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Medellin, Colombia’s city in the rainforest, has seen a massive transformation from murder capital of the world to tourist hotspot. Expats looking for apartments in Medellin Colombia and visitors are coming in their thousands to experience the amazing weather, fascinating culture and incredible public transport system. The city has had its fair share of controversies, but the Medellin of the modern era is colourful, relatively safe and a lot of fun.

Medellin apartments for rent can vary dramatically depending on size and location within the city. The main tourist and expat heavy areas of El Poblado, Envigado and Laureles are very popular and competition for accommodation is fierce. Digital nomads looking for apartments for rent in Medellin Colombia should look to Patio Bonito, a quiet area that is fairly central and close to the neighbourhood of El Poblado. Patio Bonito has plenty of hipster cafes, restaurants and great co-working spaces to support the growing community of remote workers here. Apartments for long term rent in Medellin Colombia tend to be a cheaper option than short term rentals, however these are harder to come by and require proof of income and an official tenancy agreement for six months to one year, thus the main demographic of people choosing to live houses in Medellin Colombia long term are teachers and expat workers living in the city with extended employment contracts.

Digital nomads prefer short term rental options, but for this flexibility expect to pay premium prices apartments for rent in Medellin monthly, especially in areas such as El Poblado and Patio Bonito. Landlords prefer long term tenants, so expect to pay more for temporary accommodation.

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Furnished and serviced apartments in Medellin Colombia

In Medellin, luxury apartments can be found in the central neighbourhoods of the city with good transport and access to other area, whilst still being in and around the downtown business district. The most popular area for those with more of a disposable income is the upper class neighbourhood of Laureles. this area of the city is safe, clean and in high demand.

Older expats with families tend to prefer the safety and security of the neighbourhood and the ease of public transportation into the central zone. Another reason as to choice Laureles as the neighborhood to live in is the quality of property is higher here than in other places. Furnished apartments for rent in Laureles Medellin are some of the most expensive properties to rent in the city, but for the premium price tenants have a number of facilities to make life a little easier for them . the apartments remove the hassle of sourcing and buying furniture and homeware for expats moving to the city. the rent is higher than an unfurnished and the landlord will expect the furnishings to be left as they are found.

Medellin is a lot safer than it used to be, having said that, it is still a dangerous city in parts thus many people moving there prefer served apartments in Medellin for their added layer of security. Serviced apartments in Medellin are a good choice for people who value their privacy and security as many of the buildings have 24 hour security and reception desk. a lot fo the more modern buildings provide underground parking and facilities like a gym, pool and sauna for residents.

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Studio Apartments in Medellin

Rooms for Rent in Medellin

In popular areas where longer term accommodation is in high demand (Envigado and Laureles) the cost of renting an entire property on one working salary is fairly high, thus couples who split the rent for a one bedroom find it a lot more affordable. For single tenants starting a new job or internship who are just moving to the city, finding a room for rent in Medellin is probably the most economical option.

Shared apartments in Medellin are a great way to meet other expats and locals living and working in the city, and a great way to make a new group of friends or contacts. In terms of saving money, rent is split between all of the rooms in the property, thus spending less of rent. Utilities and amenities such as electricity, water, gas and wifi are also split between the tenants, thus saving more money overall. This is a great way to live in popular central areas such as Patio Bonito or El Poblado without spending too much on rent per month.

Student Accommodation in Medellin

Medellin may not be every students first choice when thinking of a city in which to study due to its questionable history and reputation. However, as a city, it offers everything and more that a student needs to have a great time whilst studying.

The city has a wonderful nightlife that is world renowned, friendly locals and is relatively cheap in comparison with other major South American cities. Student accommodation in Medellin consists of University run dormitories close to the campus, in which all amenities and facilities are included with the monthly rental price.

If students prefer a little more independence in their living situation then there are plenty of private landlords and apartments who rent out to groups of students. Rent is split between each room, thus this is a good money saving option for those students with a limited amount to spend on rent.