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Perth might the world’s most isolated capital: to reach it out from within Australia you have to drive across the Nullarbor or down the vast and deserted West Coast of Australia. You can also take a 4 to 5 hours internal flight from any of the other capitals. However, Perth enjoys a Mediterranean climate with warm, sunny weather for most of the year. It is extremely sunny with around 3200 hours annually, meaning than 265 sunny days per year, which is higher than any other major Australian city. In the winter there are also some wet days, but the summer here is hot and dry. If you are considering moving to Perth and looking for an apartment there, it basically means that you’re gonna go through a lot of sunshine and dryness. But overall, Perth is still one of the most beautiful cities in the world and attracts a lot of visitors.

Live in Perth

Perth is either too big nor too small. It has everything you could want in a modern city: skyscrapers, great restaurants, museums and art galleries. The city center can be explored easily in a day and most areas are walkable. The lifestyle in Perth is quite relaxed, local people there tend to get together to throw a BBQ party, drink some beers and enjoy each other’s company, all without spending much money. And there are diverse communities in Perth, mixed with people from all around the world. Generally, expats are welcomed in Perth.

You’ll find some of the best beaches along Western Australia’s coastline in Perth, ranging from the small and secluded to large family ones. Parking is free at most beaches, other than the really big ones where you might have to pay to park.

Neighborhoods in Perth

Perth has many nice neighborhoods. Firstly, the city of Perth itself is a “suburb” on the northern bank of the Swan River, in the heart of town. It is home to the central business district, the stock exchange, and a pedestrian shopping area. However, here is less suitable for anyone who is looking for residential housing. If you are looking for an apartment in Perth, you could consider a move to Subiaco, Northbridge, or Fremantle. Subiaco is an older working-class district located in an inner western suburb of Perth and it is a stylish and cosmopolitan area to live. Northbridge, too, is close to the city center and is known for its nightlife. The neighborhood “Fremantle” includes many historical buildings from the colonial period, some of them are used as modern apartments. To settle down in Fremantle, you’ll benefit from its nature reserves and its transport connections. Many Expats from Italy, Ireland, New Zealand, Portugal, and the UK are enjoying living in this neighborhood.

Cost for Rental Apartments in Perth

Although the rental prices in Perth is keep rising for five year, it still remains the cheapest capital in Australia to rent a home. The average weekly rent for the city goes for around $300 and it varies from different neighborhoods and types of apartments. If you’re hunting some cheap and affordable apartments in Perth, you should pay attention to the area Reiwa, which has identified the five cheapest areas for both houses and apartments. Some offer a great coastal lifestyle while others are close to the city. Expats on a normal income are more likely to move to an area like Willetton, a broadly middle-class to upper-middle-class suburb in the City of Canning, or the outer metropolitan area like the city of swan, located about 20km further up the Swan River Valley. If you enjoy peaceful surroundings and natural beauty, places like Kalamunda are ideal choices.

Student Accommodation in Perth

Perth offers world-class education course, a warm sunny climate, a relaxed laid-back lifestyle and a relatively less living expenses for international students compared to other major australian cities. If you want to rent an apartment and share the cost with other students or friends, the weekly rent would be between $165-$445. If you cannot afford the upfront costs of renting an apartment, you may just rent a room with variable rent. Students and families often rent out furnished spare rooms in their houses and apartments and this can be a great way to live independently without the high expenses.