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Beirut, which is the iconic capital of Lebanon, boasts of the right mixture of everything you can think of. While some people are still stuck with the ideas of the war that ramifications. Today, it is a modern city that is flourishing in its quest to join the leagues of the best cities around the world. Its cosmopolitan feel and appearance are perhaps the greatest factors that have made Beirut a fantastic choice for many people. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find several expats and students that are searching for rooms for rents in Beirut.took place some decades ago, the city itself has moved on to improve in all. The architecture of Lebanon’s capital city is one of the most notable things about it. Downtown Beirut is filled with magnificent edifices that are constructed many years ago with golden stone. These buildings come in different sizes and colors. If you are lucky, you may get cheap rooms in Beirut around one of these structures so that you can always wake up to enjoy the impeccable views of these architectural masterpieces.

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The streets of Beirut are lined up with restaurants, cafés, and shops that play a pivotal role in easing the day-to-day life in this city. Don’t miss out on the chance to visit Nijmeh Square and other excellent attractions that can make you have an excellent memory of this city. Although Beirut is not the best for the seamless transport network, moving from one place to another within the city should never be a challenge for you. Contrary to a misconception about Beirut, the city comprises of people from various cultures and religions. Therefore, Beirut is a great place for you to meet individuals from different places and learn more about their ways of life. Similarly, take advantage of the flatshare option that is available in the city to stay around others.

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How big are rooms for rent in Beirut?
Beirut rooms for rent sizes are very different from each other however you can expect to rent rooms around 25m² to 34m².
How can I find rooms for rent Beirut during COVID-19?
At Nestpick, we list many rooms for rent for Beirut. As our apartments are already checked you can easily list rooms and book your new rental in Beirut online with Nestpick.
I am a student looking for rooms in Beirut, what information do I need?
First of all welcome to Beirut! As long as you are over 18 years old you can rent a room in Beirut.
Is rent cheap for rooms for rent in Beirut?
In Beirut rent prices for rooms may vary. Before your semester starts we suggest you have a look at and list prices for different rooms in Beirut.