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Rooms for Rent in Shanghai

The sprawling city of Shanghai is a beauty to behold! Not only is it the largest city in China, it is also one of the most influential. Naturally, lots of people seek cheap rooms for rent in Shanghai. And there are a good number of reasons for the enthusiasm. First, Shanghai has mastered the concept of fusing the lifestyle of The East with the lifestyle of The West. Shanghai is an ultramodern city built on the magnificent history of the ancient Chinese empires. Today, there are so many high rise buildings in Shanghai. There are also villas and penthouses. If you are looking for rooms in Shanghai where you can arrange a roomshare and flat share option, you can consider the standard apartment-style houses. Depending on where you are getting your rooms for rent in Shanghai, you might find the price relatively high. However, the benefits of living in Shanghai outweigh the disadvantages. For example, a high paying job at a good company may also come with benefits like housing allowance. This alone will allay your worries about housing costs.

2,944 CNY

Cozy Sofa in Center Shanghai FFC

4,398 CNY

Private&Cosy Room-B at Lujiazui Downtown Shanghai

3,876 CNY

3900 Room for rent in Putuo

5,721 CNY


6,179 CNY

Near ECNU ECUlPS Jingan Temp

5,728 CNY

【闪闪的动物园】Cozy Room Downtown-撸猫/画画/木工/健身-住进建筑师的家

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Cheap Rooms in Shanghai

If you also receive your payment in foreign currencies with high purchase power, you can better enjoy the luxury Shanghai offers. With all the various events going on daily in Shanghai, like music festivals and art shows, there are lots of activities for you to enjoy. No matter where you work or live, moving around the city is extremely easy. Whether you are cruising through the streets in one of the numerous taxis and buses plying the road or you are opting for the subway system, you can conveniently get to your destination in no time. For a city that large, it is no mean feat. Even with all the activities in Shanghai, the city has kept crime rate to a record low. This allows expats to work without fear and walk freely as they enjoy the city activities. Shanghai may be modern today. The age old discipline of the ancient Chinese empire still keeps everything in order.

1,866 CNY

温馨大床房,李子园地铁站800米 近同济大学西校区

2,317 CNY

Cozy and cheap Place Nearby JiaoTong University

3,059 CNY

Bedroom for rent in shared house for female, English speaker, Shanghai

2,982 CNY

3000 Room for rent in Changning

1,851 CNY


1,996 CNY


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