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Cologne Apartments

Constantly known as Germany's most underrated city, having such a rich sense of culture and diversity that anyone would be happy to find an apartment in Cologne and start their German life there. Renting an apartment in Cologne gives you access to one of Germany's most vibrant and exciting cities – with a wonderful skyline being topped with the famous Dom Cathedral – one of the most visited landmarks in the country. Cologne apartments also have some of the best nightlife at their doorsteps – with the city famous for its Kolsh lager and of course the endless amounts of Doner kebabs, celebrating finding your new apartment in Cologne will be the easiest thing in the world!

Furnished Apartments Cologne

When you start looking for an apartment in Cologne, you will be greeted by your first choice. 'Mobilert or Unmobiliert. Furnished or Unfurnished. Furnished apartments in Cologne are easily found, though as they are that little more convenient to rent, competition for flats will be higher, and that little bit more expensive. Renting a furnished apartment in Cologne may be worth the extra start up fee however as when a flat comes unfurnished in Germany - it means unfurnished. The apartment will, more likely than not, be completely empty apart from the inbuilt units. Look at this as a blank slate - a new canvas that you can make into whatever you want!

Featured Properties

1,250 €

Pretty, nice studio (Köln)

1,500 €

Time apartment in Cologne Höhenberg

3,050 €

Duplex apartment in Cologne Kalk

1,390 €

Cologne-Höhenberg | 3 bedroom apt. 70 m² | 1st floor

1,955 €

Spacious, nice flat

1,100 €

The apartment has about 34 m²

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Recent properties

1,450 €

Modern Studio in the centre of Cologne

1,190 €

New & quiet studio (Köln)

2,500 €

Modern, quiet, bright 3 room apartment with garden, patio and lake vie

950 €

Great flat in the heart of town

1,800 €

Modern & pretty studio in nice area

1,400 €

Spacious 2-room apartment w/ rooftop terrace, central location

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Featured Apartments

1,100 €

The apartment has about 34 m²

2,050 €

Comfy and Homey Apartment Located in Cologne / Köln

1,200 €

Cologne, Messe, Airport - Detached bungalow

1,576 €

Beautiful 2-bedroom-apartment with balcony

1,099 €

2 Personen Apartment in geräumigem Apartment-Haus in Köln-Niehl. Direk

850 €

Modern and great suite in Köln

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Featured Rooms

225 €

Zimmer nur für Damen (Studentinnen) zu Vermieten

790 €

Fully furnished room in shared flat - from now on

750 €

A room in Zülpicher Straße, Cologne

1,050 €

A room in Hermann-Becker-Straße, Cologne

1,560 €

A friendly open-minded couple

340 €

A room in Moltkestraße, Cologne

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Apartments in Cologne by District

It might sound cliché but Cologne is certainly a city of districts, each with their own individual feel and vibe. While tourists to the city may see the city as just consisting as the city centre and the famous Dom Cathedral – if you look a little closer, there is so much going on here.

Lidenthal is a vibrant and fun district, just to the west of the Innenstadt – and although it comes with all the conveniences of living close to the center of town, prices are lower here and there is a more relaxed feel to the area. Lidenthal is home to the University of Cologne and so it is a very studently friendly area which also comes to mean good shopping and nightlife!

If you are interested in saving money and enjoying a quieter pace of life – it would be in your interest to check out the nearby district of Rodenkirchen although there may be less bars and restaurants here, it is a more family friendly area after all, there are many more green spaces and larger apartments for less money. Right on the banks of the Rhine – it's a perfect place to take a stroll along the river or laze around in a park.

Best Areas to live Cologne

Apartments in the City Centre

The City Centre is more commonly referred to as The Innenstadt - also known as the Ring – is possibly the most vibrant area of the city. The Ring is the center of the city and is arguably the entertainment hotspot of Cologne – full of bars, café's and restaurants. As you will be living in one of the most historical parts of the city, there are many quaint apartments and houses filled with culture for you to choose from and live your best Cologne life! Prices of course will run a little higher here – but to get that quintessential Cologne feel – it might be worth it!

Ehrenfeld Apartments

Ehrenfeld may just be the best district in Cologne. One of the most liberal and artsy areas in the city, picture streets bustling with young creatives and artists with cafes and bars spilling out onto the street no matter the season. This of course compounded by Ehrenfeld being home to many of Colognes biggest and best clubs! Despite all the activity it is one of the most beloved areas of Cologne and is heavily residential - prices are lower than in the heart of the city, but with Ehrenfeld's reputation getting stronger, don't be surprised if these prices don't last!

Nippes Apartments

If you don't want to be surrounded by the hustle and bustle of inner city living but still want access to the nightlife and amenities that the Innenstadt has in abundance – then an apartment in Nippes might be for you. This trendy bar and café culture is mixed with some of the best parks in the city and despite these green spaces, it is really not far at all to Cologne's inner ring. All of these qualities make Nippes a sought-after location and as such prices can fluctuate enormously dependent on the location and size of the apartment.

Student Accommodation in Cologne

The University here is one of Germany and Europe's best institutions and so there is a lot of competition for student apartments and student accommodation in Cologne. Although cheaper than other major cities across the continent, student housing in Cologne can get rather expensive if you are living alone. As such, many people subscribe to the idea of a 'Wohngemeinschaft' - a living community – more commonly known as a flat share. Not only is this a great way to meet people but it keeps costs down! As the competition is high, it is best to start your search early!

Public Transport Cologne

Public transport in Europe is among the best in the world – and Cologne is no exception. All the districts are connected via the cities great bus and tram system. Ticket prices vary dependent on the length of your journey – though you can of course buy day and extended passes that work on all the lines! Most of the lines run every 20 minutes or so throughout the day – faster at rush hours and less frequently at night. You can buy tickets and any station or at one of the many kiosks throughout town!

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