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Southampton has long been considered one of the jewels of England's South Coast, and with no signs of that perception slowing down, it is a perfect place to look for an apartment. Rentals in Southampton can be found in a variety of places – from traditional apartment blocks, converted houses and terrace style homes that are often similar prices. Why look for a flat to rent in Southampton in the first place?

Well, it seems to always feature among 'best places to live in the UK' lists, and it’s easy to see why. Southampton flats have so much at their doorstep, the town benefits from so much green space all around with more parks than you can shake a stick at. There is also so much history, no matter where you look, with medieval walls and forts dominating the landscape.

Serviced Apartments Southampton

People tend to forget about fully furnished apartments when it comes to short term rentals, and although the market here isn’t as booming as in other major cities, there are still a good few options for fully furnished and serviced apartments in Southampton. The majority of them are either in the city center or the bustling Ocean Villages area of Southampton. Serviced flats are a perfect half way home between a hotel and an actual rental with a lot more amenities to boot.

Types of Accommodations in Southampton

Southampton Flats by District

There are so many places to live in Southampton, and it really does depend on how big your budget is, but also what kind of experiences you wish to have living in the city. The more modern and trendy places to live will be found in the up and coming cultural district near the theatres and the University. As you can imagine, the streets here are a hive of creativity and with so much happening in the forms of theatre and live music, you will be spoilt for choice. More a more high-end lifestyle, the Ocean Villages area is constituted of luxury apartments and townhouses with sweeping vistas of the Marina. Otherwise, if perhaps you are after something a little quieter with a bit more space, the nearby suburbs of Hedge End and Shirley are great options.

Ocean Village Apartments

The Ocean Village development is one of Southampton's crown jewels, with its own bars, restaurants and shops, it has its own community feel. Built on the mouth of the River Itchen, flats for rent in Ocean Village offer spectacular views of the water and all of the beautiful boats that moor here. If you are interested in sailing – there is no better place to live in Southampton, with countless sailing clubs nearby, you will find a community orientated around the water. With all of the upmarket restaurants and bars in the area, as well as the stunning location, you would be right to assume that prices are higher here than in other areas of town. There are lots of apartments to rent in Ocean Village however, with an average 2-bedroom costing around $1600 a month.

Basset Apartments

Found a little ways out of the town center, flats for rent in Bassett are becoming more and more a viable option for people moving to the area, that want to keep prices down and enjoy a little bit of a quieter life. There is more space out in Basset as well for those that enjoy outdoor pursuits; rentals in Basset benefit from having the 150 acre Southampton sports site with tones of sports pitches, courts and facilities here all for public use. Southampton Golf Club is also on your doorstep if you choose to rent in Basset and with good transport links to downtown, it's got all you need and more. There is also a youthful vibe to the area with a major University Halls of Residence housing over 1,000 students.

Weston Flats

If you are looking to save a bit of money compared to some of the more spendy areas of Southampton, Weston might just be the place for you. Apartments in Weston are often priced the same as a small home, and most of the flats are either in converted homes or in large tower blocks that seem to dominate the horizon, especially easy to be seen by those coming in on the cruise ships to Southampton's busy port. Weston is a mainly residential area and although it has your typical shops and small community, for any nights out or good restaurants, you will have to go closer to town. Rental's in Weston are amongst the cheapest in the area however, with 1-bedroom apartments renting for around $700 a month.

Public Transport Southampton

Like many of the smaller towns on England's South Coast, Southampton is just that, a large town rather than a bustling city, and as such, although it doesn't have a great underground system or a tram – its public transport system is perfectly suitable. It has a range of bus services that will take you most places that you need to go, and with trains and ferries picking up the rest of the demand, you can get almost everywhere on public transport. Remember to get the 'Solent GO' card – a top up style card in the same vein as London's Oyster Card.