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Shanghai Furnished & Serviced Apartments for Rent

Shanghai is a busy, bustling metropolis which has multiple districts each very different from one another. The financial capital of China holds much to offer for both expats and locals, although it has been experiencing overpopulation for years. Over 22 million people are pact in to an extremely small space thus the only space to build in is up. As it is China’s financial center, those wishing to rent a flat in Shanghai must be prepared to pay more than the average rent in other Chinese cities. It may seem to first time visitors than Shanghai is one big Downtown, as the city is very busy wherever you go and the size of the buildings here are generally very tall.

To rent an apartment in Shanghai you must have lots of money, simple as that, it is one of the most expensive cities to live in Asia so be prepared for high rents and cost of living. There are more expensive and fashionable areas such as French Concession and Xujiahui, and slightly cheaper neighbourhoods like Pudong, well, the Pudong the other side of the river.

Shanghai apartments can be a number of property types. From skyrise properties with great views and generally modern in style, to tree lined streets with individual houses in French Concession, the variety is staggering.

Shanghai Serviced Apartments

A viable option for those with more of a disposable income are serviced apartments in Shanghai, these are modern, luxurious and have some similarities with hotel facilities such as daily housekeeping and some will include a gym, pool and sauna in the higher end properties. 24 hour reception and underground parking is also common with many of these types of buildings, so for people who value their security this could be the best option. This style of apartment cater for people with more money to spend per month, thus you can expect to find serviced apartments in Shanghai city centre and in fashionable areas such as French Concession.

The Bund (Huangpu District) in particular is very central, with good links to the rest of the city and has recently seen renovation and new properties be built in the distinctive high-rise style of central Shanghai. Serviced apartments in Shanghai for long-stay rent will be modern and spacious, yet in keeping with the theme of the city.

Furnished apartments in Shanghai remove the hassle of sourcing furniture and homeware, thus they are advisable for people on a tight schedule or looking for temporary accommodation. If this sounds like something that would interest you, be prepared to pay more as these facilities come at an extra cost to your property and be aware the owner will expect you to take care of the furniture and leave it as you found it. They are usually very central and located in the heart of the city, but can also be found in neighbourhoods on the outskirts at a slightly lower price.

Types of Accommodations in Shanghai

Apartments in Shanghai for Expats

Apartments in Shanghai for expats come in various areas, prive ranges and property types. As Shanghai has such a large financial district, it is obvious to assume many expats living in Shanghai will be working in the financial industry as it is such a large employer within the city. Families moving to Shanghai will be interested to know that the International Schools that are the most popular with expats are located in the Hongqiao (Puxi) and Jinqiao (Pudong) areas of the city, and these areas are also very popular for expats to move to.

Furnished apartments in Shanghai are a great option for people wanting to love to a city and not have the hassle of sourcing furniture and homeware. The expat heavy Lujiazui section of Pudong offers many options in terms of furnished and serviced apartments. Apartments come with the option of either fully furnished, with everything you would need including kitchen and homeware, or party furnished, in which renters have to find some of the utensils like kitchen stuff and bedding.

Shanghai Apartments by District

The central coasts city of Shanghai is massive, it feels more like a country than a city. This mass urban sprawl can be categorized into districts, and is important to familiarize yourself with the city before moving out, those that don’t are shocked at the size and scale of the place.

The financial district, Pudong, is popular with city workers and expats also working in the financial center, particularly the Lujiazui section of Pudong. The French Concession area is easily the most attractive looking neighbourhood within the city, and it extremely popular for both business and residents.

More Attractive Areas for Shanghai Apartments


Shanghai is the financial capital of China, and Pudong is the financial capital of shanghai. Shanghai serviced apartments in pudong are a good idea for city workers who can afford it and have little time to take care of chores such as cleaning and laundry. Lujiazui section of Pudong is popular with expats who are working in the city, mainly the finance industry.

A Pudong serviced apartment will usually come in a modern built apartment block with modern features and facilities that include a gym and a pool. These types of properties usually come with a 24 hour reception desk and security, so would suit people who value their security. Apartments for rent in pudong are some of the most expensive in the city, as it is the financial sector, city workers who are on large salaries can afford inflated rents from landlords, if this applies to you then your options are numerous.

French Concession

The old French quarter is known as the hipster neighbourhood of the city. French concession apartments consist of newer, modern built blocks on the edge of the area, and stand alone houses (a rarity in central Shanghai) on beautiful tree lined streets, with chic cafes and hipster bars in abundance.

French Concession is a young professionals dream, it is located close to the financial district of Shanghai (Pudong) so city workers can easily commute on the subway or bus. French Concession apartments are trendy, popular and expensive, the ever-so instagrammable neighbourhood has high rents and property is in short supply.


Jing’an is seen as the kind of neighbourhood that is best of both worlds. Close to the central zones of the city and heavily built up yet influenced heavily by the temples and Eastern architecture still standing around the area. Cheaper than French Connection and Pudong, Jing’an apartments are a good choice for those looking to spend less money on rent here in Shanghai.

Jing’an apartments Shanghai are a mix of modern blocks and older more traditional built apartments, some see it as a perfect mix of old and new, with skyscraper adjacent to temples, giving you a taste of Shanghai before big money came.

Rent a Room in Shanghai

A cheaper alternative to renting an entire flat or apartment, renting a single or double room in Shanghai can be a great option for those with a lower income. This choice allows you the freedom of less rent, and thus more money to enjoy yourself in the city. To rent a room in aberdeen opens up the possibility of flatmates also working and living in the city, thus the potential of a new group of friends or contacts to have.

In places such as The Bund, single or double rooms are available for a fraction of the cost of an entire apartment and this is a great way to live in these areas without forking out too much cash per month. Another reason to look into this option is the fact that room shares for rent in Shanghai are far more numerous than entire apartments or houses, especially in areas such as the Lujiazui section of Pudong or The Bund so you have more chance of finding a property.

Student Accommodation in Shanghai

Shanghai has many different Universities, all well credited and thriving with students. For this reason Student accommodation in Shanghai is highly sort after and very expensive. Those attending Shanghai University will be looking for accommodation close to the campus which is very central, so expect to pay a lot towards rent each month, however, you will be living in a very nice area in a modern apartment block that is clean and new in design.

Student housing in Shanghai is popular with those wanting to split the rent between several people, it is advisable for students to try and save as much as they can during their studies, especially in cities like Shanghai. Student apartments in Shanghai also offer the benefits of living with fellow students and it is a great way to make new friends in a new city.

Public Transportation in Shanghai

12 subway lines serves as Public transportation in Shanghai. Residents are familiar with the layout with the city but to newcomers it could be seen as confusing. The subway system is clean, modern, efficient and surprisingly cheap in comparison to rent here.

50,000 taxis also service the city along with bus and trolley bus services spreading right across the city. As Shanghai is a busy city, regular services are required so that residents should not wait more than a few minutes for public transportation during the day on weekdays and weekends.