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Cardiff is the home of students from three universities and it is always attractive to many people. As the capital city of Wales, Cardiff has the cultural diversity that other cities can not compared with, and it also has a cheap cost of living for a capital city. In Cardiff you can find affordable accommodation such as rooms in shared houses, where you can rent a double room in a beautiful old Victiorian terrace from £300 to £600 a month (all bills included). It is much easier to find a cheap room on a low budget here than somewhere in London. With the lower expense, you can still enjoy the multicultural feel by tasting food from all over the globe including Mroccan, Lebanese, Syrian and Japanese.

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Lovely Single Room in Cardiff Bay


Large Penthouse Studio is perfect for luxury student living


Spacious Studio - 51 week tenancy - only a short distance from Cardiff


Very large house very close to Cardiff Centre

University Living

Penthouse Studio in Eclipse


Stunning Premier Linked Studio *all bills included*

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Cost for Rooms in Cardiff

As house prices in Cardiff are 6.6 times the value of salaries compared to a UK average of 8.8, you can save the expense through renting a room in a shared unit. For example, the average rent for a single room in Cardiff runs around £430 per month, which affected by the differences of neighborhood. The average renting cost from £700 to £950 per month in the Bay area, which is the most popular place that people consider when moving into Cardiff, while in the neighborhood of Carton the average cost falls between £600 to £950 per month.However those are just average rent for all types of housing, among them rooms cost apparently much less. Furthermore, a furnished room costs slightly higher than a normal one, with a medium monthly rent of £350.

Rooms for Student in Cardiff

With over 40,000 students from three universities, Cardiff have to meet the needs of student housing. The universities offer solutions for students with providing a range of accommodation to suit individual preferences and budgets. Students can apply for a single room with shared bathroom or en-suited apartment, which will be allocated to new undergraduates, as well as first year students. If the students decided to go for a private housing, they can always find like-minded fellows through the help of the residence office.

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