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Oslo Apartments for Rent

Apartments for Rent in Oslo

The port city of Oslo has long been regarded highly as an epicentre for industry, mainly shipping due to its geographical significance. More recently however, technology and research have come to play an important role in attracting expats to the capital. Apartments in Oslo’s Frogner district are a true indication of the beauty of the old city. The area is colourful and a tourist favourite for its central location and distinctive architectural style. Expect to pay a premium price per month for property here. Be aware that Oslo apartments for rent are hard to come by, competition is fierce and properties are limited. It is not the largest city, and much of the space around it is protected nature reserves and forests, thus it is difficult to find flats to rent in Oslo. The city has some charming quarters and old sections that are beautifully preserved and well maintained. The most expensive apartments for rent in Oslo Norway can be found in these neighborhoods, especially Frogner and Majorstuen. The rejuvenated dockyard area of Aker Brygge is an expat favorite and its transformation into residential ‘place to be’ has seen a sharp rise in rental prices. The neighborhood of Grünerløkka was once an immigrant community that produced a mix of cultures, cuisines and architecture styles. Cheap apartments in Oslo can be found in up and coming areas Gamle Oslo, this neighborhood is reminiscent of the early days of Grünerløkka, with immigrants and young professionals appreciating the cheaper rents and array of Middle Eastern and Asian restaurants.

Serviced Apartments in Oslo

The capital of Norway is fast becoming known as the capital of cool, the city has a creative flair to match its industrious history. Since the opening of the Bjørvika Opera house in 2008, the area of Bjørvika has seen massive investment and development in the form of a shopping district and apartment blocks shooting up seemingly from nowhere. As a lot of the city is protected, this development is the main center of new construction for accommodation in the city, thus this is where a lot of serviced apartments in Oslo can be found. Expats looking to rent an apartment in Oslo Norway long term should consider this area as it may be a little easier to find property here. In many of the large, upscale complexes, apartments for rent offer extra amenities such as underground parking, a 24 hour reception desk and round the clock security. A lot of these buildings also offer a gym and pool for residents to enjoy, but not all of them. Obviously, the price will be higher for a serviced apartment with extra facilities like these.

Rooms for Rent in Oslo

Student Accommodation in Oslo

Studio Apartments in Oslo

Rooms in Oslo

Rooms for Rent in Oslo

The main industries of employment for expats tend to be shipping and technology, these type of jobs are usually pretty well paid, thus affording an entire apartment should not be too challenging on an Oslo wage, (as long as it can be found). For those expats who are concerned about the high cost of living, rent and pretty much everything in the country, have no fear, there are cheaper options available in terms of accommodation in Oslo. In areas like Frogner and Majorstuen, rent is considerably cheaper when shared between multiple housemates. To rent a room in Oslo is a cheap option in an expensive city, which may interest those students, interns or young professionals scraping by. It is also a great way to live in popular and trendy areas such as Grünerløkka and Aker Brygge without spending too much on rent.

The cheapest option financially is to find a single room for rent in Oslo, as they are usually less money than a double room as they are smaller in size. Splitting bills between housemates is also a benefit of renting a room in Oslo’s many shared apartments. It is a great way to find a new group of friends or contacts who are also living and working in the city.

Student Accommodation in Oslo

Although it is an expensive city to live in for both professionals and students, Oslo still stands out as one of the best cities in Europe for student life and welfare. The city is compact and very easy to navigate, especially on bicycle in the summer months. The main student area of Bislett is popular with both students and professionals for its close proximity to the cities university and largest high school. The university provides student accommodation in Oslo on its main campus, with apartment blocks especially built to house local and international students. If students are looking for something a little more independent from the university, there are plenty of private apartments that rent to students in Bislett. Student accommodation in Oslo is between dorms and private lets, so if campus life is not for you, then a private let is the answer.

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About Oslo

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Oslo?
The average rental price in Oslo for apartments are in between 964 NOK and 10,713 NOK.
How big is a Oslo apartment?
Although sizes may vary depending on your selection of bedrooms,Oslo apartment is start from 24m² and could go up to 186m².
How to find apartments for rent in Oslo?
Oslo's population count might make things slightly difficult for new comers to find a place when they first move in. We suggest that you use Nestpick's smart tool to look for your new home, as well as if you are a student reach out to your school's counsiling to find a rental in Oslo.
Is rent cheap in Oslo?
The rent in Oslo might change in between 964 NOK and 10,713 NOK. Compare to other big cities in Norway, rent in Oslo is relatively reasonable.
Who can rent apartments in Oslo?
Anyone is looking for accommodation can rent an apartment in Oslo as long as they are +18 years old.