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Although Staten Island is the only borough not connected to New York City by railway, it’s still one of the favorite places to live in New York. Its friendly culture, the convenient local ferry and the delicious pizza are well-known for locals as well as visitors. In addition, it has natural protected parks, beautiful beaches and fantastic food and restaurants, which are the top reasons to live here. And for those who are planning on moving to Staten Island, there are a handful of great communities to choose from. Diverse cultures gather around in Staten Island, making the borough more interesting and culturally vibrant.

Living in Staten Island is less expensive than the surrounding boroughs and apartments here are especially suitable for families. The average rent for an apartment in Staten Island is $1396. Cheap apartments in Staten Island is a good solution for those who are planning to live in the New York area without New York price tag. With the limited budget, you can always find a nice apartment for rent in Staten Island and share with your friends.

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