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Situated on the famous Côte d'Azur, Nice is one of France’s finest cities. Whether you want to take in some of the best restaurants in Europe, delve in the city’s famous nightlife, or relax along the Promenade du Paillon, Nice ticks all the boxes. Little wonder the locals call it Nice La Belle! Apartments in Nice, France, are in high demand. Especially those in the Vieux Nice area. Suburbs such as Cimiez, Saint Roch, and Saint Maurice offer more affordable flats to rent in Nice long term. Whether you’re a student, a retired expat, or a city slicker, Nice, France, apartments are some of the classiest in Europe.

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Moving to Nice

Nice is one of the most diverse cities in Western Europe, making it a great melting pot of people from different backgrounds. Whether you want to flash the cash at the many designer boutiques, or you’re one of the many students moving to Nice for late night fun, the sprawling beauty of Nice’s coastline won’t disappoint. Moving to Nice in France, needn’t be a hassle either. Just 20 minutes from the airport by bus or taxi, you’ll be into your new flat before you know it. And it's well-linked by rail and road too. And once you’re here, you’ll be able to walk from the city centre, to the glorious French Riviera, in a matter of minutes!

Residential Areas of Nice


Situated a few kilometres from Nice city centre, the suburb of Cimiez is popular with many Nice residents, and expats alike. And for good reason. This district is host to some of the city's finest sights. From the Cimiez, Nice monastery, to Musee Matisse, the area is great for culture vultures. Cimiez park offers some breathtaking walks too. Surround yourself with olive trees, and soak up the all-year-round sun.More practically, there are plenty of amenities close at hand. The Monoprix, supermarket, and the Cimiez hospital and clinic, are both centrally located, whilst there are also dentists. Flats in Cimiez vary widely in terms of cost, but air towards the expensive side. It is after all, a much sought-after place to live. But If you’re looking for culture close to town, in a beautiful residential district, Cimiez may well be the area for you.


Situated to the east of the city, Saint-Roch is home to Nice’s transport hub. Wherever you’re moving from, Saint-Roch Nice train station is the first sight you’re likely to see. Regular transport links make it a great area for those who wish to explore France’s other crown jewels. High class restaurants are also commonplace in Saint-Roch. From the homely Le Bouchon, where you can take in a famous salad nicoise, to the cultural African cooking of Akuma Neyo, you can enjoy the world’s finest food. All just a short walk away from your home.Other local amenities include the swimming pool of Saint-Roch, Nice, and the Saint-Roch, Nice school. Both make Saint-Roch a great area to consider if you’re living in Nice with children. The area itself is also family friendly. Thankfully rent prices are reasonable too. As with Cimiez, this depends on the apartments you’re looking for. But whilst rent prices are more expensive than the rest of France, for Nice, Saint-Roch is a relatively affordable area to live.

Saint Maurice

Found to the north of Cimiez, and to the east of Saint Sylvestre, the Saint Maurice district in Nice, is one of the most popular area for workers. Close to the city centre by both foot and public transport, Saint Maurice offers more affordable accommodation than that found in Cimiez. The vast majority of property in this area are apartments (97%), with nearly all in this area being maintained to a high standard.Though there are less attractions in Saint Maurice than Cimiez, Cimiez itself is only a short walk away. That means you can enjoy the peace and quiet of a residential area, without the cost of living in a more tourist-focused district. Local amenities include a wide variety of shops, with the Saint Maurice, Nice Pharmacy and the Saint Maurice, Nice Savings Bank both just a short walk away from your home. If you’re looking for an apartment on a smaller budget, just a short walk from the sea, Saint Maurice is one of the best areas to live in Nice.

Saint Sylvestre

Saint Sylvestre District, Nice, is a popular area for both expats and locals. Located in the north-central part of town, at the foot of the Saint-Pancrace hill, Saint Sylvestre has a lot to offer. On the eastern side of the district is The Chateau Valrose. It offers one of the finest collections of contemporary art in Europe. And with an exceptional cafe in the gallery, it’s perfect for a lazy afternoon soaking up culture under the Riviera sun. The area is not just for art lovers though. It is host to a good selection of long term flats to rent, with prices that will suit a wide range of budgets. Family renters will be pleased to learn that the Saint Sylvestre School of Nice is one of the best public schools in the city. Regardless of where you live in Saint Sylvestre District, it’s never more than a short walk away. Whatever your needs, with Nestpick, you can find the perfect property in Nice, without unnecessary confusion and stress.

More Attractive Areas in Nice

City Centre

Centred around the dazzling Place Masséna, Nice city centre is the boisterous focal point of the city. Unlike the compact and labyrinthine streets of the Old Town, the boulevards here are wide and uniform and lined with fabulous Italian-style townhouses. The various streets that branch out of the Place Masséna offer a plethora of shopping and dining opportunities, including the city’s two main department stores, Nice Etoile and Galeries Lafayette. The city centre will also satiate your cultural appetite with fantastic attractions such as the Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain and the Théatre de la Photographie et de l'Image. City centre apartments in Nice tend to be on the more expensive side, and a furnished 1-bedroom will cost around €750 per month.

Old Town

With a triangular layout that hasn’t changed much since the 18th century, Nice’s gorgeous Old Town nicely complements the city centre. Brimming with glorious pastel-coloured architecture, colourful flower markets and a culinary culture to die for, the narrow streets of the Old Town are a beguiling and bustling fusion of French and Italian cultures. If you want to immerse yourself in everyday Niçois life, then you should certainly consider apartments in the area. Accommodation in the Old Town of Nice, France is readily available with Nestpick, although the age of the buildings and the prime location means that apartments here are some of the most expensive in the city.


The beach-hugging Promenade des Anglais - given its name due to the high volume of English aristocrats who holidayed in the city during the 19th century - is the main walkway in Nice and is one of its most popular attractions. Bustling with tourists, joggers and characterful street vendors, the Promenade acts as the city’s main artery. Due to the high numbers of tourists and pressure on real estate, demand for accommodation here is high and rents can be expensive. However, if you’re looking to live right in the midst of the action and spend a bit more money, look no further than Promenade apartments in Nice.

Côte d’Azur

Also known as the French Riviera, the Côte d’Azur is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Revered for its physical beauty, scenic harbours and laid-back lifestyle, this luscious expanse of coastline experiences between 310 and 330 days of sunshine each year. The Côte d’Azur roughly stretches from the Italian border in the east to anywhere between Saint-Tropez and Toulon in the west. In between these boundaries sit world-renowned destinations such as Nice, Cannes and Monaco, and the excellent public transport in the region means they are all within an hour or so of each other. If you’re looking to live in one of the most vibrant places in the Côte d’Azur, apartments in Nice are readily available with Nestpick.


Surrounded by cute multicoloured apartment blocks and occupied by hundreds of gleaming white boats nestling in the glistening blue harbour, the Port of Nice is one of the most picturesque sights in the Côte d’Azur. The up-and-coming area around the Port is full of thriving restaurants, outdoor cafes and hundreds of quaint antique stores, and is proving to be an increasingly popular choice for expats. However, Port apartments in Nice, France are generally quite expensive, and demand is high due to the practical and aesthetic benefits of living in such an area. For a modern 1-bedroom apartment near the Port, you should expect to pay around €700 per month.

1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments in Nice

1 Bedroom

The average monthly rent for a furnished 1-bedroom apartment in Nice city centre is €725.48, although anywhere between €600 and €850 will get you a decent place. In cheaper parts of the city, the average rent is €570, although prices can fluctuate between €500 and €700. With a wide selection of 1-bedroom apartments from St-Laurent-du-Var to Villefranche-sur-Mer, Nestpick is here to ease you into your exciting new life in Nice.

2 Bedrooms

As a hugely popular tourist destination and magnet for older expats, rents in Nice can be quite expensive - especially in the areas along the Promenade and in the old town. However, if you’re willing to live away from the city centre in popular suburbs like Fabron and Cimiez, you’re likely to get more space for less money. 2-bedroom apartments in Nice cost around €800 on average, although prices can fluctuate between €700 and €1,300 depending on location, size and number of amenities.

3 Bedrooms

The average rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in a more expensive part of Nice is €1,354.55, with prices ranging between €1,000 and €1,600. For a similar place in a more affordable part of town, the average rent is €1,025 and prices range from €800 to €1,500. 3-bedroom apartments in Nice come in a range of sizes, styles and locations, so be sure to check all the relevant criteria when booking your new nest with us.

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Nice, France Apartments with Air Conditioning

Basking in the blue skies of the Côte d’Azur, Nice can get particularly balmy in the summer months. With a Mediterranean hot climate, the average temperature in July is a pleasant 24°C (74°F). As such, it’s certainly advisable to ensure that your Nice apartment comes fitted with an air conditioning unit as standard. The majority of apartments in the city do come with air conditioning, although not all of the listed properties specify. If this is the case, you should consult with the landlord.

Student Accommodation in Nice

The city of Nice is home to the Nice Sophia Antipolis University. Popular amongst French, Erasmus, and International students, Nice University has a truly cosmopolitan flavour. This, along with its academic reputation, makes it a popular choice with a wide range of students.

Nice Sophia Antipolis University is split across four main campuses. When searching for student accommodation in Nice, France, the academic school will have a big influence on which area will be most suitable.

The Valrose Campus, for the school of Science, is located in the Cimiez district. For some students, rent costs in this area could be too expensive. The nearby district of Saint Maurice offers more affordable student housing in Nice, France, whereas the central located Vieille Ville offers city centre living, but at a significantly higher cost. Students studying at the Saint-Jean d'Angély campus for economics and management will be best served renting in these areas too, being only a short walk away from Valrose.

Towards the west of the city are the Carlone Campus (Arts & Humanities), and the Trotabas Campus (Political Science). Located close to L’archet, and La Madeleine districts, both schools lie 3km. away from the city centre. Both of these districts would be excellent options. But with regular transport links to the city, student residences in Nice, France, are doable. So you’re free to choose an area that best suits your ideal lifestyle.

About Nice

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Nice?
The average rental price in Nice for apartments are in between 854 € and 999 €.
How big is a Nice apartment?
Although sizes may vary depending on your selection of bedrooms,Nice apartment is start from 24m² and could go up to 140m².
How to find apartments for rent in Nice?
Nice's population count might make things slightly difficult for new comers to find a place when they first move in. We suggest that you use Nestpick's smart tool to look for your new home, as well as if you are a student reach out to your school's counsiling to find a rental in Nice.
Is rent cheap in Nice?
The rent in Nice might change in between 854 € and 999 €. Compare to other big cities in France, rent in Nice is relatively reasonable.
Who can rent apartments in Nice?
Anyone is looking for accommodation can rent an apartment in Nice as long as they are +18 years old.