The Bronx Apartments for Rent

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Separated from Manhattan by the Harlem River, it’s the only borough with an article in its name in New York City and the only district in New York located on the mainland. With over 75 different languages spoken on its streets, the Bronx is famous for being the birthplace of hip-hop music and cultural diversity. Top attractions in this area are The Bronx Zoo, Yankee Stadium, and The Bronx Botanical Garden.

The South Bronx is in the midst of a development boom, with everything from affordable apartments to fancy condos sprouting up in the area. Renting an Apartment in the Bronx is relatively cheaper compared to other areas in NYC, with an average rent price of $1694. The Bronx seems to be a good choice for living on a budget in the New York area. Particularly, it is a neighborhood that offers easy access to the Metro area’s major cultural and business hubs as well as cheap apartments in the Bronx.