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Rooms for Rent in Milan

Many people think that Italy is expensive, especially for a city like Milan, which is famous for its fashion and shopping scene. That is not all true. Of course Milan is more expensive than other cities in Italy (Maybe Rome should be excluded) and life in Milan for expats but it comes at a cost, but it is still a very popular relocation destination. This city, in short, has something for everyone.

If you’re considering moving to Milan, your biggest expense will be, of course, housing. Living in a room in a shared apartment should lessen the blow of you wallet, but if you opt for having your own studio apartment in a central location, you might expect something around €1000. Whatever you’re seeking for, the cost of living in Milan can really differ from many aspects.

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800 €

Double bed in Room for rent in modern 2-bedroom apartment in Fiera Mil

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Single Bed in Cozy rooms for rent in flatshare near Metro in Forze Arm

440 €

Room in Via Ebro, Milan

850 €

Room in Alzaia Naviglio Pavese, Milan

650 €

Single Bed in Rooms for rent in furnished 4-bedroom apartment in Forla

450 €

Twin Beds in 3 bedrooms for rent in a shared apartment close to public

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Cost for Rooms in Milan

Rental prices in Milan is basically on a par with Rome. First of all, the average rent for an apartment in Milan runs approximately $866. However, the rent for a room in a shared unit averages between €300 and €700. Like all the famous cities in the globe, the very centre of this city is extremely expensive, making it out of the reach of all but the most wealthy. However, Zone 3, which is still fairly central, has vibrant neighborhoods and is especially affluent with expats. Since this area is filled with university campuses and there are lots of bars and clubs, you can get a room here to enjoy the most vivid lifestyle in Milan.

Cheap Rooms for Rent in Milan

In Milan, you can find a mix of properties, for example, unfurnished (vuoti), semi-furnished (parzialmente arredati) and completely furnished (arredati). The unfurnished room will logically cost you less, but you need to buy everything yourself. For students or those who’re looking for a cheaper room, a flatshare might be a better option. You can live with a friend or find a roommate on Facebook group to share the rent together. Alternatively you can also look for room rentals through your university, they would like to help with your searching and offer some recommendations.

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