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A great city to live and work in, accommodation options are varied and reasonably priced in Southampton. The city offers good transport links to the rest of the country, it is one of the largest train stations in the on the south coast so is a useful transport hub. Rooms to rent in Southampton vary in price depending predominantly on age, size and location.

Flatshares in Southampton are a great way of living in popular, more expensive areas whilst not spending too much on rent. Areas such as Upper Shirley, Netley and the West End are some of the most expensive neighborhoods within the city, with the nicest properties and of course, the highest rents. Instead of renting a one bedroom apartment, a cheap alternative that will cost a lot less is to house share with other people living and working in the city.

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Rooms in Southampton vary in size and quality depending on area. If you are in Netley or Lower Shirley then expect a smaller room as these properties are older and room size was generally more compact. If you are looking for a flatshare in a city center dwelling then you may have the option of a more modern apartment block and a larger bedroom. Construction has been taking place over the past few years, making modern (and expensive) city center apartments. Many of these are serviced style apartments, in which the facilities within the building can include a gym, a pool and underground parking. Many of these buildings have a 24 hour reception desk, so it’s advisable for people who value their security.

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As rent isn't always the cheapest rental option, there are a lot of rooms to rent in Southampton. Not only are costs obviously lower than renting an entire apartment but you also get access to a ready-made circle of peers and friends, priceless for those coming to town who potentially have never stepped foot there before. Rooms often come furnished and sometimes with utilities included. With so many types of rentals to choose from, Nestpick is here to help. If you are in doubt whether a room for rent is the perfect accommodation for you, have a look at our other rental options in Southampton

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How big are rooms for rent in Southampton?
In Southampton, rooms for rent are very different in size from each other, however, size of a room for rent usually starts from 69m² and could go up to a large space, according to Nestpick database.
I am a student looking for rooms in Southampton, what information do I need?
First of all welcome to Southampton! As long as you are over 18 years old you can rent a room in Southampton.
Is rent cheap for rooms for rent in Southampton?
In Southampton rent prices for rooms may vary. Before your semester starts we suggest you have a look at and list prices for different rooms in Southampton.