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Apartments, Rooms & Sublets for Rent in Philadelphia

Often known as 'The Birthplace of America' and 'The City of Brotherly Love', Philadelphia has been attracting visitors and relocators since its inception. People tend to forget that it is the second biggest city on the East Coast and indeed the 5th largest city in the USA, as such the market for rentals in Philadelphia is booming.

Apartments in Philadelphia are often seem as that perfect half way house of being located in a huge multicultural and happening city, and yet still somehow affordable. With nearby beacons such as Washington DC and New York having rental prices that are spiraling out of control, Philadelphia as a city has kept grounded and as a result Philadelphia's apartments are still at a fair price, and you really can discover a bargain. So, with affordable housing, a great foodie scene, wonderful culture and history all around you...why wouldn't you make the move to Philly?

Serviced Apartments Philadelphia

Home away from home is a cliché, but sometimes it rings true, and that is certainly the case with serviced and furnished apartments in Philadelphia. Found in the heart of downtown, often in grand and historic buildings; there are multiple great choices if you are looking for the convenience of short stay living, but also all the comforts of home.

Not only to these serviced apartments come equipped with everything you need, they are fully furnished to the highest standards. They also offer some fantastic extras, just like a top rate apartment building would – with concierge staff, gym and spa facilities and some will even walk your dog for you.

Types of Accommodations in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Apartments by District

Despite being such a large city – the 5th biggest in the United States, Philadelphia feels smaller, quieter, more of a community than other large cities in the country. That's because instead of the city being a sprawling concrete jungle, it is made up and characterized of lots of smaller districts. Most of the cities heritage and history can be found in the Old City, a quaint area filled with cobblestone streets and statues of the founding people of the USA, it is being modernized with a great art scene.

In the summer months, there are few places better to spend your days that in Rittenhouse. Centered around picturesque Rittenhouse Square, there is a European sense to the neighborhood, with cafes and restaurants spilling out onto the streets and a real vibrant buzz to the district.

Apartments in Manayunk

Historically a very working-class neighborhood with its streets filled with rowhouses more than big condo blocks, since its recent gentrification, apartments to rent in Manayunk are becoming increasingly sought after. On the banks of the canal, Manayunk has developed into a very trendy waterfront area, filled with cosmopolitan shops and restaurants, that are filled all day and all night.

Apartments in Manayunk are very popular with young professionals, with former mills and warehouses being converted into fantastic loft style living places – perfect for life downtown. For such a sought-after place, it is surprising that prices are what they are. $1700 can get you a very well finished 2-bedroom apartment, right on the bustling Main Street, with smaller 1-bedroom apartments such a few blocks away going for around $1100.

Nothern Liberties Apartments

Apartments in Northern Liberties follow the same storyline as Manayunk, once a former manufacturing hotspot – artists and creative's were drawn to the area because of its cheap rental prices compared to the Old City, and thus the process of gentrification started. Northern Liberties has been described as being 'up and coming' since the 1990's, and today it is safe to say that it has very much 'arrived'.

Now a bustling hot spot and tourist spot, apartments in Northern Liberties tend to move fast and with the presence of great craft breweries, gastropubs and wide open European Style squares teeming with shops and restaurants, it's easy to see why. Again, for such a prominent area in a major city, rentals in Northern Liberties are seemingly affordable with 1 and 2-bedroom apartments renting at roughly $1200 and $1800 respectively.

East Falls Apartments

Apartments in East Falls are some of the best kept secrets in Philadelphia. Found still in the city limits, this small but close community is a great reminder that you can still enjoy a very active and healthy lifestyle with nature all around you whilst living in a major city. Its location is fantastic, leafy and sheltered from the hustle and bustle of city life, but still next to bustling Manayunk and all the nightlife of the big city – it's a perfect place for a young family.

With apartments in East Falls being next to the river and parks, residents can take advantage of all the outdoor pursuits that spring and summer brings as well. Rentals in East Falls don't come with an overly hefty price tag either and although there are not many big modern apartment buildings in the area, you can still find great places costing $1400 for a 2-bedroom apartment.

Public Transport Philadelphia

Philadelphia has one of the most comprehensive public transportation systems in the United States, with every mode of transport being available to you. There are 2 subway and over ground train lines that connect all the major parts of the city, as well as lots of lines serviced by trolleys hitting most of the other spots in the city.

For the places missed by the subway and trolley cars, the city has more than 70 different bus lines. The fares are set at $2.25 a journey, but if you bulk buy tickets in packs of 2,5 or 10 they will work out cheaper.