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Located in the north side of the city and jointed together by Milbertshofen, Am Riesenfeld and Am Hart, Milbertshofen-Am Hart represents the 11th borough of Munich. Hosting many of the landmarks of the city, if you decide to rent an apartment in Milbertshofen-Am Hart and live here your neighbors will be Olympiapark ( the tallest building in the city), BMW Museums for a lovely day and if you live running, Milbertshofen-Am Hart is the last stop of Munich marathon. Mira shopping center is a great spot for doing a bit of shopping and if you just want a relaxing time, there are many parks around too.

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Milbertshofen-Am Hart has different rental apartment prices and approximately 1m² costs around 40€. To compare rent prices and select your apartment use our search feature and enjoy your stay in Milbertshofen-Am Hart, Munich.

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