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Moving abroad and looking for rooms for rent? Every year thousands of people change locations and the easier way to settle in to new city is usually by renting a room. As Nestpick, we know how much moving abroad can be a challenging task, especially when you don’t know the city you are moving in very well. The most important and essential part of moving is finding the perfect accommodation. It has to be closer to your work or your university, good cafes restaurants nearby, great connection to public transportation and so on. Here is how we can help you select your next place on your new adventure.

What is rooms for rent?
For people who are going to relocate in a new city, living in a shared apartment seems their first option when it comes to accommodation. Listing for rooms for rent, are pretty common on the rental market. Students, expat, and young adults would most likely live together. They can not only save the expense by sharing the rent, but also meet new people and enjoy a spacious living room. Rooms for rent are sometimes not furnished, if you don’t want to buy furniture by yourself, you could search for those with furniture already.
How to rent a room abroad?
Renting abroad is actually not as difficult as it sounds. Easily select your new city, property type as rooms and the amenities you would like your new place to have. On the search results you’ll also see the city map which can help you to see what is nearby and to decide on your new neighbourhood. Easily click on the ones you’ll like to have a look and you’ll be redirected to our selected partners’ websites. Through there you can send a booking request to the room you want to rent and you are done.
How to find cheap rooms for rent?
Rooms are mainly less costly rather than having an apartment. However if you are looking at a strict budget, you can select the minimum and maximum rent price on the search filter. There are always cheap rooms for rent available and also cheap furnished rooms as well. Just make sure you are checking Nestpick regularly and the alerts are on so you don’t miss out on any new deals.
What should my criteria be when renting a room?
This may vary for each individual but as Nestpick we suggest wherever you are renting your new room make sure the website you rent it from is helpful to you in this process. We select all our partners very carefully and they are %100 professional in their renting processes. We also suggest for you to check the legal options as well. For instance, in Germany, you would need to register your room to the authorities. There are also other policies depending on the city you are moving into, just make sure you check the regulations beforehand.
Can I find furnished rooms for rent?
Yes, all the properties on Nestpick are furnished. Some rooms may offer private bathrooms and balconies, some may only offer a bed and closet, the choices are endless. Depending on what you like your new room to have, choose the amenities on the filter and narrow down your search to exactly what you want. Renting a furnished room is very convenient also in many cities more common than unfurnished ones.

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