’s regeneration projects, several luxury apartment complexes have been erected around the city centre in recent years. The majority of these are located within walking distance of many of the city’s main landmarks, with some offering fantastic views of the Manchester skyline.

Serviced apartments in Manchester come equipped with similar amenities, are fully furnished and available for both short-term and long-term stays. Serviced accommodation in Manchester generally costs substantially more than standard apartments, although prices can vary depending on location.

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Manchester Apartments by District

As one of the UK’s most diverse and inclusive cities, Manchester is packed with an eclectic range of neighbourhoods that accommodate a number of lifestyles and budgets. From the Curry Mile to Cheetham Hill and everywhere in between, this fascinating urban centre in the north-west of England is full of hidden treasures.

Although Manchester is brimming with housing options, moving here can be quite daunting if you’re unfamiliar with the geographical layout of the city or where the ‘cool’ places to live are. Not sure where to set up home? Well we’ve handily created a concise list of the best neighbourhoods that multicultural Manchester has to offer.

Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the city, our extensive database will allow you to narrow your search to look for furnished accommodation within a price and size range that suits you. This will help you pick out down the best candidates and choose accommodation that seamlessly matches your lifestyle.

More Attractive Areas for Furnished Apartments in Manchester

Flats in Northern Quarter, Manchester

Set within the heart of the city centre, the bohemian Northern Quarter is often described as Manchester’s answer to Soho or Camden. Such comparisons are something of an injustice, however: the area has crafted an identity all of its own and retains a fiercely Mancunian character. With an abundance of street art, independent record stores and some of the city’s liveliest music venues and nightclubs, you’ll feel the mesmerising power of Madchester in full swing.

The streets of this small but intensely creative area are packed with a plethora of fantastic restaurants and bars, as well as a growing community of tiny creative companies, vintage market stalls and art collectives. Following the BBC’s move to Manchester, this tech-savvy and entrepreneurial district is poised to attract throngs of media professionals in the coming years.

A stone’s throw from the gallery-lined riverside, the Central Retail District and the National Football Museum, the area is also superbly located. Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Victoria stations are nearby, allowing you to get to just about anywhere in the country in a hassle-free manner.

Flats in the Northern Quarter of Manchester are in a prime location, so expect to pay a little more than other parts of the city. The average rent here is around £800 per month, and accommodation comes in a range of options - from converted spaces above shops to purpose-built apartment complexes. However, the desirability of the neighbourhood means that properties can go pretty quickly.

If you’re after premium accommodation, there are also a range of serviced apartments in the Northern Quarter. Expect to pay around the region of £1,000 per month for this kind of accommodation.

Flats to Rent in Didsbury

Replete with delightful shops, beautiful Victorian houses and picturesque green spaces, the southern suburb of Didsbury represents a blissful retreat from the urban hustle and bustle. In fact, the area is one of the top spots for young professionals to buy homes in the UK.

With four Metrolink stations, the neighbourhood is extremely well connected, and can be accessed by one of the busiest bus corridors in Europe. Didsbury is only 20 minutes away from the city centre via tram, but still retains a distinctly village feel.

For the hops lovers among you, be sure to swing by the Didsbury Beer Festival, which takes place at the end of October every year. For the food lovers, you’ll be spoilt for choice: The Rose Garden, The Lime Tree and veggie restaurant Greens are the cream of the crop.

Didsbury is one of the most sought-after areas in Manchester, and apartment prices tend to be considerably higher than surrounding areas. However, it’s still possible to find a great place for between £500 and £600 per month - especially in slightly cheaper West Didsbury.

If you’re looking for flats to rent in Didsbury, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Nestpick we have the internet’s best selection of furnished apartments in the area.

For premium accommodation, we’ve also got you covered – our serviced apartments in Didsbury are some of the best quality and value on the market.

Castlefield Apartments

With peaceful waterways, cobbled streets and plenty of green spaces, Castlefield is a fascinating blend of the ancient and the contemporary. As the home of an old Roman Fort, this area can lay claim to being the oldest part of the city. However, it’s also part of Manchester’s ‘city living’ boom, and its many purpose-built properties provide modern, comfortable accommodation deep in the heart of ‘Cottonopolis’.

The centrepiece of this relaxing neighbourhood is the canal-side Castlefield Bowl; one of the UK’s best open-air venues for rock and classical concerts. And let’s not forget the great selection of bars and restaurants in the area, with notable examples being Atlas, Dimitris, Dukes 92 and Evuna.

For those working within the city centre, you’ll be a stone’s throw from work. With close links to the motorways and to Deansgate station, the neighbourhood is also ideal for commuters. Little wonder that it’s become something of a playground for young professionals.

The area may have a long history, but it’s the Industrial Revolution and the 21st century that have really left their mark on the area. Castlefield apartments, therefore, tend to consist of two types: reconverted warehouses and mills, and modern complexes. The majority of apartments here come equipped with standard amenities such as air conditioning and heating.

Like the Northern Quarter and other desirable parts of the city centre, Castlefield is one of the priciest spots in the region. The average monthly rent for Castlefield flats is around £800.

Ancoats Flats

Voted the ‘hippest place in the UK’ by Travel Supermarket, Ancoats has become something of a Mancunian mecca for millennials. With a wealth of craft breweries, vintage fashion boutiques and independent coffee shops, this eclectic inner city neighbourhood has deservedly drawn comparisons to the coolest areas of New York, London and Berlin. From beer floats to second-hand coats, this area has you covered.

Part of Ancoats’ rugged, industrial charm is that the area is yet to be heavily commercialised, giving it a real feeling of authenticity and spontaneity. This modern connection with heritage can be seen in the old mills and warehouses of the area, which have been lovingly converted into studios for artists, modern workspaces for innovative startups and general multi-purpose spaces for creative types. Be sure to check out Hope Mill - you won’t be disappointed!

Feeling peckish? Well the food and drink on offer here is as good as anywhere. Whatever your heart (and stomach) desires, Ancoats probably has it - from Neapolitan pizza (a visit to Rudy’s is a must) to Mexican burritos to a wholesome English barm cake. Or you can simply grab a herbal tea to go. As a Manc might say, that’s mint.

Ancoats flats are an interesting blend of the old and the new - you’ll find converted loft spaces and new build high-rise apartments. Average rent is lower than other nearby districts, costing around £650 per month. As a result, many young entrepreneurs who find the Northern Quarter somewhat pricey have found a happy home here.

With Nestpick, you’ll find the best selection of Ancoats apartments in Manchester. Refine your search to suit your needs and find your ideal Ancoats accommodation now.

Manchester Public Transport

If you’re having a blue Monday morning due to the rainy weather, Manchester’s public transport will see to your needs.

Metrolink trams run around the the Greater Manchester area. There are tram stops at major stations, and throughout the city. Tickets are priced at £2.80 for a single and £3 for returns, and can be purchased on the platform, on the trams or online. Daily passes, weekly savers, season tickets and travelcards are also available.

If the bus is your preferred mode of transport, Manchester has you sorted. Major bus providers such as First Great Manchester and Stagecoach offer cheap, regular services across the metropolitan area. Single tickets cost around £1, day savers around £1.20 and weekly savers around £14 (although fares can vary depending on the provider).

Other bus options are the Metroshuttle, a free bus service which runs across the city centre, and the Magic Bus, which runs between Didsbury and Piccadilly. A single ticket for the Magic Bus costs £1.50, and daily and weekly savers are available.

Tickets for bus services can be purchased on the bus, online and in travel shops. Unirider bus passes are available for students and they are usually priced at £235 for the academic year (just 78p per day).

There are four major rail stations in the city: Manchester Victoria, Manchester Piccadilly, Oxford Road and Deansgate. Piccadilly is the busiest, with links to Oxford Road, a Metrolink tram station and fourteen platforms that provide train services to much of the country. Victoria has a Metrolink station and six platforms that predominantly provide services to the North of England. Train tickets can be purchased online, at the station or on the train.