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Flats, Rooms & Flatshares to Let in Plymouth

If you are looking for a city where you can combine multicultural and charming city living with countless acres of nature at your doorstep – then start looking for an apartment to rent in Plymouth. Plymouth has long been known as the largest port on the Southern coast, but it is increasingly surprising visitors and residents with how much it has to offer.

Plymouth is actually one of the greener cities in the whole of the UK and has the moors of Dartmoor right on its doorstep with countless hiking trails to explore. There is also the potential for renters in Plymouth to really get involved with the thriving watersports community that is based here. There is also talk to modernizing the already bustling city centre again to make it one of Southern England's hot spots.

Types of Accommodations in Plymouth

Plymouth Flats by District

Living in Plymouth can mean anything you want it to be. Whatever you enjoy, there is an area for everyone, from the bustling downtown to the quieter and leafy suburbs. Life in the city centre, whilst expensive of course has all the perks of trendy city living. With a wide range of bars and restaurants for your entertainment, life in Plymouth proper is a lot of fun. Wherever you choose to live, either in the city center or in nearby suburbs such as Plympton or Plymstock, you will find quaint cobbled streets at every turn, with there being a higher collection of them here than anywhere in the UK. If you want a bit more peace and quiet – it may be worth looking into the smaller villages on the coast and Cornish border, tranquil but will require a commute.

Plymouth City Centre Apartments

Apartments and flats in Plymouth City Centre are all the rage at the moment and it is easy to see why. The Waterfront area has been heavily invested in and you can find a host of brand new, trendy condo style buildings all along the water as well as the eateries and bars that come along with developments like this. You will pay a higher price than other areas however, especially for apartments with Ocean views. For city centre living with the historical feel of Plymouth, consider swanky Royal Willam Yard - a collection of Grade 1 historical military buildings that have been converted into loft style apartments, it truly is a stunning place to live.

Plympton Flats for Rent

If city center living doesn't check the boxes for you, then you may consider one of Plymouths great and close suburbs. Chief among these in Plympton, a town dating back over 1,000 years! Both the city of Plymouth and the wildness of the moors similar distances away, it’s a perfect half way house between metropolis and nature. If you are renting in Plympton you will see the town has a very community feel to it, with lots of town sports teams and events making the most of their green location. Constantly in the top 3 of areas in the Plymouth Happiness Survey, it’s a great area to live in, especially for those with a young family. You are more likely to find houses than apartments to rent in Plympton but both have low prices.


Similar things can be said of renting a flat in Plympstock. Located very near to each other, the two main suburbs of Plymouth have a healthy rivalry for each other with football and cricket matches being very passionately contested. Apartments for rent in Plymstock are again slightly harder to come by, it and the villages around in the local area have been residential areas for nearly 1,000 years and there hasn't been too much development. As such, most rentals are within houses, or houses themselves, but when you can rent a 2 bedroom house in Plymstock for around $800 the situation isn't that bad.

Student Accommodation in Plymouth

Student Housing, Besits & Flatshares to Let in Plymouth

Plymouth is a great place for student life. There is so much going on and with so much history and heritage surrounding you, you can't help but be inspired. When you are not in the halls of residence, there are only really two areas of town that you will want to stay in. Nearest the University and the famous Drake Circus shopping area is the Greenbank area. Greenback student rentals Popular with students because of its proximity to town and with how much is going on, prices are a bit higher here than on average but there is a student community like no other. A little further out Is Lipson, prices are lower here with its location needed a bus journey to town yet for student accommodation in Plymouth it is one of your best options.

Public Transport Plymouth

The public transport system in Plymouth isn't going to generate any news stories around the world but it gets its job done. There are ample bus lines that go around the city making it very easy to get to wherever you want to go. As for travelling further afield, the airports in Exeter and Bristol are very close by train and Plymouth is regularly supplied with National Express coaches.