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Cologne is one of the busiest cities in Northern Europe. It is a flourishing city where art, culture, and diversity are present at all times. If you’re attracted to cities that have an exciting vibe, then once you visit Cologne you won’t be able to leave. It is one of the most culturally unique places in Germany, meanwhile the people are extremely friendly. It is a culturally packed place with theatres, gigs, art galleries, shows, and exhibitions at every corner. Should you need a quick change of scene, the country side is only a short train ride away. Rooms for rent in Cologne vary in price depending on the area you choose to live. They start at around €450 per month. If you want to rent rooms in Cologne, you have to first choose the neighborhood that aligns with your style the most.

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Monthly rent prices for people in Cologne can differ depending on the area they choose to live. If thinking of moving close to the city center, there are options that can offer a nice second home in these room rentals which can be within a walking distance to places of attraction such as museums, cafes, or nice restaurants. These rooms offer an appealing setting for their inhabitants and if researched properly, also a good rental price. However, if you want a more expensive place to stay, a bit more luxurious, then feel free to choose a room in the very center of Cologne. Here you will find fancy shops and spectacular rooftops to spend your nights in. Suburban areas such as Chorweiler, Porz, and Kalk, should be considered as more budget friendly neighborhoods. If you want to find cheap rooms in Cologne, you should look through the options that these areas offer.

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Areas like Innenstadt, Lindenthal, and Nippes are more youth frequented and have a rather lively buzz around them. They are filled with good bars and great restaurants. They are very close to the city center, reachable by a quick car or train ride. Living in Cologne is fun because of many factors, namely the friendly people, the beer, the green spaces, and the delicious food. It’s difficult to be bored in this majestic city, the choices for activities are numerous. The living costs are rather average and manageable, and the overall quality of life for citizens who live in this city is wonderful. If you want to find rooms in Cologne, you have to make sure you find the right neighborhood to settle in. Room rent prices in Cologne differ depending on the area you want to live in. Some quiet suburban areas near downtown are more budget friendly than zones close to the city center.

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How big are rooms for rent in Cologne?
Cologne rooms for rent sizes are very different from each other however you can expect to rent rooms around 16m² to 55m².
How can I find rooms for rent Cologne during COVID-19?
At Nestpick, we list many rooms for rent for Cologne. As our apartments are already checked you can easily list rooms and book your new rental in Cologne online with Nestpick.
I am a student looking for rooms in Cologne, what information do I need?
First of all welcome to Cologne! As long as you are over 18 years old you can rent a room in Cologne.
Is rent cheap for rooms for rent in Cologne?
In Cologne rent prices for rooms may vary. Before your semester starts we suggest you have a look at and list prices for different rooms in Cologne.