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Brussels, Belgium, is known for its gastronomy and cuisine, as well as its many architectural and historical landmarks. To find ready-to-move accommodations that you can rent on a monthly basis, check out Nestpick. As an accommodations platform that makes it easy to fully furnished apartments, Nestpick makes it easy to find the right place for the right amount of time!


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Apartments, Rooms, Flatshares & Sublets in Brussels

Multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-faceted: welcome to Brussels. This home to both French and Flemish communities is considered the capital of the European Union, and hosts N.A.T.O. as well. Young students and young expats like to rent rooms in Brussels. Apartments are also very popular. Nestpick provides a big variety of apartments and you should find your ideal spot in no time.

Furnished Apartments in Brussels

Furnished and serviced apartments in Brussels are a perfect offer the renter the independence of a private apartment, but with more services, facilities like cleaning, laundry and a gym. Serviced apartments are also great for people who value their security, as they usually have 24hr security and underground parking, which is very valuable and rare for small cities like Brussels.

Accommodation Types in Brussels

Rent a Room in Brussels

Flatshares & Rooms for Rent in Brussels

Brussels is an expensive city, and an expensive city means expensive rent for apartments. The small size of the city also means a high level of competition for space and property ithin the city limits. A whole apartment in Brussels will cost a lot of money on rent and on fronting the bills and utilities, which means less money to spend on enjoying the city!

A cheap and viable alternative to renting a whole apartments is to rent a room in Brussels, this is a great way to move to the city without spending too much on rent, which would be great for young professionals starting out their career. Renting a room is also a way to live in a neighborhood of the city that you would not have previously afforded to live in! Flatshares in Brussels is a great way to split bills and utilities between your housemates, and meet a group of people also working and living in the city!

Brussels Apartments by District

Furnished Apartments, Rooms, Flatshares & Sublets for Rent in Brussels

Brussels is so many things. First and foremost, it is the beating heart of the EU, with a tangibly international atmosphere made up of diplomats and government officials as well as high-powered businessmen and private citizens. As well as being a key player on the global stage, Brussels is an affordable city and has a very high quality of life, a mild climate, good accessibility to other EU nations and attractive districts. In Brussels apartments for rent long term are always in high demand, but Nestpick has a wide variety to suit any price point. A district guide to help your transition:

Ixelles Apartments

A beautiful commune to the south of the city centre, Elsene / Ixelles is a great place to narrow in on apartments for rent in Brussels. Ixelles is divided into two districts. One is Châtelain, with a youthful cafe culture and the other one is known as Chaussée d’Ixelles, the African quarter, with a distinct student population. The most popular street of Elsene / Ixelles is Avenue Louise, with its upscale shops and restaurants. Ixelles is home to Bois de la Cambre, one of the most beautiful parks in Belgium.

Saint-Gilles Apartments

The neighbourhood of St Gilles is much loved by expats who want to live like locals. Along with its ostentatious Art Nouveau houses, St Gilles is dotted with eclectic restaurants and shops, as well as blessed with a thriving nightlife. Residents here enjoy taking a dip in the iconic, art-deco-styled Victor Boin swimming pool and then retiring to the Turkish baths for a little R&R. The neighbourhood also features a number of local theatres, art cinemas and niche galleries.

Brussels Centre Apartments

Living in the city centre is an attractive option that can cut your travel time down to virtually zero. This is especially useful given the city’s congestion is a real issue during peak hours. Known as the “pentagon”, Brussels’ city centre is noted for its historic architecture, including the Grand Palace, the Royal Palace, national museums, and nightlife lounges that dot the Brussels Stock Exchange, or Bourse as it is known locally. The city centre has many furnished apartments for rent and this area is a real hub for expat urbanites who wish to live in the middle of things.

European Quarter Apartments

The European Quarter of Brussels is informally bound by the Royal Park and Leopold Park. In addition to public gardens, residents here enjoy a close proximity to the business district and plenty of international schools. Cultural venues such as ‘l’Espace Senghor’ and ‘le Théâtre St-Michel’ are also present in the European District. Most rental properties here are 20th century townhouses and relatively affordable.

1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments in Brussels

Apartments in Brussels by Room Price Summary

Average Price
  • Studio: €450 (low end) | €600 - €700 (average) | €1,600 (high end)
  • 1 Bedroom: €500 - €1,000 (prices cheaper outside city center)
  • 2 Bedroom: €1,000 - €1,250 (more affordable flats in Etterbeek & Ixelles)
  • 3 Bedroom: €1,200 - €1,500 (Old Town apartments more compact and pricey)

Studio Flats in Brussels

There’s quite a lot of price range for a studio apartment in Brussels, with the cheapest going for €450 per month and the priciest exceeding rates of €1600 per month. For an average studio apartment, you should look to be spending around €600 to €700, although prices tend to vary from area to area. If you’re looking to find a studio apartment in the grandiose city center, you’ll be expected to spend around €1000 per month. Considering the area you’ll be living in, this represents a reasonable price - although it’s worth bearing in mind that food costs are greater than in London.

1 Bedroom Apartment in Brussels

If you’re looking for a 1 bedroom apartment in Brussels, you’ve certainly come to the right place. At Nestpick we consistently have dozens of fantastic options spread right across the Belgian capital - giving you plenty of choice as a new arrival to the city. You’ll find a range of around €500 to €1000 per month for a 1 bedroom apartment in Brussels, although this very much varies from area to area. For cheaper apartments, you’re best off looking outside the city center.

2 Bedroom Flats to Rent in Brussels

For a 2 bedroom apartment in Brussels the average monthly rent costs are €1250 in the city center and around €1000 outside the center. For a city that self-identifies as ‘the Capital of Europe’ due its diplomatic role as the seat of the European Union, these prices are not bad at all. If you’re after an affordable 2 bedroom property in a lively, diverse area, we recommend looking in the communes of Etterbeek and Ixelles, which are well connected to the rest of the city by their transport links.

3 Bedroom Apartments in Brussels

The average monthly cost for a 3 bedroom apartment in Brussels city center is €1500, and €1200 in less expensive areas. Generally speaking, you’ll get more living space for your money the further away from the city center you are, especially as apartments in the palatial Old Town tend to be more compact and pricey due to their age and prime location. As a result, availability tends to be higher in areas such as Schaerbeek and Ixelles.

Student Accommodation in Brussels

Brussels is a very interesting city for Students. Next to being the capital of Belgium, it hosts the European District and with it the European Parliament. Brussels and their amazing restaurants, and places to fine dine are the perfect location for students who enjoy all kinds of eateries. With a thriving food scene there is an enormity of choice. There are lots of green spaces and parks scattered throughout the city, these are perfect in the summer for a picnic or hang out spot. For those students with a sweet tooth, Belgium chocolate is famous and delicious to enjoy. Chocolate has ties with Belgium since the 16th century and the city hosts some of the world's best chocolatiers. When moving to Brussels being aware of proximity will be important to your studies and your day - day life.

Types of Student Housing Available

Suitable options for student residences in Brussels are either rent a room in University halls, a shared home/flat or you rent your own apartment. Long term rentals usually come unfurnished, sublet rooms and short-term rentals will usually come furnished. When renting any form of student housing in Brussels there may require a minimum deposit. It will typically be one month rent and one months rent upfront. Some landlords could ask for a reference. A reference is for proof of paying the rent. Payslips or signed guarantor form from a parent/guardian will suffice. Some student residences may also require proof of enrollment.

A shared student home in Brussels, is a great option if you enjoy a co-living lifestyle. Shared student flats for rent in Brussels all come with a communal kitchen and bathroom. Brussels student apartments are a good option for friends trying to split costs.

Types of Brussels Apartments For Rent

  • 1 bedroom apartments: 611
  • 2 bedroom apartments: 309
  • 3 bedroom apartments: 56
  • Rooms: 1073
  • Studio: 452

Popular Districts to rent apartments in Brussels

  • Apartments in Bruxelles-Ville: 432
  • Apartments in Sanit-Josse-ten-Noode: 45
  • Apartments in Ixelles: 146
  • Apartments in Schaerbeek: 70
  • Apartments in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert: 28

Prices for Apartments for rent in Brussels

Looking for apartments or rooms for rent in Brussels? Compare prices for lofts, studios or student apartments in Brussels with Nestpick!

Accommodation Types Brussels Rent Prices by Meter Square
1 Bedroom Apartment32,28
2 Bedroom Apartment30,70
3 Bedroom Apartment32,22
Size (0-50 sqm)28,25
Size (50-100 sqm)28,90
Size (100-150 sqm)32,85
Size (150-200 sqm)36,98