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In the foothills of the nearby Santa Cruz mountain range, in the heart of Santa Clara county lies Mountain View California. Such a small town located close to such large companies with such large workforces mean apartments for rent in Mountain View are hard to come by, and expensive when they do come on to the market. The best areas to live in Mountain View would be Downtown and Old Mountain View, two central neighbourhoods with plenty going on, and The Crossings, a community with a slightly more chilled out atmosphere to the west of the city.

Originally just a stop on the way through California, Mountain View has become a destination in itself, with apartments growing substantially in popularity and price. Silicon Valley has gained worldwide notoriety over the past decade and has earned the title the tech capital of the world, thus Mountain View apartments are popular to say the least. A small yet attractive and prosperous city, it is responsible for housing some of the workforce of the biggest tech companies in the world. All the while maintaining it’s small scale city atmosphere, it is no easy thing, and yet Mountain View does it expertly.

Furnished Apartments in Mountain View

This style of apartment cater for people with more money to spend per month, thus expect to find furnished and serviced apartments in Mountain View city centre areas such as Downtown and Old Mountain View. Furnished apartments in Mountain View take away the effort of finding furniture and homeware, thus they are advisable for people on a tight schedule or those looking for temporary accommodation. If this sounds like something that would interest you, be prepared to pay more as these facilities come at an extra cost to the property and be aware the owner will expect you to take care of the furniture and leave it as you found it.

A viable option for those with more of a disposable income are serviced apartments in Mountain View, these are modern, luxurious and have some similarities with hotel facilities such as daily housekeeping and some will include a gym, pool and sauna in the higher end properties. 24 hour reception and underground parking is also common with many of these types of buildings, so for people who value their security this could be the best option. To find a cheap Mountain View furnished apartment, look for rentals on the outskirts of the city in places like ,as quiet areas like these usually come with more space and less competition.

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Rooms for Rent in Mountain View

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A small and prosperous city responsible for housing the work-force some of the biggest companies in the world. Rooms for rent in Mountain View are cheap in comparison to apartments, and this means areas such as Downtown become available that would have previously been unattainable to those on a lower income. We’ve all watched unrealistic Hollywood movies in which a small-town kid moving to a big city, lives in a huge one bedroom apartment alone in a fantastic area and somehow affords it whilst working a bar job.

Back here on planet earth, the most affordable way to move to a new city is to move into the spare room of someone else’s apartment. Rooms to rent in Mountain View are a great and viable alternative to paying for an entire apartment alone, they allow bills to be split equally and the chance to meet new people also living and working in the city, which is a great way to network and make contacts within the tech industry.

Silicon Valley, the centre of the world's technology scene and the original home of the start-up, has seen billion of dollars being made in the area. This means big salaries and demand for suitable accommodation nearby. Since it has become infamous in the world of the business, rent has soared in Mountain View, thus looking for rooms for rent in Mountain View could be a great option to save some money.

Mountain View Sublets

Subletting has become a lot easier for both landlords and potential renters in recent year thanks to websites like ours. Sublets in Berkeley are a viable option for people looking for both short and long term accommodation in and around the city. The great thing about sublets is the variety of properties and contract lengths that are constantly being advertised. Those looking are just as likely to find a modern built apartment in central San Jose or an older, more spacious property in Downtown or Old Mountain View. A popular time for people to sublet their property is over the summer months, so a Mountain View summer sublet may be achievable with some are diligence in searching.

As previously mentioned, persistence is the key to finding a good sublet, the high turnover of properties means that lists are updated daily so there will always be something new coming up. Be aware that these properties are usually short-term, temporary lets as it is often people who are away for an extended period of time sublet them and have plans to return to the property eventually.

More Attractive Areas for Apartments in Mountain View, CA

Downtown Mountain View Apartments

Downtown Mountain View apartments are an attractive option to young professionals, couples or families looking to relocate here. Downtown Mountain View apartments for rent comprise of both stand alone houses and more modern apartment blocks. The central highstreet of Mountain View, Castro Street is full of trendy cafes and exotic restaurants close to the transit station and the area of Old Mountain View. Growing in popularity, Downtown is an attractive neighbourhood seen as the epicentre of the city. Although it’s called a city, Mountain View is reminiscent of a large town instead. New shops, hipster craft beer bars, a pedestrian friendly center and a weekend farmers market ensure it is perfect for new families and young entrepreneurs alike.

Apartments near Downtown Mountain View have been steadily growing in price since Facebook and Google put the area on the map. It is now globally known as the residential area for these companies thus competition for property is fierce.

Old Mountain View Apartments

Old Mountain View as an area overlaps with Downtown, classed the central neighbourhood of the city and the original town boundaries originally used to end here. Since is rejuvenation and links with the tech-world, Old Mountain view has grown outwards and expanded into the Mountain view of today.

Apartments in Old Mountain View are some of the most sought after properties in one of the most popular areas in Mountain View due to its central location, good local schools and transport links to the rest of the Bay Area. Spacious houses hug tree lined sleepy streets with nice open gardens and large apartments popular with young families all looking to move close to the hub of Old Mountain View, Castro Street.

The Crossings Apartments

Apartments in the crossings mountain view lie in the far western sector of the city. A calm neighbourhood with a slow pace of life, it is preferred by families and retirees looking for peace and quiet. A large shopping complex is located close by which includes a Walmart, a 24 hour gym and plenty of parks including Monta Loma and Klein Park, two nice outdoor spaces suited for families with kids and dogs. The area itself is on the outskirts of the city, so there is more space here included in the properties, quieter streets and cheaper rent. The Crossings apartments in Mountain View are likely to be modern, spacious and affordable whilst also having great access into Downtown.

Mountain View Student Housing

Mountain view is home to five universities and colleges of higher education: Carnegie Mellon University, Kahn Academy, Ayu Vidya College of America, Western Graduate School of Psychology, and Chinese Graduate School of Theology. Mountain view student housing is a split between living on campus and off campus. The classic route the majority of students take when they go to college is on-campus accommodation that will provide students with everything they will need in terms of facilities and activities, Colleges often provide meal plans with options of one, two or three meals per day.

The sense of community and ease of living on-campus is obviously very beneficial when moving to a new town to study. The other option would be to live off-campus, nearby to the college but in a private let with other students, the benefits of this is a level of independence not found on campus and the freedom of choice over where to live. Rather than paying the college or university a lump sum, students would be responsible for rent, utility bills, cooking and cleaning, thus giving them an extra sense of responsibility.

Mountain View Public Transportation

Mountain View is still a small place, yes it is growing, but it has not yet transformed into a mega-city, thus Mountain view public transportation is small scale, and the city is not large enough to maintain their own public transportation system. The award-winning Downtown Transit Centre serves as the nucleus of transport for Mountain View and onwards across California, to get across Mountain View you often have to get a bus first to downtown in order to get a bus elsewhere, so it serves as a transport hub for the community. San Jose city is very close by, with great transport links to downtown San Jose and the ever-popular district of Santana Row.

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About Mountain View

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Mountain View?
According to Nestpick database, the average rental price in Mountain View for apartments are in between $891 and $1,500.
How big is a Mountain View apartment?
Although sizes may vary depending on your selection of bedrooms, according to Nestpick database, apartments in Mountain View start from 50m² and could go up to 139m².
How to find apartments for rent in Mountain View?
Mountain View's population count might make things slightly difficult for new comers to find a place when they first move in. We suggest that you use Nestpick's smart tool to look for your new home, as well as if you are a student reach out to your school's counsiling to find a rental in Mountain View.
Is rent cheap in Mountain View?
According to Nestpick database, the rent in Mountain View might change in between $891 and $1,500. Compare to other big cities in United States, rent in Mountain View is relatively reasonable.
Who can rent apartments in Mountain View?
Anyone is looking for accommodation can rent an apartment in Mountain View as long as they are +18 years old.