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Brussels is an interesting place. Ask any of the students and expatriates who live in some of the rooms for rent in Brussels and they would agree. Brussels is unusual. While today, it has become a part of them, it can at first be quite extra. Honestly, what do you expect from a city in a country with over 180 breweries? After you get to the spirit of Brussels, though, you will quickly see that agreeing to that roomshare or flat share agreement when scouting your preferred rooms in Brussels was actually one of the most life-changing decisions of your life. Brussels is remarkable. Just check out the buildings. There is almost a method to the architectural madness of the city. Coexisting besides one another are buildings straight out of the ‘60s and more modern buildings that showcases innovation. And it is fine. In Brussels, this is the way things are.

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Another thing about Brussels is the weather. Nothing about this weather is half-pregnant. Oh no! When it snows, it really snows. When it pours, it pours. And when it is hot? You better be sure to sweat for a while. We did say there is a method to the madness. You come to acquire the taste after a while. In case you think you’ve seen strange things, wait till you visit the famous (or infamous?) Mannkein Pis. No, that is not the name of a food. Far from it. It is a tourist site. A statue, yes, of a boy peeing. You wouldn’t believe it, would you? The boy is just peeing. Trust us, you should go there. Maybe you might be lucky to find it peeing milk that day. Different days, different madness. And it is all fun. No wonder it is so addictive. Who wants the dullness and boredom of predictability, anyway? Brussels will keep you on your toes, guaranteed. And you will love every minute of it.