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Montreal is a center for commerce and industry and a hub for French culture in North America. Whether you are looking to stay here for just a short stint or a long-term move, finding a ready-to-move rental is easy with the help of Nestpick. Our expansive platform offers accommodations with flexible leasing.

Apartments, Sublets & Rooms for Rent in Montreal

With Montreal constantly rated as one of the top places to live in the world, let alone Canada, there is no wonder that people are always looking at apartments and rooms to rent in Montreal. This French speaking city is the second largest city in Canada and a social, economic and cultural powerhouse and is about as multicultural as it comes so for those seeking a room to rent in Montreal or an apartment here, there is something for everyone. With it being such a large city, Montreal apartments can range in price dependent on where in the city you want to be, but at the moment rental units still outnumber the demand and for such a major city prices are fairly low with two bedroom apartments in lovely areas costing around $1200.

Serviced and Furnished Apartments Montreal

If you are in town for just a short time, there is no more convenient solution than looking for a serviced apartment in Montreal, these come furnished and with utilities and appliances all included, no need to set up bills and waste your time in this wonderful city. As you would expect, serviced apartments in Montreal are slightly more expensive than long term rentals, though modern buildings with extra amenities such as gym access still come fairly cheap. For example, a 670 square foot apartment in a good location will cost around $1350.

Types of Accommodations in Montreal

Montreal Apartments by District

Montreal is a city of districts with the larger ones such as Plateau Mount Royal and Rosemont even appearing and acting like small self-contained cities. It's important to know that Montreal is predominantly French speaking and indeed it's the largest French speaking city outside of Paris! As a general rule of thumb, Montreal is more English speaking toward the west of the city and more French on the Eastside. As well as newer districts there are lots of areas that have been popular with different groups of immigrants since Montreal was first moved too years ago. Little Italy, Chinatown, Little Portugal are all self-explanatory with areas like Griffintown known as the Irish neighborhood, these welcoming districts give such flavor to an amazing city.

Downtown Montreal

Downtown Montreal is also known as Ville Marie and is an area filled with universities and skyscrapers, bustling by day, it does slow down a bit at night and is more the domain of furnished apartments in Montreal where rent will set you back a still reasonable $1400 on average per month. Downtown Montreal does extend to the nearby districts of The Village, The Latin Quarter and Old Montreal. If you are looking for a longer term apartment in Montreal, you may be better off searching these districtsN as they have more of a community vibe.

Old Montreal dates back to the 17th Century and is the site of the original city, as such the architecture is magnificent although it does get very touristy, especially in the summer. All of this adds up to some of the most expensive rents in the city with 1 bedrooms listed at $1700.


Lachine is often known as 'the place at the end of the canal' but for those looking for more bang for their buck and an excellent place to raise a family, apartments in Lachine are fantastic. The place to be in Lachine is its historic and famous waterfront area. One of the more relaxing waterfronts in the city, it is also home to one of the biggest public markets in Montreal and a beautiful mix of more modern duplex's and quaint older houses and cottages. Rent may be cheaper here with 2-bedroom apartments found at $800, however it is not close to the city center or easy to get to. There is a commuter train that gets you into the city fairly quickly, but you will still need to ride a bus to get to the nearest metro line.

Cote St Luc

On the westside of Montreal, Cote St Luc is a mainly English-speaking community that should be famous for its easy living rather than its most famous resident – William Shattner! Although historically favored by Jewish families, there has been an influx of immigrants since its founding 100's of years ago and as such there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to enjoy despite its being a suburb. There are lots of green spaces to enjoy with the district being very proud of its 28 parks! As it is closer to town than a few other suburbs rent is a tad more expensive though still affordable with 1 bedroom apartments listed at an average of $850.

Public Transport Montreal

Montreal's public transportation system is fantastic and is actually the third busiest in North America! With 68 metro stops around the city, it is the easiest and certainly fastest way to navigate around Montreal. Fares are cheap too which is always a positive! A single trip is $3.50, a day pass is $10 and you can get a weekly pass for $25. The public transport systems run all day as well from 5am to after midnight and with plenty of buses and commuter trains out to the more 'far-flung' suburbs, Montreal's sights and sounds are always just a short hop away.