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Rooms & Sublets for Rent in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is always an underrated city in the U.S. It served as the nation’s first capital and cultural center before being replaced in these roles by Washington D.C, and New York City, respectively. If you are looking for an exciting American city to explore, Philadelphia deserves a second look. Today, it’s part of an economic corridor of large cities, and it has beaten out many other cities in the U.S. for quality of life for the cost. Many residents stated that they could afford the lifestyle they wanted in Philadelphia, while the city offers a unique setting for an eclectic mix of modern life styles, mingling both the edgy and sophisticated. Young professionals cluster in trendy neighborhoods like Fishtown and old city, some of them choose to share an apartment together, having their own private rooms. Also the percentage of renters sharing houses or apartments with roommates has climbed steadily over the past decade.

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Cost for Rooms in Philadelphia

The average monthly rent for an apartment in Philadelphia is $ 1576. If you want to cut the expense you can rent a room in a flatshare. Also If you are trying to figure out where to move in Philly, you need to first get to know which one would be best for you to rent in. For example, Chestnut hill, with an average rent of $1399 per month, is close to downtown and has been considered a safe place to live with plenty to do. In this area you’ll find a high density of museums, parks, and theaters. Chestnut Hill is still calm enough to feel more residential than other areas. Another example is University Hill/West Philly: the average monthly rent here runs for $1250. This area is near to many of the city’s top universities, which is perfect for students and young professionals, who want to get closer to clubs, good food, art, and cultural events. if you are a college student and it’s a wise decision to rent a room here. Overall, each neighborhood has its own personality and the rent differs from one to one.

Cheap rooms in Philadelphia

For people who want to lower down the expenses for accommodation, renting a room seems like a reasonable option. In the U.S, renters can save around $515 a month by renting a room in a shared house or apartment. In Philadelphia, a regular renter can save even more: $630 a month, and the potential savings could be even greater. And the median rent for a room in a shared house or apartment is also much cheaper than the apartment rent. Many renters have joined the co-living lifestyle after weighing the costs and benefits. Even many of the renters may still be able to afford a one-bedroom apartment, they still want to save more expense by getting a roommate in terms of some circumstances. For example, if they want to live in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Philadelphia like Hawthorn, where the average monthly rent goes for $2580, it is apparently too expensive to rent alone.

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