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Rooms for Rent in Lyon

Lyon is the third-largest city in France and it stands in a class of its own. Natives, former Paristins, and international residents, they all love this city and move here. Lyon has all the usual offerings of a large, sophisticated city and the residents here will never suffer from a shortage of cultural events. Lyon is especially popular among students: every year there are about 10,000 people moving to Lyon to live. As a result, the population in the centre of Lyon is growing as is the demand for accommodation, making only 34% of households in Lyon are owners and the rest are all tenants. Furthermore, there is a shortage of property on the market. due to the huge demand of rental housing, rooms in flatshare are pretty popular.

Cheap Rooms in Lyon

In comparison with Paris, the cost of living in Lyon is slightly lower. Renting an unfurnished 2 bedroom apartment in the most elegant sections might cost you more than €1000 per month, but a smaller would likely cost €600. Because Lyon is so popular with young professionals, generally the rent runs a bit cheaper than in Paris – average room in a flatshare cost around €350 per month, depending on the apartment size and usage. If you’re a student and you’re looking for cheap rooms, you can look at some of the most-known student residential areas, where you have more chances to meet great deals.

How to Find Rooms & Sublets in Lyon

Since the demand for housing in Lyon exceeds the availability of apartments and other types of housing, it is not easy for expats and young professionals to find an ideal room. There are some options to start looking. First one is to check you school or university to see if they have a Campus Residence in Lyon, which offer studios or furnished rooms for enrolled students in Lyon. However those offers are always in a shortage. If you didn’t hear anything from those organisations, you might need to start hunting by yourself. Normally you will always find some nice listings for rooms online, but be aware of the real condition of the property and the agreement details when you do a visit, that might differ from what you saw online.