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Rentals & Sublets in Miami

Florida is seen as one of those wonderful places where Americans move to when they retire, but it is also an extremely popular destination for young expats to head to for work opportunities or simply to enjoy the climate. Miami, in particular, is a great place for expats to live and work. The city offers lots of job opportunities in the tourism sector, but a wide variety of industries are booming in Miami, including international trade, finance, retail, healthcare, and education. This South-Eastern city has a large Latin American population, adding to the diverse and vibrant culture that Miami offers. This is clearly reflected in the lifestyle you see around Miami, including its music, food, and nightlife, as well as the fact that more than two-thirds of the city’s residents speak Spanish. Miami apartments are incredibly diverse. You’ll find a variety of apartments for rent in Miami that display completely different architectural styles, so there’s bound to be something that suits your tastes. You’ll also find houses for rent in Miami, from the reasonably priced to more luxury housing and high-rise apartments. Furnished apartments for rent in Miami are also plentiful, including both short-term and longer term lets.

Serviced apartments Miami

Serviced apartments in Miami are popular amongst expats coming to the city for short-term or long-term business trips. They allow for flexible and comfortable accommodation, which is ideal when you’re not looking for a permanent or long-term place to live. All these serviced apartments come fully furnished and include a range of utilities and services in the price of rent, such as a cleaning service and other on-site amenities. Serviced apartments in South Beach, Miami are especially popular as this is a great central location that allows you to get around the city with ease.

Types of Accommodation in Miami

Best Furnished Rentals in Miami, FL

Apartments in Miami by districts

The districts in Miami vary greatly from one to the next. Even two districts located next to each other can feel like you’ve walked into a different city. There’s the luxurious Bal Harbour with high-end apartments and huge houses, the trendy and lively South Beach district, and the bustling business life of Downtown Miami.

Just a few minutes South-West of Downtown Miami is Coral Gables, a quiet, gated community with an old-fashioned feel. Head East from there and you’ll find the island of Key Biscayne; a nice little tropical island where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the inner city. You can even feel like you’re in a completely different country if you head to Little Havana, where Cuban culture and lifestyle is rife.

The apartments and houses in Miami are just as diverse as the districts themselves, so there’s something to suit everyone.

More Attractive Areas for Apartments in Miami

Downtown Miami apartments

Downtown Miami is the main business hub of the city, so a lot of professional expats are drawn there. It puts you in easy walking distance of lots of office blocks and business locations, making it ideal for getting to work. It is also home to Miami’s port, lending to much of the city’s industry.

There’s plenty to do in Downtown Miami with lots of attractions in the area, including the home of Miami Heat, the American Airlines Arena. As well as taking in a basketball game, you can enjoy the host of shops and malls, as well as experiencing culture at the Olympia Theater or the Pérez Art Museum Miami.

Downtown Miami apartments are available at competitive prices as the district is undergoing a great deal of development. You’ll find a range of apartments, condos, and studio apartments in Downtown Miami, making it especially suitable for single professionals or young couples moving to the city. With fewer schools in the vicinity and less residential housing, families relocating to Miami tend to look to the other districts listed here.

In Downtown Miami, apartments for rent come at reasonable prices and put you in a prime location for accessing other parts of the city, as well as not having to travel far to get to work if you land a job in the business district.

South Beach Miami apartments

South Beach is another area that’s popular among young, single professionals and couples moving to Miami. The accommodation available in this district is mainly made up of condos and high-end apartments. It’s a glamorous and trendy locale that attracts the rich and attractive segments of Miami’s population, as well as hordes of holiday-goers throughout the busy seasons.

The area is filled with trendy bars, clubs, shops, and celebrity-chef restaurants to keep you entertained throughout the day and night, as well as the eponymous South Beach that lines the East side of this part of the island. With hot Summer months and mild Winters, it’s not uncommon to see people populating the beach and soaking up the sun all year round.

Condos for rent in South Beach Miami will be costlier if you opt for a beachfront apartment, so you can find some at more reasonable prices if you look deeper into the district. South Beach, Miami rental homes are also popular among those who holiday in Miami on a regular basis or who are visiting the district for business trips. There is a range of accommodation options in this glamorous district nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay.

Brickell Miami apartments

Another of Miami’s hives of business and industry is Brickell, the city’s financial district. This area is lined with towering business buildings, office blocks, and high-rise apartment buildings filled with luxury condos. Because of this, Brickell also attracts plenty of professional expats to the area. There are lots of job opportunities available for expats and locals alike from the variety of banking buildings and Consulates for a number of countries, including Britain, Mexico, Haiti, France, Japan, and Guatemala.

Brickell caters to this professional crowd with trendy rooftop bars and restaurants atop the district’s tall buildings, as well as luxury condos, hotels, and other apartments. A range of trendy bars and restaurants are scattered throughout the district as well as chic art galleries and boutiques to cater to the different crowds that populate and visit the area.

Living in Brickell puts you in a great location for accessing nearby workplaces, not just in the financial district of Brickell itself, but also Downtown Miami which is just on the other side of the Miami River, which separates the two districts. Excellent public transport networks connect these two business districts.

If you’ve got the budget for it, then apartments in Miami Brickell provide upscale living conditions with plenty of job opportunities nearby for qualified expat professionals.

Allapattah apartments Miami Florida

Allapattah, Miami is a great mix of residential and industrial life in Florida with a large proportion of Dominican American citizens living and working in this district. A number of schools and other educational institutions are located in Allapattah, along with thriving business markets in textiles, manufacturing, and wholesale, for example. This makes it a popular district for families to live in, with education and healthcare facilities nearby along with employment opportunities.

The varied demographics this district attracts are catered to with houses to buy or rent as well as a range of apartment blocks, such as Allapattah Gardens, Miami Stadium Apartments, and Somerset Tower Apartment Rentals. The district is mostly populated by working-class locals, making Allapattah apartments much more affordable than those in the more upscale, business districts listed above. This makes it a good choice for young families or couples relocating to Miami with a lower budget.

Don’t write it off as a lower class of living, however, as a number of developments have been occurring in Allapattah over the last couple of years that hint towards its rising quality and popularity. The neighbouring district, Wynwood is also a trendy and popular area for young locals and expats. So, if you’re looking for affordable accommodation in an up-and-coming neighbourhood, Allapattah is a great choice.

Coconut Grove apartments for rent

Towards the South of the city is Coconut Grove, a laidback district of Miami that overlooks Biscayne Bay. Coconut Grove attracts a wide range of residents, from university students to expat and local families. It has a trendy, bohemian appeal that also attracts lots of writers and artists to the area.

Coconut Grove is another area that’s in the midst of development, particularly to residential properties. This is leading to rising house and rent prices within the district, so now is the best time to rent a house or apartment in Coconut Grove while the prices are still relatively low.

The location is one of the best in the city if you want to get away from the noise and busyness of the city. The waterfront is right at your doorstep and there are lots of local amenities including schools, hospitals, parks, and churches. There are also lots of attractions dotted around the district, including trendy stores and boutiques, and plenty of cafés, bars, and restaurants.

And, while you can get away from it all in Coconut Grove, it’s still close enough to all the action to easily allow you to get into Downtown Miami and its nearby districts by public transport. Coconut Grove, Miami apartments are a hot choice right now for expat professionals, couples, and families.

Different sizes apartments Miami

Studio flat Miami

Studio flats in Miami are the perfect choice for young professionals moving to the city by themselves. Studio apartments are typically contained within one room, with the bedroom, kitchen, and living area combined. This makes them a good choice for single professionals or young couples.

Furnished studio apartments are available around Miami, allowing expats to move in with as little hassle as possible since practically everything they need is provided with the flat. A range of studio flats are available, from cheap and cheerful to more spacious, luxurious properties for those with a bigger budget.

1-bedroom apartments for rent in Miami

Young couples or single professionals looking for a little more space when they move to Miami can find lots of 1-bedroom apartments around the city. These 1-bedroom apartments in Miami give you plenty of living and storage space to settle in to once you’ve made the move.

They are available at a range of prices depending on the district you’re looking to move to, and whether the apartment is furnished or not. Opting for a furnished 1-bedroom apartment gives you the convenience of moving straight in without having to worry about your own furniture.

2-bedroom apartments in Miami

You’ll find lots of 2-bedroom apartments available across the city of Miami that are perfect for expat couples and young families. Many 2-bedroom apartments for rent in Miami come fully furnished, meaning you don’t have to bring all your furniture across with you when you relocate. Depending on your needs, you can find these 2-bedroom apartments in business districts such as Downtown Miami, or more residential areas or trendy areas like South Beach.

3-bedroom apartments in Miam

If you’re not looking to buy or rent a house when you move to Miami with your family, then 3-bedroom apartments in Miami are a great choice for expats relocating to the city with children. Look towards the more residential areas of the city, such as North Beach and Coral Gables, to find the larger apartments that are suitable for families. There are plenty of nice districts with schools nearby and parks for your kids to run around in.

Miami public transportation

A lot of Miami is easily walkable, with work and entertainment both a short walk away in many districts, and getting from one district to the next is often easy. If you don’t feel like walking, however, the city also has excellent public transport networks. The majority of public transport in the city is under operation by Miami-Dade.

Miami-Dade public transportation includes the Metrorail, Metromover, Metrobus, and a Paratransit service for residents with a disability. So, you can choose between trains, buses, shuttles, and the metro, as well as taxis and ferries to take you around the city. There’s also the Miami International Airport located to the West of the city for travel around the US and abroad.

Public transportation in Miami makes it easy to get around and between the various districts, making everyday life a little easier.