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Rooms for Rent in Cambridge

Rooms for rent in Cambridge

Being the home of the best and oldest university in the world. Cambridge has the nation’s most well-educated workers in the country and it has been considered as one of the best places to live and work in the UK within easy commuting distance of London: only 50 minutes through the King’s Cross rail. Since Cambridge has the fastest population growth of any UK city, the housing market has been affected due to those economic factors. The rental prices in Cambridge is almost expensive as London, which makes it also one of the most unaffordable cities in the UK. However, there are suburbs with much lower prices but they’re obviously not as visually which is fine if you have a vehicle or a bicycle, or have chosen carefully enough to live near a regular bus route. To save the expense on accommodation, many people, especially students, choose to live in rooms in flatshare.

Cheap Rooms in Cambridge

How to save on housing costs in Cambridge? First, share a flat or house, as house and flat prices prices are so expensive, it makes sense to share with someone. By sharing a house and have your own room, you can cut a lot of costs. Also different areas are priced differently. For example, the centre of Cambridge is the most expensive area with mainly apartments, while the neighborhoods outside of the city are relatively cheaper. Chesterton is a suburb located in the north of the city, where you can find some reasonably priced rooms. Of course you can also choose the on-campus accommodation service by joining the waiting list, the accommodation service will help you find the suitable rooms or apartments and settle into life in Cambridge.

Cheap rooms for Student in Cambridge

Cambridge is well known for its university and thousands of students from all over the world move every year to the UK to start the academic course. Moving to a new city to start a new life is not an easy task. There are many things that need to be organized and the amount of costs to be faced by the students is quite hight, especially during the first months. A good solution is to find a room for rent for students. Sharing a flat means also sharing costs, which could help to spare some money.

Cost for Rooms in Cambridge

Since Cambridge is such a desirable city to live in and due to the constant shortage of both properties to buy and rent, the house prices in Cambridge is comparable with London. The monthly bedroom flat (apartment) in city centre starts from £800 per monthly, a furnished room in a flatshare in Cambridge costs around £474. Cambridge ranked particularly poorly on the cost of rent for students, with the average price estimated to be £150 per week. Even for working out students in Cambridge pay £18 per month on average. With so many types of rentals to choose from, Nestpick is here to help. If you are in doubt whether a room for rent is the perfect accommodation for you, have a look at our other rental options in Cambridge.

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Student Accommodation in Cambridge

Rooms in Cambridge

How big are rooms for rent in Cambridge?
In Cambridge, rooms for rent are very different in size from each other, however, size of a room for rent usually starts from 15m² and could go up to a large space, according to Nestpick database.
How can I find rooms for rent Cambridge during COVID-19?
At Nestpick, we list many rooms for rent for Cambridge. As our apartments are already checked you can easily list rooms and book your new rental in Cambridge online with Nestpick.
I am a student looking for rooms in Cambridge, what information do I need?
First of all welcome to Cambridge! As long as you are over 18 years old you can rent a room in Cambridge.
Is rent cheap for rooms for rent in Cambridge?
In Cambridge rent prices for rooms may vary. Before your semester starts we suggest you have a look at Nestpick.com and list prices for different rooms in Cambridge.