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Regarded as one of Italy’s most fashionable cities, Milan is the center of business, tech, and finance for the country of Italy. Finding monthly rentals is easy with Nestpick’s accommodation platform! Are you ready to find the ideal furnished apartments in Milan? Then start exploring our rentals to find the perfect one!

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Furnished Apartments in Milan

Milan, located in the north of Italy, is a dynamic place that attracts many visitors thanks to its boutiques, fairs, galleries, business centers, sports facilities and, especially, its fashion week. Renting flats in Milan is in high demand, but Nestpick has a wide selection of properties so you can rent one with just a couple of clicks. Whether you are interested in a furnished flat or a room rental in Milan, we are sure that Nestpick is the right place to find them. Furnished and serviced apartments give you a taste of luxury in a more practical setting. They are perfect for busy professionals who have little time to plan their day-to-day activities outside of work. So, whether you’re on a business trip or are relocating to Milan for work, an apartment hotel in Milan is the perfect solution. They ideal for short, mid-term and even long term stays.

Types of Accommodation in Milan

Milan Apartments by District

Apartments, Rooms & Flatshares in Milan

There are many great apartments for rent in Milan, Italy, with long term visitors and expats having a variety of different areas to choose from, each with their own distinct character and atmosphere. As you start to research renting in Milan, let Nestpick be your guide - we have the widest range of apartments to rent in Milan, and you will find properties at every price point. You can find pet friendly properties, select the features you need and see photographs of every apartment, so you can thoroughly assess all your options.

Municipio 1, Milan City Centre Apartments for Rent

As the name suggests, if you are looking at furnished apartments in the City Centre, you’ll be at the heart of the action. You will be close to the La Scala opera house, the stunning duomo, Milan’s central museums like the Sforza and the Pinacoteca as well as Saint Mary of the Graces, where you can find Leonardo da Vinci’s famous mural of the Last Supper. Here you can find Milan apartments for rent long term with a luxurious feel and excellent transport connections - Milan's main train station the Milano Porto Garibaldi is just to the north. Be warned that they won't be cheap though! Prices in the centre will typically be €2,000 for a fully furnished and spacious apartment or closer to €1,000 for a room.

Municipio 3 Apartments

Apartments in Lambrate

Lambrate is one of the most dynamic and international peripheral areas of Milan. Once an industrial and worker's district, today it has been able to give new life to the now unused factories, thanks to various renovations. Well-connected to the centre by the underground and the railway network, Lambrate is for you if you love young and unconventional environments. It also borders the Città Studi district, home to the Polytechnic and the scientific campuses of the State University, and is therefore a very popular area among students.

While looking for an apartment in Lambrate, you will certainly have the opportunity to save compared to the city center: for a two-room apartment you will spend between 700 and 800 euros per month.

Municipio 4 Apartments

Port Romana Apartments

The number of people who are looking to rent in Milan’s Porta Romana district is always high. This is due not only to the beauty and vibrancy of the area, but also to the presence of the renowned Bocconi University. Many students enrolled in this university choose Porta Romana as the prices are in line with the city average.

Municipio 6 Apartments

Navigli Apartments for Rent

The city’s bohemian centre, Navigli is criss-crossed with canals and is Milan’s most beautiful district. It is the "in" area in Milan, where young Milanese and others gather for lively evenings. For those looking for apartments for rent in Milan, this is usually the first district people search in. It can prove difficult to find a place here as prices can be quite high. According to many, Navigli remains the best neighborhood for students and professionals who are looking for a room. Over the years the area has been transformed from an infamous meeting place to an area for anyone, with a variety of bars, clubs and restaurants. The area, among other things, is located between Bocconi University and the Catholic University, two traditional institutions for students who live in Milan. It is home to historical sites like the Portinari Chapel and the church of San Cristoforo as well as many of Milan’s trendiest clothing stores and late night bars. That means it is a great place to look for student accommodation in Milan.

Municipio 9 Apartments

Bicocca Apartments

Bicocca is home to the University of Milan, so it’s a great choice for academics or students looking for apartments in Milan to rent. It’s not the most historic area, but it does have some excellent galleries like the Hangar Bicocca and theatres like the Arcimboldi, as well as plenty of cinemas, gyms and parks. Overall, it’s a very pleasant, safe and convenient district to live in. In suburbs like Bicocca, expect to pay around as little as €300-400 a month for a single room and €800 for a small apartment.

Other Attractive Areas for Milan Apartments

Apartments Near Bocconi University

Home to the eponymous university, Bocconi is a large student area in the south of Milan. Home to plenty of great restaurants, bars and clubs, this largely residential area is a fantastic for those on a budget. The area has a cheaper cost of living than the city centre and is well connected to the rest of the city by an efficient tram system. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in Milan’s rich history, then fear not: the Porta Ticinese (the city’s former gate) and the grandiose Basilica of Sant’Eustorgio are both within walking distance. Bocconi apartments are readily available with Nestpick and vary in style, size and location.

Duomo Apartments

The dazzling Duomo di Milano, also known as Milan Cathedral, is arguably the city’s most famous attraction. This Gothic masterpiece took nearly six centuries to build and is the largest church in Italy. With exquisitely decorated adornments and a jaw-dropping white facade that overlooks the adjoining square, the Duomo is considered to represent the heart of Milan. The historic surrounding area contains some of the city’s best shops, restaurants and bars, and can get particularly busy during the day. Due to the high demand for living in the area, Duomo apartments in Milan can be particularly expensive, with an average 2-bed costing around €2,000 per month.

1 & 2 Bedroom Milan Apartments

1 Bedroom Apartments in Milan for Rent

The average rent for 1-bedroom apartments in Milan city centre stands at €1,029.41 per month, with prices ranging between €750 and €1,300. For a decent furnished 1-bed outside the city centre the average rental price is €691.11, and prices range between €500 and €850. Here at Nestpick, we have a plethora of fantastic 1-bed options dotted all across the city. Book your ideal 1-bedroom Milan apartment with the click of a button.

2 Bedroom Apartments in Milan for Rent

Milan is the most expensive city in Italy, and its rental prices certainly reflect this. 2-bedroom apartments in Milan can cost anywhere between €800 for a decent place in a cheaper neighbourhood to well in excess of €1,600 for a premium apartment in a desirable area. Prices are usually measured by square metres, but other factors such as an apartment’s age, style, and access to local amenities can also affect the overall cost.

Milan Apartments with Air Conditioning

Milan has a humid subtropical climate and the average July temperature is a rather balmy 25°C (76°F). To avoid any discomfort in your new Milan apartment throughout the summer months, you should absolutely check that it comes equipped with air conditioning. The majority of apartments in Milan come with air conditioning as a standard amenity, although sometimes it may not be specified. If this is the case, you should check directly with the landlord.

Student Accommodation in Milan

Student accommodation in Milan is diverse, with so many options a choice may be hard. With so much to see, try narrowing your search based on your University campus or housing requirements. Do not worry, here is a short guide giving a short explanation on housing types, transport and Milans Universities.

Student Rooms in Milan

A great choice for students or young professionals, who enjoy living in a co-living habitat, is a flatshare. A student residence in Milan will come with a kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen and bathroom area will be communal; however, some shared houses have extras such as an communal lounge or garden. Typically shared homes will come fitted with furniture and basic household items.

Student apartments in Milan

Renting an apartment to yourself could be pricey, albeit this is a great choice for people who are willing to split costs. Student apartments in Milan can range in size from studios to luxurious villa apartments!

Student residences

Student rooms in Milan promote a co-living environment. Usually there will be a shared bathroom or kitchen area; some however will have private en-suite.

Universities in Milan

The Universities in Milan are some of the best in Italy and Europe. Studying nearby to your University is important, being able to enjoy your studies is also as important. Thinking about where to live is thus essential. You must look at proximity and your public transport routes. Check your travel time as opposed to distance, as traffic can cause delays. Neighbourhoods to look at for students are Porta Venezia. It is right by the Polytechnic University campus and it is a diverse neighborhood. Porta Venezia has the longest shopping street in Milan named ‘Corso Buenos Aires’; this where all the locals go to shop. Further outside of the city centre is the Navigli district and the Navigli canals. This is where the hipster scene is and where the students and young professionals live. The Garibaldi district is a mix of old meets new, with contemporary and traditional attractions. Even further outside the city is the University of Biocca and is commutable into Milans city centre. You should look locally to the university in the Biocca District. Or perhaps try the city centre, if you are willing to travel to university.

University of Milan

The University of Milan is one of the largest in Europe, has over 60,000 students and an immense array of amenities for its students. The university is nicknamed Statale and its departments are located all across the city center in historic buildings.

Transport Routes: L.Go Augusto for Trams 12, 23, 27 and Buses 60, 73, 84 

Bocconi University

The Bocconi University is a private university. Its current campus (originally in Via Statuto) is south next to Park Ravizza. The university offers private halls, that are off campus and have room for 1,500 students.

Transport Routes: Via Bocconi for Trams 9 and Night Bus N9 

Polytechnic University of Milan

Better known as the Politecnico di Milano, the university has 40,000 students. The university actually has 7 campuses in total; however, there are only two in Milan. The Leonardo Campus is the main campus located in the Città Studi district, whilst the other being the Bovisa campus, located in the Bovisa district of Milan. Transport Routes: Piola Metro Station Line 2 or Leonardo Da Vinci Light Rail System

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore‎

Known as the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, it is in fact the largest private Catholic University. It is just west of the city centre and is connected by the M2 metro line.

Transport Routes: S.Ambrogio Metro Station Line 2, Bus Route 94

Public Transport

Milan has four underground lines, and a fifth will connect the Linate airport and the East of the city centre. There is a suburban rail link too. Tickets can be purchased at corner stores and newsstands, at the self-service machines, and at the ATM Point service centers. The city also uses a combination of eco-buses and trams. Monthly cards are the most cost effective way of travelling via public transport. A reduced monthly card is possible for students. The public transport system also has zonal pricing, for example there are commuter monthly passes for outer regions and city center tickets.

Milan accommodation can be quite pricey. To rent of a room in Milan varies between €500 and €800 per calendar month. A meal in pizzeria will cost over €10 and a night out will cost between €10 and €30. The monthly transport ticket, ATM (Agency Trasporti Milanesi) costs about €30 a month.

Nightlife - where to go in Milan

Absolutely recommended area the pubs, clubs and restaurants in Navigli and the Brera, both usually full of students and young professionals. For those looking for a cheaper night out, we recommend the Pillars with its full of bars and reasonably priced drinks. For those with a little more to spend, try nightclubs like The Club or The Banque.

Always linked to the speech accommodation in Milan , just a neighborhood frequented by students and offsite is surely to Piola , where are the Polytechnic and the headquarters of the State of Biology . There you can find many nice pubs ( such as Blender and Au Vieux Strasbourg ) , is good for a beer after dinner for a drink.

The 10 Best Apartments For Rent in Milan, Italy

  • Milan Via Salvatore Tomaselli, Catania: 600 €
  • Milan Whole 2 bedrooms apartment in Milano: 850 €
  • Milan Via Carlo Poma, Milan: 1388 €
  • Milan 70 sqm, 1 bedroom apartment: 1200 €
  • Milan Double bed in Rooms to rent in apartment with 3 bedrooms in Milan: 760 €
  • Milan Via Domenico Cirillo, Milan: 1400 €
  • Milan Wonderful double bedroom in Milan near Wagner metro station: 750 €
  • Milan Double bed in Rooms to rent in apartment with 4 bedrooms in Porta Romana, Milan: 800 €
  • Milan 60 sqm, Loft: 1400 €
  • Milan Studio Apartment in BICOCCA area: 753 €

Types of Milan Apartments For Rent

  • 1 bedroom apartments: 1827
  • 2 bedroom apartments: 514
  • 3 bedroom apartments: 86
  • Rooms: 2726
  • Studio: 569

Popular Districts to rent apartments in Milan

  • Apartments in Municipio 9: 624
  • Apartments in Municipio 1: 694
  • Apartments in Municipio 3: 742
  • Apartments in Municipio 2: 914
  • Apartments in Municipio 6: 593

Prices for Apartments for rent in Milan

Looking for apartments or rooms for rent in Milan? Compare prices for lofts, studios or student apartments in Milan with Nestpick!

Accommodation Types Milan Rent Prices by Meter Square
1 Bedroom Apartment€21.67
2 Bedroom Apartment€23,42
3 Bedroom Apartment€19,02
Size (0-50 sqm)€22,23
Size (50-100 sqm)€24,58
Size (100-150 sqm)€18,57
Size (150-200 sqm)€19,03
Size (200-250 sqm)€17,42