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Rooms for Rent in Munich

Munich has a great location with access to both Northern Germany and Southern Germany. The city is built on old architecture and gothic style, and it still preserves its uniqueness up to this day. The citizens of Munich believe one of the best traits of their city is that everything is situated within walking distance or a very quick train ride. Moreover, it is one of the most diverse towns in the world, where locals and foreigners live happily mixed. It is splendid in the delicious food it offers, the various cuisines, and the unforgettable beer. This location is dreamy for anyone that wants to catch a quick glance at life centuries ago. Rooms for rent come at an average price of €450 monthly. They offer great commodities for all inhabitants. If you’d like to rent rooms in Munich, higher prices can be found near the city center, and lower prices in the suburban zones.

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Students and young expats often look at renting a room when they move to a new city, rather than renting an entire apartment or house. This helps you save a huge amount on accommodation costs over time. Even though you have less room to yourself than you would with your own apartment, you still have your own private space plus plenty of shared areas. Most flatshares have a shared kitchen and living space, and some will have a shared bathroom while others may include a private en suite bathroom.

The prices to rent a room in Munich will vary greatly, but you can expect to see monthly costs of between €450 and €800, which will generally include bills in the rent. Sharing with locals or other students/expats is a great way to get to know other people and the area you’re living in.

820 €

Room in Lerchenauer Straße, Munich

879 €
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Room in Reger Platz

889 €
Medici Living

Room in Fallstraße

1,100 €

Room Maxime 3 in Altstadt Lehel

1,200 €

Awesome host Allach-Untermenzing

939 €
Medici Living

Room in Rosenheimer Straße

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While walking down the sidewalks of this gorgeous city, you may wonder if you’re slipping inside a gothic dream or if it actually is reality. The museums, art galleries, and the weekly exhibitions make this place any artist’s favorite place. You can make friends easily as everyone is approachable, ready to welcome you. The nightlife in this metropolis is an experience in itself, with the colorful bars downtown. If you want to find rooms in Munich, you have to pay attention to the neighborhood details and if they align with your aims and intentions. Room rent prices in Munich differ from the city center towards the suburbs, so a simple research can grant you all your wishes.

Cheap Rooms in Munich

Two of the most fantastic areas to live in during your time in Munich are surely Altstadt and Schwabing. They are areas that offer cultural connection and overall great nightlife opportunities. On the other hand, if living in the suburbs is important to you, you should most definitely try Bogenhausen. Additionally, Haidhausen is also very nice and you can go almost anywhere you want by commuting, since everything is in a close walking distance. Renting a whole flat for one person is usually too luxurious, as Munich is generally more expensive than most European cities. Hence, people stick to renting a single room. Cheap rooms in Munich can be found in the more suburban areas. Munich has a wonderful student vibe scene and it offers many fruitful opportunities to students of the world.

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